The Times Higher Education World University Rankings and the Academic Ranking of World Universities both rank Auckland University of Technology as one of the best colleges in the world. The university has kept these rankings for nearly ten years with very little change.








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Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Health Science - Nursing 3 Years NZD 36, 618.50
Bachelor of Health Science 3 Years NZD 36,891.88
Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy) 4 Years NZD 38,913.39
Bachelor of Computer & Information Sciences 3 Years NZD 39,102.29
Bachelor of Business - Information Systems 3 Years NZD 33,554.72
Bachelor in Software Engineering 4 Years NZD 44,599.38
Bachelor of Business - Accounting 3 Years NZD 33,554.72
Bachelors of Business - Finance 3 Years NZD 34,185.84
Bachelor of Business - Economics 3 Years NZD 33,554.72

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master of Computer & Information Sciences 18 Months NZD 42,074.89
Master of Nursing Science 2 Years NZD 41,759.33
Master of Information Security & Digital Forensics 18 Months NZD 42,468.28
MBA 16 Months NZD 58,852.25
Master of Architecture (Professional) 2 Years NZD 42,074.89
Master of Arts 2 Years NZD 34,080.66
Master of Applied Finance 1 - 1.5 Years NZD 55,340.06
Master of Business Management 12 - 18 Months NZD 55,340.06
Master of Business 8 Months NZD 36,893.36

Admission Process

Indian students who want to go to Auckland University of Technology must get at least a 60% in English on their Higher Secondary School Exam or All-India Senior School Certificate. They must also get at least a 75% in four top courses. Auckland University of Technology accepts students for its two semesters, semesters I and II.


International students enrolled in bachelor's programs must be prepared to pay approximately 40,000 NZD (approximately 21 lakhs) in tuition fees, while graduate programs require 50,000 NZD. Aside from tuition, students must budget for living expenses in New Zealand. To ensure a return on investment (ROI), the university placed students in various firms with an annual salary of $87,000 NZD (roughly Rs. 46 lakhs).

Bachelor (Other) is the highest-paid degree at Auckland University of Technology, with graduates earning an average income of $69,000. Bachelor of Science graduates from Auckland University of Technology earn $26,000 per year, which is the least of any degree.

Financial services workers are the highest-paid Auckland University of Technology alumni and graduates, earning $77,000 a year. Engineering professionals are the lowest-paid Auckland University of Technology alumni and graduates, earning $39,000 per year.

Many well-known corporations, including KPMG, Google, IBM, Facebook, and Apple, hire alumni from the Auckland Institute of Technology.

Salaries of Top Auckland University of Technology Graduates and Alumni, By Degree

Course Annual Package
Financial Services $77,000
IT & Software Development $76,000
Bachelor (Other) $69,000
Marketing, Product & Communications $59,000
Programme & Project Management $55,000
Finance Control & Strategy $53,000
Other Degree $43,000
Sales & Business Development $42,000
Bachelor of Arts $37,000
Bachelor of Science $26,000

University Alumni work at some of the best companies in the world

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AUT is regarded as New Zealand's finest institution in terms of worldwide research impact. Its 60 research centers and institutes conduct cutting-edge research in areas such as space, artificial intelligence, robotics, ecology, physical activity, and nutrition.

AUT is a modern university in New Zealand. It is run by a council, and a strategic team is in charge. The AUT Council is the university's governing body, consisting of lay members, academic and professional staff, at least one student, and members chosen by the government.

Students from India applying to the university must have a higher secondary certificate with at least 60% and a minimum of 60% in English.

AUT student housing is convenient, contemporary, and welcoming. Students who live in AUT housing have greater academic success rates because they are part of a supportive community with access to support services and counseling. A library, computer laboratories, student counselors, a health center, and recreational amenities are all nearby. The residential assistants are ready to provide assistance and recommendations for any personal difficulties. AUT provides two kinds of accommodations: Accommodation on the City Campus: Apartments for Students in Wellesley Akoranga Student Village is located on the North Campus.

When a student sends in an application, the school responds with an email or letter of acknowledgement. The application is subsequently evaluated by the institution. Undergraduate and graduate applications are processed in one and four weeks, respectively. If the application is accepted, the student will be sent an Offer of Placement Letter.

The typical monthly rent is between $900 and $1000 AUD. Studio flats, 3-bedroom apartments, 4 bedroom apartments, and shared apartments are available. The student residence has a large, open-plan kitchen with electric burners and gas hobs. The majority of the flats also provide on-site laundry and bike storage. Most flats also include a gym and an exercise space.

MS INR 22.1 L BSc INR 19.3 L BE/Btech INR 18.6 L MA INR 20.5 L MIM INR 21.9 L BBA INR 15.6 L MEng INR 26.3 L MASc INR 29.1 L MArch INR 20.4 L MDes INR 21.9 L MBA INR 25.2 L BHM INR 10.9 L MFA INR 23.7 L