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Yearly Fees


Admission Criteria


NEET Passed

Indian Students

Indian Students


FMGE Passing Rate


19.5 (in 2021)

Medium of study

Medium of study



MBBS Duration

5 + 2 Years

Why Study MBBS in Egypt

Why MBBS ?

                                                     For numerous reasons, studying MBBS in Egypt may be an excellent alternative. Here are a few obvious benefits:

  • High-Standard Education: MBBS in Egypt has a reputation for providing high-quality medical education. International students are attracted to Egyptian medical schools for high-standard medical education and clinical training.
  • Globally Recognized Degree: MBBS in Egypt for Indian students is the most sought-after choice because the MBBS degree is recognized and approved by NMC, WHO, FAIMER, and WDOMS. Upon completion of MBBS from Egypt, one can practice anywhere in the world.
  • Affordable Tuition Fees: In comparison to other nations, MBBS in Egypt fees are relatively lower than many top Western medical schools and especially private medical universities in India. This makes it an attractive option for students who cannot afford the high tuition fees charged by medical schools.
  • FMGE Coaching: Studying MBBS in Egypt is the best option for Indian students because most top medical schools offer FMGE coaching to Indian students which is mandatory to pass to practice in India.

  • English-Taught Program: Many medical Colleges in Egypt offer MBBS in English medium. This is a great option for international students to study medicine in any medical college in Egypt and for them, language can’t be a barrier.
  • Quality Clinical Training: Hospitals and clinical settings in Egypt are approved by their top medical colleges/Universities, which is why the clinical rotation or training provided to international students is high in quality.
  • International Exposure: When you study MBBS in Egypt, rest assured, that you will be able to open up an international medical career. Upon completion of your MBBS, you can either practice in Egypt for a few years, or you can practice anywhere in the world as per your choice.
  • Cultural Diversity: Egypt is a country with a rich cultural heritage and a diverse population. Studying MBBS in Egypt can expose students to a new culture and broaden their horizons.

Egypt Medical Colleges for Indian Students


A medical degree obtained from one of the Top Medical Universities in Egypt is the best option for Indian students because the degree is approved by the NMC and WHO, so it is recognized globally. Here are some of the top-ranked medical universities in Egypt known for providing medical education par excellence. 


MBBS in Egypt Eligibility

Eligibility & Admission Process

Entrance Criteria – NEET UG Exam

Academic Qualification – You need to have at least 60% marks in 10+2 exam with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Age – Your age should be at least 17 years till 31st December of the admission year.

Documents Required

Document requried 10 & 12 Marksheet

10 & 12 Marksheet

Document requried NEET Score

NEET Score

Document requried Passport


Document requried Photographs


Document requried COVID & HIV Tests


Document requried Bank Statement

Bank Statement

MBBS in Egypt Admission Process 2024-2025

Every year, hundreds of thousands of medical aspirants are applying for MBBS in Egypt Admission at top universities in the country. Needless to mention Egypt is the desired destination of international MBBS aspirants. The number can’t be less than 7,000 international students that apply to study MBBS program in Egypt. Here, we have given you some steps to follow, which will help you get direct admission to top medical universities in Egypt, and that’s too without donation or capitation fee.

  • REGISTRATION is the first and foremost step for admission process for MBBS course in Egypt. Medical schools are mostly filled during the “April Session”.
  • ADMISSION this is the second important step where you need to provide all important info to the medical university required. You will also need to upload soft copies of your educational documents.
  • ADMISSION LETTER it will be given by the university once your application for MBBS course is granted by the Egyptian university.
  • The next important step is DOCUMENTATION in which you need to verify the educational and other documents by the university admission department. In addition, you may ask to notarize the documents and submit to the Egyptian University with Apostles stamps required.
  • After completing the above mentioned steps successfully, the medical university in Egypt you have applied will generate LETTER OF INVITATION and send it to you. This is often called confirmation letter or document for the admission of MBBS course.
  • When the above mentioned formalities are done properly, you can go forward to process your VISA to fly to Egypt. It takes normally 10 to 15 working days. The visa is normally valid for ninety days and it should be renewed every year.
  • TICKETING & DEPARTURE it is the final step for the students to do. An education consultant or MBBS abroad consultant normally help you in this regard from start to finish.

