Canada Lakeland College is an undergraduate college in the province of Alberta. It is supported by the Canadian government. The institution was founded in 1917 to promote agricultural and environmental science. It has two campuses, one in Vermilion and the other in Lloydminster. Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICAN) and the Alberta Rural Development Network are both groups that Lakeland College is a part of. Lakeland College accepts student enrollment twice a year, in the fall and spring semesters. It a big deal that Lakeland College is one of Canada best schools, and its even bigger news that it came in first place for colleges that students recommend the most. Lakeland College is one of 63 institutions spread throughout Canada.

Living on campus at Lakeland College is a great way to improve your education, personal growth, and overall success there. Campus life is an additional aspect of a student's total experience. Participating in campus life gives students the chance to meet new people, learn about life and places, and spend time in a nice place. Lakeland College's campus is home to around 7,000 students. The Lloydminster campus has over 500 students and offers seven distinct fields of study.

Students can study in places other than traditional lecture rooms, like the college farm, the emergency training grounds, and the environmental science department's outdoor laboratory. Lakeland College's Vermillion and Lloydminster campuses each have their own library, with one in Vermillion and the other in Lloydminster. Every library offers private and group study areas, as well as a computer lab, a book collection, a circulation/service desk where users may check out books and ask research inquiries, and a computer collection.

Seven days a week, the Colonel Cormack Recreation Center is one of the busiest sites on the Vermilion campus. It includes many facilities, including a gym, a health club, a poolside with a hot tub, and squash and racquetball courts. Lloydminster students have access to a weight room and a gymnasium on campus. The Bud Miller All Seasons Park is located adjacent to Lakeland College's Lloydminster campus. Lakeland College's student athletes are known as "Rustlers." Students at the university have a lot of chances to play sports with other students at all levels.

Because of the nice atmosphere at Lakeland College, students are able to focus on their academics. The well-known programs at Lakeland College are meant to help students make a smooth transition into the working world or further their academic interests, whether they do this at Lakeland College or somewhere else. Students at Lakeland College will get the same kind of education that they would get at a college, but without the red tape, huge crowds, and other distractions.



The Times Higher Education World University Rankings and the Academic Ranking of World Universities both rank Lakeland College as one of the best colleges in the world. The university has kept these rankings for nearly ten years with very little change.








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Course Duration Fee/Year
Diploma General Business (Major) 2 Years CAD 12,159
Diploma Interior Design Technology 2 Years CAD 14,062
Bachelor of Arts - Psychology 3 Years CAD 8,424
Diploma Crop Technology 2 Years CAD 11,796
Diploma Agribusiness 2 Years CAD 12,140
Diploma Conservation and Restoration Ecology 2 Years CAD 12,140
Certificate Educational Assistant 1 Year CAD 11,952
Certificate Heavy Oil Operations Technician 1 Year CAD 13,134
Diploma Environmental Conservation and Reclamation 2 Years CAD 24,130
Education, Social Studies and Community 1 year CAD 17263
Animal Science Technology : Beef 2 Months / year(s) CAD 17075
Animal Science Technology Dairy Major 2 months / year(s) CAD 17075
Animal Science Technology Livestock Major 2 months / year(s) CAD 18665

Admission Process

Admission Process

Lakeland College in Canada is a well-known school with campuses in both Vermilion and Lloydminster. Each year, over 6,400 students attend Lakeland College. Admissions for the fall term are now available to freshman applicants. A liberal admissions policy means that it is easy to meet the requirements to get into the institution. National and foreign candidates must apply using a college's online application site. The college offers the required financial aid to overseas candidates.

Admission process Admission process



Lakeland College says that 78% of its students get jobs within a few months of finishing the course. Here are some of the top firms that often hire Lakeland College foreign students: Adobe Systems Canada Inc., SAP Canada Inc., Keurig Canada Inc., and GlaxoSmithKline Inc.

The Student Employment Centre at Lakeland College helps students get in touch with possible employers and find a wide range of jobs all over Canada. One-on-one job fairs are also arranged for university students with the purpose of supporting them in finding jobs that are a good fit for them. Lakeland College students may find work with a number of area firms, including Trace Associates, Richardson Pioneer, Impres, and G-Agteam.

Lakeland College graduates earn an average of $46,904 per year depending on their degree level: CAD $54,392 per year for a master's and CAD $67,894 per year for an MBA. 

In addition to teaching assistantships and lab assistantships, Lakeland College gives Indian students the following part-time jobs to cover ROI: Some of the jobs that are open are Account Manager, Accounting Coordinator, Clubhouse Assistant, Environmental Technician, and Librarian.

Course Annual Package
Field Operators CAD $36,904
Data Analysts CAD $45,000
Administrative Assistants CAD $42,000
Project Managers CAD $85,000
Senior Research Analysts CAD $73,171

University Alumni work at some of the best companies in the world


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Frequently Asked Questions


Lakeland College's most popular diploma program is in agribusiness.

Lakeland College offers more than 50 different diploma, certificate, and bachelor's degree programs. Education Vibes will give you all the support and help you need as you go through the process of getting into Lakeland College. The application procedure spans many months and starts months before the start of school. Institutions offer two main times for international students to start their studies: in the fall and in the winter.

Students at Lakeland College can get financial help in the form of scholarships and bursaries with amounts ranging from CAD 500 (INR 30,127) to CAD 2,500. (Rs. 1.50 lakhs).1)Award for Source Eligibility.2)Coca-Cola Scholarship CAD 1000 (INR 60k).3)Bocock Indigenous Entrance Award CAD 1000 (INR 60k).4)Bursary CAD 500 (INR 30k)

Think of your RA as a multi-talented person who is in charge of activities, is a friend, confidante, squad member, shoulder to cry on, therapist, and a person of authority in the dorm. RAs are there to help you settle into your new home, have fun, and meet new people while also ensuring that the rules are obeyed. They are also in charge of ensuring that the rules are observed.

Lakeland College received full accreditation under the Standard Pathway in 2015. Lake Land College was re-accredited as a genuine educational institution in 2019.

Lakeland College helps its international students pay for school by giving them scholarships and bursaries. Students can apply for scholarships and other kinds of recognition once they have turned in all the necessary papers.

Lakeland College's average tuition charge each semester is CAD $3,784. Fees for undergraduate, graduate, diploma, and MBA programs are shown below. 1) UG TUITION FEE- CAD $12,895. 2) PG TUITION FEE- CAD $15,467. 3) DIPLOMA TUITION FEE- CAD $13,165 .4) MBA TUITION FEE - CAD $16,500



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