In the city of Sydney, Australia, there was a prestigious educational institution known as the University of Western Sydney (UWS). Nonetheless, as of the year 2021, the educational institution has undergone a rebranding process and is now known as Western Sydney University (WSU). It is a famous Australian university that provides undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in a variety of subjects. It has campuses in Bankstown, Campbelltown, Hawkesbury, Parramatta, and Penrith, as well as other locations around Greater Western Sydney.

Our boasts a diverse student body and is noted for its dedication to offering high-quality education, research, and community service. It provides programmes in the arts, business, engineering, health sciences, law, sciences, social sciences, and other disciplines. It is active in research and innovation, with a concentration on health, sustainability, social sciences, and technology. It has built research institutes and centres committed to the advancement of knowledge and the resolution of real-world problems. It also provides a variety of support services to its students, such as academic assistance, career counselling, student housing, and recreational facilities. The university strives to provide its students with a lively and inclusive learning environment.



It has kept the same ranking position for the last ten years, despite small variations. In the World University Rankings, it can be achieved an outstanding grade, showing the university's long-standing academic reputation.









Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor in Accounting / Law (Dual Degree) 60 Months AUD 32,344
Bachelors in Advanced Science 60 Months AUD 33,600
Bachelors in Art - Dean's Scholars 36 Months AUD 27,552
Masters in Artificial Intelligence 24 Months AUD 34,944
Bachelor in Advanced Medical Science 36 Months AUD 33,600
Bachelors in Arts / Creative Industries (Dual Degree) 48 Months AUD 29,488
Bachelors in Arts 36 Months AUD 27,552
Bachelors in Building Design Management 48 Months AUD 34,696
Bachelors in Business 36 Months AUD 30,408

Course Duration Fee/Year
Masters in Artificial Intelligence 24 Months AUD 34,944
Masters in Arts - TESOL 24 Months AUD 29,488
Masters in Art - Therapy 24 Months AUD 28,056
Masters in Arts - Literature & Creative Writing 18 Months AUD 29,488
Masters in Arts - Translation & Interpreting Studies 24 Months AUD 33,600
Masters in Business - Operations Management 12 Months AUD 33,352
Masters in Business Administration 24 Months AUD 33,352
Masters in Business Analytics 24 Months AUD 33,352
Masters in Clinical Psychology 24 Months AUD 40,320
Masters in Construction Law 12 Months AUD 34,944
Masters in Creative Music Therapy 24 Months AUD 29,992

Admission Process

Admission Process

Regardless of how straightforward the application process appears to be, you must seek the assistance of an Education Vibes staff member to verify that all necessary procedures are completed in the proper order. If the application is filed on time and far ahead of the deadline, its chances of being included on the list improve. It is crucial to thoroughly check an admissions application before submitting it. 

Admission process Admission process



It is usual practise to calculate the return on investment ROI when evaluating the effectiveness or value of financial spending. The concept of ROI has sparked tremendous attention in both business and academia. In educational institutions, ROI and other financial measures are common.

The purpose of this research is to determine whether students benefit financially as a direct result of their participation in educational activities. Tuition costs, the institution's proximity to a relevant area, the breadth and depth of the university's alumni network in relevant fields, the availability of career counseling services, the institution's reputation for academic excellence, and the quality of educational programmes offered are all factors considered in this evaluation. Within four months following graduation, around 83.4% of undergraduates and 91.5% of postgraduates receive employment offer letters. Our graduate's average pay is 89,000 AUD, and students can choose to work in 400+ global locations. Accenture, Telstra, Qantas, Herbert Smith Freehills, DXC Technology, Ernst & Young, NSW Health, Westpac, and a number of other organisations are among the most prominent employers that recruit.

The table shows the average earnings of Western Sydney University graduates by course. 

Course Annual Package
MBA 130,000 AUD
Bachelor of Science 102,000 AUD
Masters in Finance 84,000 AUD
Bachelor of Arts 72,000 AUD
Legal Department 346,000 AUD
Executive Management 163,000 AUD
Financial Services 149,000 AUD
Compliance, AML, KYC and Monitoring 143,000 AUD
Legal and Paralegal 136,000 AUD
Data 132,000 AUD

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Frequently Asked Questions


The majority of courses at Western Sydney University cost between INR 14 and INR 20 L.

Computing, Engineering and Mathematics, Medicine, Business, Law, Humanities and Communication Arts, Science and Health, Social Sciences and Psychology, and Nursing and Midwifery are some of the most popular majors taught at Western Sydney University.

Western Sydney University is a state-owned educational school in Australia that offers higher education.

Western Sydney University values academic excellence, ethics, and the pursuit of knowledge. We are a globally focused, research-led university that is devoted to creating a positive influence on the communities with which it works.

Western Sydney University graduates were ranked #10 in Australia for overall satisfaction, as well as the second highest-ranked graduates of universities surveyed in NSW and the highest-ranked university in the Sydney region, with an 85.6% satisfaction rating from employers.

The Student Welfare Service assists students who are experiencing financial hardship as a result of personal circumstances or an event and require financial assistance for living expenses or food security. The university also provides financial awards to registered students who are in financial need. They help students with educational expenditures as well as basic living needs.



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