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The Times Higher Education World University Rankings and the Academic Ranking of World Universities both rank Yale University as one of the best colleges in the world. The university has kept these rankings for nearly ten years with very little change.








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Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering Sciences 4 Years 62,197.52 USD
Bachelor in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science 4 Years 62,197.52 USD
Bachelor in Arts - Film & Media Studies 4 Years 62,197.52 USD
Bachelor in Arts - Computer Science & Psychology 4 Years 64,583.75 USD
Bachelor in Arts - Computer Science and Psychology 4 Years 64,583.75 USD
B.E. / B.Tech 4 Years 1,528,767 USD - 64,583.75 USD
Bachelor in Science 4 Years 62,197.52 USD
Bachelor in Business Administration 4 Years 62,197.52 USD - 64,583.75 USD
Bachelor in Arts 4 Years 62,197.52 USD
Bachelor in Architecture 4 Years 59,863.17 USD

Course Duration Fee/Year
Masters in Management 9 Months - 3 Years 79,648.10 USD - 47,932.04 USD
Master in Business Administration 2 Years 81,961.71 USD
Master in Science 11 Months - 3 Years 44,923.31 USD - 48,658.28 USD
Master of Laws 1 Year 71,690.56 USD
Master in Arts 1 - 3 Years 14,622.38 USD - 46,168.30 USD
Master in Architecture 3 Years 56,121.98 USD
Executive MBA 22 Months 106,602.10 USD
Medicine & Public Health 3 Years 51,172.125 USD
Master in Fine Arts - Photography 2 - 3 Years 43,859.89 USD - 66,707.49 USD

Admission Process

Yale University is the world's biggest research university, with several programs, departments, schools, institutes, museums, and related organizations. International students, however, must submit results of their English language competency exams in order to be admitted to both undergraduate and postgraduate study levels. When it comes to admissions, students may only enroll in the fall intake for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.



The average cost of a degree at Yale University is over $203,000. If you earn about $68,000 per year, it will take you 3.0 years after graduation to break even.

  • Average yearly cost- $50,000
  • Average years to graduate- 4.1
  • Average starting salary- $68,000

Yale University SOM students have been hired by Accenture, American Express, Team 8, Google, Dell, Bank of America, Ralph Lauren, and other companies.

Most Recent Class Overview

  1. Success Rate: 96.9% employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation.
  2. Mean starting salary: $76,359 among graduates employed in the United States.
  3. Top five Industries: Financial Services, Education, Technology, Consulting, and Healthcare

The following are some of the top-earning degrees and average incomes of Yale graduates:

Course Annual Package
Consulting $170,000
Finance and Accounting $152,000
Marketing and Sales $134,000
General Management $133,000
Operations $132,600
MBA $160,110
Technology $146,000
Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals $134,000
Retail: eCommerce $142,000
Real Estate $122,500

University Alumni work at some of the best companies in the world

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Even though the school doesn't say what the minimum GPA is, you need a 3.0 on a scale of 4.0 (83–86%) to get into a graduate program. GPA is less essential for undergraduate admission to Yale University than class rank. 94% of the Class of 2024 students were in the top 10% of their high school class.

Yale University is well-known for disciplines such as the social sciences, biological and biomedical sciences, mathematics and statistics, computer and information sciences, engineering, psychology, and the visual arts.

The following are the entry criteria for Yale University's popular MBA program: GMAT: 680 GRE: 165 in quant IELTS: 7.0; TOEFL (iBT): 100 2 Professional LOR’s

Yes, Yale is an Ivy League school. Harvard, Columbia, Yale, Brown, Cornell, Princeton, Dartmouth, and UPenn are members of the Ivy League.

The full-time Yale MBA class of 2022 earned a median income of $160,110. Graduates make a median of $170,000 in consulting, $152,000 in finance and accounting, $134,000 in marketing and sales, and $133,000 in general management.

Yes, Yale University MBA students are given summer internships. SOM students can do summer internships in a variety of fields, from technology to non-profits to finance to startups. These internships provide students with an important opportunity to test out an industry and function, network, and apply what they learned in the first year.

According to the official website of Yale University SOM, 91.2% of full-time employment was in the United States. The typical base income of students hired in the United States is $165,000. The proportion of international full-time workers was 8.8%.

The Common Application and the Coalition Application websites are normally where the admissions process for Yale starts in August.