Colorado State University (CSU), based in Fort Collins, Colorado, is a public research university. The CSU's origins may be traced back to 1879, when the Agricultural College of Colorado opened its doors for the first time. Colorado State University(CSU)has delivered record enrollment in the recent decade, based on all-time highs in student achievement and diversity. Colorado State Institution (CSU) main campus spans 586 acres. Agricultural Sciences; Business; Health and Human Sciences; Liberal Arts; Natural Sciences; Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences; Walter Scott Junior College of Engineering; and Warner College of Natural Resources are the colleges of the institution. Athletics and leisure, as well as more than 500 student groups, student diversity initiatives, and services, are available on campus for students. Aside from them, student safety is a top focus at the institution.

Outside of the classroom and research lab, students can join over 350 campus groups. Around 35 fraternities and sororities are among these groups. Sports are available for student athletes at the recreational, club, and varsity levels, with the CSU mascot and colors representing the school's history. Because Colorado State University (CSU) was founded as an agricultural institution, its athletic teams were known as the Aggies, and its colors were green and gold to reflect farming. The colors were retained by Colorado State University (CSU), but the over 15 varsity sports teams are now known as the Rams. They participate in the Mountain West Conference of the NCAA Division I.

Nonremedial tutoring, a women's center, a placement service, day care, health services, and health insurance are among the student services provided by Colorado State University. Colorado State University also provides 24-hour foot and vehicle patrols, late-night transportation and escort service, 24-hour emergency telephones, lighting pathways and sidewalks, student patrols, and restricted dormitory access (key, security card, etc.). Students of legal drinking age are authorized to consume alcohol at Colorado State University.

According to the Colorado State University (CSU) 2022–23 catalog, the institution welcomed more than 32,000 students last fall. 69% were Colorado citizens, and 26% hail from different backgrounds. In addition, the institution generally welcomes over 1,700 foreign students from over 100 countries. Scholarships are available to overseas students at Colorado State University (CSU). These scholarships vary in value from $2,000 to $12,000 each year. James Van Hoften, an astronaut; John Amos, an actor; Leslie Jones, a comedian and actress; David Anderson, an NFL player; Dwight A. York, a politician; Roy R. Romer, a former governor of Colorado; Keith Lee, an NFL player; Dominique Dunne, a poet; Baxter Black, a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet; etc. are just some of the famous people who went to Colorado State University.



The Times Higher Education World University Rankings and the Academic Ranking of World Universities both rank Colorado State University (CSU) as one of the best colleges in the world. The university has kept these rankings for nearly ten years with very little change.








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Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Science - Agricultural & Resource Economics 4 Years USD 31,084
Bachelor Computer Engineering 4 Years USD 31,084
Bachelor of Science - Hospitality Management 4 Years USD 31,084
Bachelor of Arts - Journalism & Media Communication 4 Years USD 31,084
Bachelor of Science - Construction Management 4 Years USD 31,084
Bachelor of Science - Psychology 4 Years USD 31,084
Bachelor of Science - Human Development & Family Studies 4 Years USD 31,084
Bachelor Nutrition & Food Science - Dietetics and Nutrition Management - Childhood Nutrition 4 Years USD 31,084
Bachelor Music - Education - Instrumental 4 Years USD 31,084
Bachelor Chemical & Biological Engineering 4 Years USD 31,084
Bachelor of Arts - Sociology 4 Years USD 31,084
Bachelor of Science - Data Science 4 Years USD 31,084
Bachelor of Science - Chemistry (ACS Certified) 4 Years USD 31,084
Bachelor of Science - Environmental Horticulture 4 Years USD 31,084
Bachelor of Science - Business Administration 4 Years USD 31,084
Bachelor of Science - Applied Computing Technology 4 Years USD 31,084
Bachelor of Science - Biological Science - Botany 4 Years USD 31,084
Bachelor of Science - Computer Science 4 Years USD 31,084
Bachelor of Business Administration - Accounting 4 Years USD 31,084

