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It is currently ranked 2578 in the world by QS world ranking, 65th in Canada and 766 in entire North America.














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Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Arts - Community Studies 3 Years CAD 29,610
Bachelor of Arts - General 3 Years CAD 33,540
Bachelor of Engineering - Nautical Science 4 Years CAD 29,210
Bachelor of Science - General 3 Years CAD 36,594
Bachelor of Business Administration 3 Years CAD 35,594
Bachelor of Science - Nutrition 3 Years CAD 34,594
Bachelor of Science - Nursing 3 Years CAD 36,594
Bachelor of Science - Public Health 3 Years CAD 41,433
Bachelor of Science - Hospitality & Tourism Management 3 Years CAD 28,700

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master of Business Administration - Community Economic Development 2 Years CAD 39,500
Master of Education - Information Technology 2 Years CAD 40,318
Master of Education - Sustainability, Creativity & Innovation 2 Years CAD 38,700

Admission Process

Applying to graduate or postgraduate program involves three basic steps. You should start the admission process as early as a year before you wish to begin your program of study. First, choose your program, second, review admission requirements and contact the department, and lastly prepare and apply online.


It is known for offering top class undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral programs in diverse disciplines. The tuition fee is a bit competitive. The average cost of study for undergraduate program is CAD 29,500 – 34,500 per year, and for graduate programs, it is around CAD 40,500 – 45,500 per year for international students. Let’s assume you are a graduate student and invest the amount in 3 years of a bachelor program of your choice then your cost of investment would be CAD 90,000 avg. A graduate from this University usually gets an average salary of CAD 92,000 depending on the program you chose, so you will be able to get the return of your investment in less than a year.

The placement cell always strives for the candidates overall development and is designed in such a way so that they can advance their professional career development.

Undergraduates and graduates work with various multinational companies and organizations including, Accenture, HSBC, IBM, RBC, B.O.A and Stemcells Technologies, Google, and more.

Course Annual Package
Master of Business Administration CAD 100,000
Master of Education IT CAD 95,000
Master of Sustainability & Innovation CAD 80,000
Bachelor of Public Health CAD 65,000
Bachelor of Nursing CAD 66,000
Bachelor of Hospitality Management CAD 80,000
Bachelor of Tourism CAD 39,000
Bachelor of Nutrition CAD 56,000

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You can apply to Cape Breton University by visiting the website of the university. You may select only one admission category for the CBU campus you want to get admitted.

Reference letters and personal statements are not always required for admission to any of the programs at Cape Breton University, but sometimes University may ask you to submit it.

You can apply to one program per campus or faculty at the Cape Breton University, Canada, up to a maximum of three choices. At Cape Breton University you can choose one admission category, but you may pursue more than one program throughout your degree.

It has a variety of scholarships available—some that you are automatically considered for, and others that are application-based.

The average cost of study in the Cape Breton University for undergraduate program is CAD 29,500 – 34,500 per year, and for graduate programs, it is around CAD 40,500 – 45,500 per year for international students.

Undergraduate students at Cape Breton University may be hired for a maximum of 20 hours per week during the academic year.