In the Russian city of Penza, it is one of the most well-known and respected medical state universities in the country. The university's history can be traced back to November 1, 1943, when it first opened its doors with 11 departments under the name Penza Industrial Institute. At that time, the university was known by its current name.

Institutes, departments, and faculties make up the academic framework of Penza State Medical University. This framework is comprised of three primary components. Faculties serve as the educational, scientific, and managerial fundamental units that offer training for students and graduate students in one or more related study fields and include departments. This is in contrast to institutes, which form the largest structural units that carry out educational and research activities and embrace faculties.

It provides students with a variety of educational opportunities leading to degrees at the bachelor's, master's, specialist, postgraduate, and internship levels. In addition to their academic pursuits, students at Penza State Medical University have access to all of the essential resources, including housing, medical care, extracurricular activities, a library, laboratories, and many more. The two campuses have a combined area of 2,80,000 square feet and contain a total of 18 academic structures.

It has a total enrollment of 21,715 students at the present time, and it is responsible for the education of hundreds of highly competent graduates, scientists, and medical professionals each and every year. The mission of Penza State Medical University is to provide students with an education in a wide variety of significant study subjects that are in demand in the job market. It features rigorous academic programs that produce highly qualified engineers. There are a plethora of other professionals, such as doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and lawyers, who have the information, abilities, and dispositions necessary to make all of their aspirations and plans come true.

The vast majority of Penza State Medical University’s alums have found employment in illustrious industries both in the immediate area and on a global scale after graduating. In the realm of research, Penza State Medical University makes significant contributions to the overall landscape of national research by participating in a wide variety of research and innovation partnerships, launching programs, and developing inventions.

Because it is situated in a relatively tranquil environment, Penza State University draws students from a wide variety of cultural, religious, social, and ethnic backgrounds. In addition, it is home to a thriving Association of International Students as well as an International Alumni Club for its international students. At the moment, there are a total of 21,715 students enrolled at the university, of which 2063 are international students hailing from 45 different nations.

Students who graduated from the university now work for prestigious businesses in a variety of countries throughout the world. After graduating from PSU, students are not only prepared for employment but are also given the opportunity to do internships with a wide variety of international corporations.

Key Highlights

When selecting which of the Penza State Universities is the best, there are a number of considerations to take into account. We'll go through the reasons why choosing Penza State University is a smart move in the following paragraphs.




Medium of Education-English


Annual Tuition-3,600 USD


Accreditation-NMC, WHO, UNESCO


Admission Criteria-NEET Qualified


Students Graduated–NA

Why Choose

Penza State University

In terms of the total number of students, the total number of faculty members, and the overall quality of education, Penza State Medical University is the largest institute in the Penza region. All of the aforementioned faculties and departments are fully stocked with state-of-the-art equipment, including electronic microscopes, biochemical laboratories, radio-isotope laboratories, and lecture halls that are outfitted with tele-video and multimedia devices.

Penza State University, located in Russia, is an outstanding option for several compelling reasons. Just a few instances include the following:



Penza State Medical University's medical school is well respected. Penza State Medical University has the following global and national rankings, according to 4icu.org:







Course Highlights

Before enrolling in the MBBS program in Russia, medical students from all over the world should be aware of a few facts. As a result, we have expanded on certain crucial characteristics of this prominent Irish establishment by including:


MBBS: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

Penza State Medical University in Russia is an excellent alternative if you wish to study medicine in another country. It helps people who were either turned down by Indian government medical schools or were unable to afford private medical school tuition.

If you are considering attending Penza State Medical University in Russia, consider the following.


Yearly fee- 3,600 USD


Duration- 5 + 1 Years


Program- MBBS


Language- English

Admission Process

International students are welcome at Penza State Medical University in Russia.

MBBS in Russia - Admission Process 2023-2024

Apply online in Russia to Penza State Medical University and upload your application and supporting documentation. Bring your report cards from grades 10 through 12. To graduate from high school, you must have a passing grade in physics, chemistry, and biology.

  • Documents Required: It is possible that an application, passport, and fee guarantee letter valid for at least two years will be required. You must be under the age of 17 on the day you apply to the MBBS program.
  • Verification: Admissions authorities at Russia's Penza State Medical University would evaluate their documentation when they arrived. Penza State Medical University in Russia will notify you of your acceptance or rejection in writing.
  • NEET: NEET is required for all Indian medical students at Penza State Medical University in Russia.
  • Fees: Accepted applicants must pay an upfront entrance fee to the MBBS program at Penza State Medical University in Russia. The admissions office will write you a letter to confirm your acceptance after your application has been evaluated and accepted.

Eligibility Criteria

Take a look at the requirements that must be met in order to enroll at the Penza State Medical University in Russia.



At Russia's Penza State Medical University, prospective students must get a score on the NEET that is considered competitive in order to be considered for admission to the medical school.



To be eligible for consideration for admission to the Russian Penza State Medical University, prospective students need to have a 10+2 grade point average in physics, chemistry, and biology of at least 50%.


Age Required

Penza State Medical University in Russia requires that prospective students be between the ages of 17 and 25 as of December 31 of the admissions year in order to be eligible for the MBBS program there.

Documents Required

Prior to being accepted into the MBBS program at Penza State Medical University in Russia, prospective students are required to provide evidence of their identities as well as their academic qualifications. The following are the requirements that a student at the Penza State Medical University in Russia has to fulfill in order to be eligible for graduation with a degree in medicine:


10th & 12th mark sheet


NEET Scorecard


Original Passport


HIV Report


Covid 19 Report


Passport Size Photographs


Penza State University

The MBBS program at Penza State Medical University in Russia.

Course Duration of course (years) Total tuition fee (USD)
MBBS 5 + 1 Years 21,600

Compare Fees

Other popular Universities

The cost of an MBBS degree at this institution is comparable to that of a Russian university.

Universities Average Tuition Fees(USD)
Samara State Medical University 30,348
Orel State Medical University 18,000
Volgograd State Medical University 35,400

Campus Highlights

Penza State Medical University


Reading Hall




Sports Ground







Students Life at Penza State University


Penza State Medical University maintains positive relationships with universities all around the world.


Cooperation with universities and educational organizations in China began over 30 years ago, in 1991. Russia organizes regional and national championships in all sports featured in the World Student Sports Games and World Championships for Students programs each year.


All circumstances have been provided at Penza State Medical University for the growth of both mass student sports and high-performance sports. Indoor sports facilities cover an area of about 11 thousand square meters.


Students at this university have access to sports fields, stadiums, ski resorts, sports rooms in dormitories, and other facilities for physical education and sports. PSU Sports Club and Berkut Student Sports Club are both managed by Penza State University.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed, it is a university run by the government.

Yes, both English and Russian are used in the instruction of these classes.

After receiving a degree from this university, a student is eligible to submit an application for a postgraduate program in Germany; however, the student is required to have a level C2 or above in German language proficiency before applying.

The MBBS program at Penza State Medical University is divided into 12 semesters.

Yes, both the government & private hospitals are linked.