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master of Computer Science 2 Years USD 28,316
Master Applied Statistics - Data Science 2 Years USD 42,960
Master of Computer Information Systems 2 Years USD 34,240
Master of Business Administration 2 Years USD 22,416
Master of Science - Computer Engineering 2 Years USD 28,316
Master of Science - Psychology 2 Years USD 28,316
Master of Science - Systems Engineering 2 Years USD 22,332
Master of Science - Construction Management 2 Years USD 28,316
Master of Business Administration 2 Years USD 35,264
Master of Science - Food Science & Nutrition 2 Years USD 28,316
Master of Arts - Finance 2 Years USD 43,060
Master of Music - Music Education Specialization 2 Years USD 59,169
Master of Science - Clinical Sciences 2 Years USD 28,316

Admission Process

Admission Process

Colorado State University's admissions are a little bit selective, with an acceptance rate of 81.4% for the next fall semester. Students may apply to any of their top courses online before the application deadline. People think the school is one of the best in the US in terms of diversity and quality of education. In addition to traditional classes, the school also lets students join its online programs, which have their own set of rules. 

Admission process Admission process



Every year spent in college costs money, and you lose money in salaries and incur other expenditures. We will examine the anticipated cost of a degree and the average beginning wage of Colorado State University—Fort Collins graduates to ascertain when you will recover the expenses of education (your return on investment).

  • Average yearly cost- $36,000
  • Average years to graduate- 4.4
  • Average starting salary- $40,000

At Colorado State University-Fort Collins, degrees typically cost roughly $161,000 to complete. Following graduation, it will take you 4.0 years to break even if you earn about $40,000. Target, Arrow Electronics, and Blue Horseshoe are some of Colorado State University's Career Center recruiting partners.

The Engineering College at Colorado State University had the highest average pay in 2019–20, coming in at USD 66,151. The table below provides information on the other top colleges:

Course Annual Package
Engineering USD 66,151
Health Sciences USD 57,677
Nursing Science USD 53,313
Business USD 51,067
Academic Advisor USD 46,000
Research Associate USD 47,000
Web Developer USD 53,000
Administrative Services Manager USD 58,000
Research Scientist USD 60,000
Assistant Professor USD 69,000

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Frequently Asked Questions


The I-20 form is given to you after you get a full admission letter and send in your enrollment decision form. In addition to meeting the academic requirements, the student must also submit a certificate that shows they have enough money.

84% of people who graduated from Colorado State University either got a job or went back to school within six months. Target, Arrow Electronics, and Blue Horseshoe are some of Colorado State University's Career Center recruiting partners.

If a person doesn't apply by the deadline, his or her application will be looked at based on how much space is left.

Colorado State University has a 76% internship rate. Students who did an internship made the most money on average and were able to get a full-time job with the same company after they graduated.

The average wage for engineering students in the most recent year was higher than in 2017 and 2018. In the previous four years, the average wage was 2021-22 USD 72,180 2019-20: USD 66,151 2018-19: USD 63,141 2017-18: USD 63,201

About 64% of women who went to Colorado State University graduated, and their average salaries ranged from $36,000 to $72,000.

Colorado State University is well known for its academic achievement and public service commitments. Colorado State University has been ranked in the top 1% of institutions globally by the Center for World University Rankings. In the 2018-19 CWUR World University Rankings, CSU was ranked 244th out of 18,000 institutions worldwide. Metrics for CWUR include education quality, faculty quality, alumni employment, research output, quality publications, impact, and citations.

Yes, Colorado State University (CSU) does provide scholarships to foreign students. Colorado State University (CSU) provides foreign scholarships ranging in value from $2,000 to $12,000 per year. Students that get the highest accolades have a mix of excellent grades (GPA) and difficult homework. They are also very involved in extracurricular activities. Within two to four weeks of sending in an application, students will find out if they were accepted and how much money they were given as a scholarship.



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