The University of Regina is a public research university in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. It was founded in 1911 as a personal religious high school of the Protestant denomination of Canada, and it started a connection with the University of Saskatchewan as a college in 1925 before being disaffiliated by the church and completely transferred to the university in 1934. In 1974, it was designated an associate autonomous university.

The University of Regina, which sprawls over 239 acres in the Wascana Center, offers an appealing and serene atmosphere for study and research activities. The University of Regina now maintains four campuses in Regina. Luther College, FNU Campus, Regina, and Campion College are all options. All of these campuses are actively recruiting overseas students. The University of Regina is one of Regina's top institutions, with many campuses. As one of Saskatchewan's finest universities, the University of Regina is well-known among foreign students, especially Indian students.

In order for numerous alumni members to be a part of the community, the University of Regina has created a massive alumni community comprised of several alumni chapters and the University of Regina's prominent alumni prizes. Bill Tweddell, who is the chancellor of OCU, stays in touch with new graduates by hosting alumni events and encouraging them to stay involved. Akiem Hicks is a professor, Jon Ryan is an assistant professor, Erin Weir is a manager, Elisa Loncon is a professor, David Anderson is a senior professor, and Robert Kitchen is a professor.



The Times Higher Education World University Rankings and the Academic Ranking of World Universities both rank the University of Regina as one of the best colleges in the world. The university has kept these rankings for nearly ten years with very little change.








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Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Science - Medical Laboratory Science 3 Years CAD 36,335
Bachelor of Science - Computer Science 4 Years CAD 36,335
Bachelor of Business Administration 4 Years CAD 40,378
Bachelor Psychology 4 Years CAD 34,338
Bachelor of Accounting 4 Years CAD 40,378
Bachelor of Education 4 Years CAD 34,338
Bachelor of Business Administration - International Business 4 Years CAD 40,378
Bachelor Health Studies 4 Years CAD 34,338
Bachelor Entrepreneurship 4 Years CAD 34,338
Bachelor of Nursing 4 Years CAD 38,236
Bachelor Economics 4 Years CAD 34,338
Bachelor Human Resource Management 4 Years CAD 34,338
Bachelor of Science - Biochemistry 4 Years CAD 36,335

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master of Science - Computer Science 1 Year CAD 31,388
Master of Human resource Management 2 Years CAD 16,600
Master Computer Science - Data Science 1 Year CAD 23,964
Master of Business Administration 2 Years CAD 31,388
Master of Education 2 Years CAD 16,600
Master of Engineering - Industrial Systems Engineering 2 Years CAD 23,964
Master of Arts - Clinical Psychology 2 Years CAD 16,600
Master of Engineering - Software system engineering 2 Years CAD 23,964
Master Administration in Leadership 2 Years CAD 16,600
Master of Nursing 2 Years CAD 23,964
Master of Science - Biochemistry 2 Years CAD 31,388
Master of Arts - Human Resource Management 2 Years CAD 16,600
Master of Science - Biology 2 Years CAD 31,388
Master of Science - Mathematics & Statistics 2 Years CAD 22,981



Every year, the University of Regina provides attractive placement incentives to students to cover the return on investment (ROI). According to a study done by the Canada Committee for Personal Education, the use rate is 75%, with an average monthly payment.  

A lot of placement opportunities are offered by the school, so it's up to the students to take advantage of them, improve their skills, and learn things like other languages so that foreign companies with reasonable packages want to hire them.

Here are some of the best companies that hire University of Regina students from other countries: Cisco Systems Canada Co, McCarthy Tetrault LLP, Medtronic Canada ULC, Pfizer Canada ULC, SAP Canada Inc.

Average pay for University of Regina graduates depending on degree:

  • Bachelors- CAD $47,605 per year
  • Masters- CAD $56,400 per year
  • MBA- CAD $66,500 per year

Course Annual Package
Development Officer CAD $50,694
Environmental Health Worker CAD $46,207
Psychologist CAD 60,489
Research Associate CAD $32,800
Information Technology CAD $43,780

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Frequently Asked Questions


The University of Regina has housing for students, on-campus housing, and a hostel with basic services like internet, food, and so on. Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The University of Regina is known across the country and around the world for its strong academics and research. When you study at the University of Regina, you are not only receiving an outstanding education, but you are also working with a school that is interested in your success.

Applicants may be eligible for a means-tested undergraduate scholarship that provides funds and assistance. The University of Regina provides various scholarship opportunities to outstanding students. Undergraduate students might get up to 200,000 CAD per year from the institution. Aside from that, the University Foreign Student Welcome Solidarity Scholarship will help international students find a place to live starting in the winter of 2021.

The University of Regina is a U Sports member and offers men's and women's teams in a variety of sports. Except for the Regina Rams, a community junior football club, all of its teams are called Cougars.

The cost of living in Saskatoon is lower than in most other Canadian cities, although it is far from the lowest. Living in Saskatchewan is reasonable if you work part-time and make your own money. In comparison to most Canadian cities, the home rent is likewise relatively low.

A student starting at the University of Regina should never be concerned about having fun throughout his time there. Students become active members of approximately 50 student groups on campus. There are also music bands (the Regina Conservatory of Music), sports teams, health programs, theater groups, an innovation center, and a student-run campus newspaper, among other things.



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