It is a public university located in Essex, England. It is ranked 39th out of 130 UK universities according to the Complete University Guide 2023. It has students from over 140 countries and a third of its students come from outside the UK. According to REF2021, the University of Essex has four subjects in the top 10 in the UK for research quality: Sociology, Economics and Econometrics, Politics & International Studies, Current Linguistics & Linguistics. Additionally, it has ranked five University of Essex subjects in the UK top 10 for research strength: Sociology, Law, Economics and Econometrics, Politics and International Studies, and Computer. Currently, 13,800 undergraduate students and 3,900 postgraduate students are studying at undergraduate level at three University of Essex campuses. Students can take more than 600 undergraduate courses and more than 300 graduate courses.

Several state-of-the-art facilities including Hatfields, located on beautiful 5-acre grounds, offer a casual learning environment. Roding House includes rehearsal rooms, a recording studio and a video editing room. Unit 4 has a large workshop, paint shop, props workshop and teaching facilities. Corbett Theatre, a fully equipped theater owned by the school. Students interested in sports and athletics can take advantage of the Essex Sports Arena, the gym, several fitness classes and a variety of sports.

It consists of three campuses in Colchester, Southend-on-Sea and Loughton. The Colchester campus, the largest of the three, is located on 200 acres of land, originally built in the 18th century. The Southend campus is home to the School of Health and Social Care, Faculty of Science and Technology. Research in Social Psychology and Psychoanalysis and the Essex Business School. Southend is known for its beachfront resort and pier, and offers state-of-the-art facilities and a close-knit international community. The Loughton campus, one of the most prestigious and internationally respected conservatories in the country, borders the largest open space in London.

It has honored more than 300 people for their contributions to learning, creativity and knowledge. The university offers a unique combination of top-notch education with a wide variety of course options. With excellent research facilities and postgraduate work opportunities, the University of Essex can be the ideal destination for international students planning to study in the UK.



If we talk about the rankings of Essex UK, this university is among the best universities in the UK and ranks 49th among the best global universities in the UK. The University of Essex is a public research university based in Colchester, United Kingdom. Many world ranking partners have ranked it among the top 100 UK universities.









Course Duration Fee/Year
BBA 3 Years 19,698 GBP
BBA with Foundation Year 4 Years 18,745 GBP
Bachelor of Art - Financial Economics 3 Years 19,698 GBP
Bachelor of Art - Business Economics 3 Years 19,698 GBP
Bachelor of Art - Arts & History 3 Years 18,745 GBP
Bachelor of Art - Arts & History with language studies 3 Years 18,745 GBP
Bachelor of Art - Drama & Literature 3 Years 18,745 GBP
Bachelor of Art - English Literature 3 Years 18,745 GBP
LLB Law 3 Years 19,698 GBP
LLB Law Literature 3 Years 19,698 GBP
LLB Law Finance 3 Years 19,698 GBP
LLB Law Philosophy 3 Years 19,698 GBP
Bachelor of Science - Nursing (Adult) 3 Years 19,698 GBP
Bachelor of Science - Biomedical Sciences 3 Years 19,698 GBP
Bachelor of Science - Oral Health Science 1 Year 25,215 GBP

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master of Science - Accounting 1 Year 21,534 GBP
Master of Science - Accounting & finance 1 Year 21,534 GBP
Postgraduate Diploma Actuarial Science 9 Months 16,702 GBP
Master of Art - American Literature 1 Year 20,878 GBP
Master of Art - English Language & Liguistic 1 Year 20,878 GBP
Master of Philosophy - History 3 Years 18,054 GBP
Master of Art - History 1 Year 18,054 GBP
Master of Science - Cancer Biology 1 Year 18,054 GBP
LLM International Law 1 Year 18,054 GBP
LLM International Humanitarian Law 1 Year 18,054 GBP
Master of Art - Social work 21 Months 18,054 GBP

Admission Process

Admission Process

For postgraduate courses taken by January 2024, the application deadline for Indian students applying to the University of Essex is 22 September 2023. It offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of faculties and campuses.

Admission process Admission process



After graduating from the University of Essex, students show a high return on investment, with an average salary of up to £60,000 per year (INR 63,82 lakh). It prepares you for your future by providing you with an excellent academic education and many opportunities to learn new skills. Students get better education and real-world experience to get better jobs after graduation. By undertaking a work placement at this university, you will be able to apply your learning to the real workplace and gain the transferable skills and expertise needed to land the job. perfect after graduation. 

There are many job profiles available to students and staff. Essex recognizes the value of diversity and recruits, develops, retains and motivates students through a diverse workforce. Essex attracts people who will become good citizens and contribute to the life of the University. The school recognizes the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between work and other aspects of life, including a leave program. Graduates receive a top salary of $75,000 per year for professionals in insurance jobs. The lowest paid University of Essex alumni and graduates are alternative medicine and health professionals, with a salary of $28,000. 

Course Annual Package
Masters in Finance 50,736 GBP
Masters in Science 38,076 GBP
Masters in Arts 37,383 GBP
Masters (other) 57,907 GBP
LLM 41,249 GBP
Public Sector Job 40,456 GBP
Financial Services 46,802 GBP
Insurance Jobs 59,494 GBP

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Frequently Asked Questions


The academic structure of the university is divided into three faculties; Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Science and Health, Faculty of Social Sciences. With an acceptance rate of 54%, getting into college is relatively difficult.

The University of Essex takes almost 4 weeks to respond to all applications. Decisions are communicated by mail to pre-selected candidates. Your invitation letter will state how long you must accept your offer.

It is ranked among the top 40 UK universities (Complete University Guide 2023). It has a track record of excellence in higher education, encourages critical thinking and prepares you for a career.

They expect to respond to your application within four weeks of receiving all relevant documentation from you. When you create your application, you will receive an application number (PG number), which is your unique reference number to us.

There are no additional fees for using our virtual learning environment or accessing resources through it. Additionally, all of your core textbooks are freely available as e-books, and you can access additional readings through our online library. You do not need to purchase any additional software for your computer; if you have standard Microsoft applications like Word and Excel or even the free OpenOffice software you can do all your work.



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