Charles Darwin University aka CDU was founded in 2003 after merging the Northern Territory University including the Centralian College of Alice Springs, Katherine Rural College, and the University College of NT, and the Menzies School of Health Research.

It's goes the extra mile to ensure that every student's time spent here is enjoyable as possible. Guided by the wellness concept which values a student’s social, physical, psychological and spiritual well-being, Charles Darwin University, Australia offers its students a wide range of free services to ensure they get a rewarding and fulfilling college experience, both personally and academically.

It is an Australian public university with a main campus in Darwin and eight satellite campuses in some metropolitan and regional areas. The University prides itself on a focus that is designed to meet the current and future demands of the many global leaders and high potential that surround its city campus.

It has multiple specialist areas, such as: human resource management, psychology, business management, data analytics, cyber-security and many more. The University is also famous for its free public events including leading conferences that are arranged by the institute time to time. The Good Universities Guide 2024 ranks CDU as the number seven university in Australia for full-time employment for undergraduate students and seventh for undergraduate starting salaries in Australia. By study area, CDU is ranked top five in Australia for undergraduate employment outcomes in engineering, humanities and social sciences, law and paralegal studies, psychology and social work. CDU’s undergraduate students enjoy a median starting salary of AUD 61,400 and a full-time employment rate of 79%.

As one of Australia’s top innovation universities, it is home of high standard education. It offers over 300 bachelor and plus masters programs under its more than ten main faculties which are engineering and science, arts, law, business, humanities and social sciences. If you are planning to study in Australia, Charles Darwin University is second to none!



It is a tip 100 academic institutions in the Asia Pacific. It ranked 91 in the THE Asia-Pacific University ranking in the year 2019 and ranked 35th as the best Australian Universities, with 29th amongst the top in the Asia.














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Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Science - Biomedical Science 3 Years 21,400 AUD
Bachelor of Science - Exercise & Sports Science 3 Years 21,400 AUD
Bachelor of Science - Health Service Management 3 Years 21,400 AUD
Bachelor of Science - Medical Laboratory Science 3 Years 21,400 AUD
Bachelor of Arts - Social Work 3 Years 19,500 AUD
Bachelor of Science - Psychology 3 Years 21,400 AUD
Bachelor of Commerce - Finance & Accounting 3 Years 19,500 AUD
Bachelor of Business Administration 3 Years 23,500 AUD
Bachelor of Law 3 Years 23,500 AUD

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master of Science - Biomedical Science 2 Years 28,104 AUD
Master of Science - Health Science 2 Years 28,104 AUD
Master of Science - Psychology 2 Years 28,104 AUD
Master of Science - Microbiology 2 Years 28,104 AUD
Master of Science - Medical Laboratory Science 2 Years 28,104 AUD
Master of Arts - Social Work 2 Years 25,200 AUD
Master of Law 2 Years 30,200 AUD
Master of Science - Computer Science 2 Years 30,200 AUD
Master of Science - Applied Computing 2 Years 30,200 AUD
Master of Arts - Economics 2 Years 30,200 AUD

Admission Process

Admission Process

It is one of the leading Universities in the world, but the good news is – the admission process is less competitive compared to other top Australian Universities. It has an acceptance rate of 66%. You should choose your program, and apply online.

Admission process Admission process



It is known for offering top class undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral programs in diverse disciplines. The tuition fee is low compared to other Australian Universities. The average cost of study for B.Sc, BE, BA, LLB is 17120 - 28900 AUD. The average tuition fee for master’s degree in any discipline is 28,104 - 34,680.

It is also ranked as the 2nd Australian university for undergraduate full-time employment outcomes. Our undergraduate students enjoy a median starting salary of AUD 68,000 and a full-time employment rate of 81.4%. On the other hand, CDS ranked the 1st Australian university for postgraduate full-time employment outcomes with a full-time employment rate of 94% and a median graduate salary of AUD 68,000.

Say, you are pursuing science bachelor degree programme in this University, so your investment for 3-year would be avg. 64,200 AUD, and if an undergraduate students enjoy a median starting salary of AUD 68,000, then the return of investment would be in a year or less time. 

Many courses have professional placement components where you'll have the opportunity to experience working in your industry or area of study and gain  Undergraduates and graduates work in many different multinational companies and organizations including, Accenture, HSBC, IBM, Google, and Stemcells Technologies, to name a few.

Course Annual Package
Creative Arts AUD 56,400
Social Science AUD 54,400
Social Work AUD 59,700
Agriculture and Environmental Studies AUD 57,500
Pharmacy AUD 59,800
Engineering AUD 77,700
Psychology AUD 49,100

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Frequently Asked Questions


To submit your application to Charles Darwin University, visit the university's official website. When applying, you need to ensure that you choose a single admission category corresponding to the specific CDU campus you wish to enrol in.

Admission to any of the programs at Charles Darwin University does not necessitate the submission of reference letters or personal statements.

When applying to Charles Darwin University, you have the option to apply to one program per campus or faculty, with a maximum limit of three choices. At CDU, you can select one admission category, but you are allowed to explore multiple programs throughout your degree programme.

It offers a range of scholarships, including both scholarships that come with the degree programme and there are other scholarships programmes that you need to apply separately.

Undergraduate students at Charles Darwin University are allowed to work 48 hours per fortnight during their academic year.



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