Cost of MBBS in Egypt


The main objective is to study MBBS or medicine at low cost. MBBS in Egypt Fees is quite low as compared to Indian private medical colleges and developed countries institutions. Let’s see the cost of estimation:

Type of Expense Approx. Cost (in USD)
Tuition Fee Per Year 6000.00
Living & accommodation 800.00
Mess & Food Exp 1000.00
Visa Fee 200.00
Medical Insurance 100.00
Airfare 220.00
Total Expense 8320

Study MBBS in Egypt vs MBBS in India

MBBS in Egypt MBBS in India
MBBS Fees in Egypt starts from INR 21/- Lakh that could be managed easily by the students. MBBS in India Fees normally starts from INR 50/- Lakh, and often it goes up to INR 1/- Cr that is no doubt hard to manage by the students.
Candidates are needed to show the qualifying NEET score to complete the MBBS admission. Candidates are needed to have high NEET score, which only ensures to secure medical seats in medical schools in India.
People, culture, environment, food, transportations, all are cozy for living in Egypt. Indian MBBS aspirants are well aware of the people, culture, environment, food and transpiration about the country.
Students can apply at government medical schools in Egypt. Due to cut-throat competition and quota, very limited seats are available in government medical schools in India.
Like India, NMC and WHO approved medical universities are also available in Egypt. All medical schools in India are approved by the NMC.

When Dream Comes True


Our Take on Egypt

Our Take

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Egypt at Glance


Egypt, Egyptian Arabic pronunciation, officially called the Arab of Republic of Egypt. It is one of the famous transcontinental countries in the world, spanning to the northeast corner of the Africa as well as southwest corner of the Asia by way of a land bridge formed by the Sinai Peninsula. Studying MBBS in Egypt is truly amazing. The government of Egypt has recognized the higher education of the country as a priority. Thus, it entices a serious of education programmes to help citizens to come forward and get educated. The country has 87.18 percent literacy rate. The education system in this country is the most developed in the world, so to MBBS course, is the good choice for Indian as well as other international students.






Egyptian Pound (EGP)




languages spoken





103 Mn

Head of state

Head of state

Abdel Fattah El-Sisi



Mashed fava beans; kushari, a mixture of lentils, rice, pasta etc.

major cities

Major Cities

Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, Alexandria & Hurghada. etc.

Frequently Asked Questions


Egypt is one of the Best destinations for MBBS abroad for low cost and high standard medical education. Top class medical schools are there in this country equipped with high standard infrastructure. Students get quality education at Best cost.

NEET is mandatory for India students want to take admission into MBBS in Egypt. It is even compulsory to take admission in reputed medical colleges in this country.

The MBBS in Egypt Fees for Indian students is very affordable. Students can complete MBBS in between 20/- to 25/- lakh INR. Egypt has top class medical universities in the world offer MBBS course at affordable tuition fee.

There are a great number of reasons to study MBBS in Egypt. It is a dream destination for millions of MBBS aspirants throughout the world. The key facts are: 1. Affordable MBBS program. 2. Top-class infrastructure. 3. High standard medical education. 4. Opportunity to practice throughout the world 5. Top-ranked medical schools

Of course, the MBBS degree offered at medical schools in Egypt are certainly valid in India. After completing MBBS, you need to clear FMGE exam to get practicing license anywhere in India.

It can be said without any shred of a doubt that Egypt is one of the safest countries in the world for higher studies for both boys and girls. A majority of girls MBBS aspirants are studying here like male candidates. The country has a safe and vibrant atmosphere to study for both male and female students.



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