It is a global university with excellent teaching, state-of-the-art facilities, award-winning student support and a welcoming learning environment. More than 18,000 students from 152 countries are studying at two major UK campuses and at specialized postgraduate centers in Europe. They offers a variety of foundation, undergraduate and graduate programs, exciting study abroad and annual work opportunities, and summer schools. Every year, we welcome a large number of Indian students to study a variety of courses including Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence, Business and Management, Law, Psychology and Architecture.

The University of Kent is a semi-university public research university located in Kent, United Kingdom. The university has its main campus in Canterbury, home to more than 6,000 students, as well as a campus in Medway, a European graduate center in Brussels and Paris. Awarded Gold in the UK Government's Teaching Excellence Framework, top-ranked, this university offers outstanding teaching, world-leading research, and safe and friendly learning. as well as a great experience for students.



Many global ranking partners like US News, The Guardian, QS, etc. ranks the University of Kent in the top 100 universities in the UK. The Guardian ranks the University of Kent 50th in 2023 and 2022.









Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Art - Accounting & Finance 3 Years 17,953 GBP
Bachelor of Art - Accounting and Finance with a Year in Industry 4 Years 17,953 GBP
Bachelor of Science - Business Information Technology 3 Years 21,841 GBP
Bachelor of Engineering - Biomedical Engineering 3 Years 21,843 GBP
Bachelor of Engineering - Electronic and Computer Engineering 3 Years 21,843 GBP
Bachelor of Science - Computer Science (Cyber Security) 3 Years 21,843 GBP
Bachelor of Science - Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) 3 Years 21,843 GBP
Bachelor of Science - Computer Science (Data Science) 3 Years 17,953 GBP
L.L.B. English & French Law 4 Years 19,249 GBP
L.L.B. European Legal Studies 4 Years 19,249 GBP
L.L.B International Legal Studies with a Year Abroad 4 Years 19,249 GBP
MBBS Medicine 5 Years 46,279 GBP
Bachelor of Science - Human Biology & Behavior 3 Years 17,953 GBP
Bachelor of Art - English Literature With Film 3 Years 17,953 GBP

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master of Science - Actuarial Science 1 Year 21,843 GBP
Master of Science - Applied Actuarial Science 1 Year 21,843 GBP
MBA masters of Business administration 1 Year 23,738 GBP
MSc, PhD, Biodiversity Management (Research) 1 Year 21,843 GBP
Master of Art - English 1 Year 17,953 GBP
Master of Art - American studies 1 Year 17,953 GBP
Master of Art - History 1 Year 17,953 GBP
Master of Art - PhD, Medieval & Early Modern Studies 1 Year 16,756 GBP
Master of Science - Artificial Intelligence 1 Year 21,843 GBP

Admission Process

Admission Process

According to unofficial sources, the University of Kent acceptance rate is around 85%. So, for admission to the University of Kent, meet the eligibility requirements and submit a well-written application. 

Admission process Admission process



It is committed to ensuring its students have a successful career and provides the  experience and support they need to get there. All students have access to the institution's award-winning personal and professional support. The university implements many employment initiatives, including internships; volunteering opportunities; career and employment counseling services; Express language; and JobShop. From a variety of industry internships to our  Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, you have plenty of opportunities to develop real-world skills to stand out from the competition and land your dream job. me.

The University of Kent's employment rate and career outcomes are 95% for undergraduates and 92% for graduate students. This means that 95% of undergraduates and 92% of graduate students are working or attending graduate school. The school offers a range of career support services that help students find the  right type of internship, placement and full-time work.

Students at the University of Kent have received impressive salaries. The highest-paid degree is the MBA, which yields an average annual salary of £86,000, while the lowest-paid degree is a Master's, which yields an average annual salary of £34,000. The table below provides more specific details:

Course Annual Package
LLM 80000 GBP
MBA 86000 GBP
MA others 51000 GBP
BA others 48000 GBP
Masters in Management 50000 GBP
Ph.d 46000 GBP
Program & project management 46000 GBP
Engineering 47000 GBP
Financial Services 60000 GBP
Executive management and change 75000 GBP
Legal and Paralegal 50000 GBP
IT and software and development 49000 GBP

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Frequently Asked Questions


To access your University of Kent application, log into the UCAS Track portal with your email ID and your 8-digit Kent ID code.

Indian applicants must achieve 65% to 75% of the XII standard when applying for undergraduate programs at the University of Kent.

Preparatory English courses at the University of Kent are open to international applicants who do not meet the English language proficiency requirements. The university, with the help of this course, will give you complete knowledge of the language.

There is no higher age limit at the University of Kent, but applicants must be 17 years old by September 20 to apply for the course.

Graduates receive different salaries. When we talk about the highest paying degrees at the University of Kent, the MBA degree attracts the highest average annual salary of £86,000. The LLM is the second highest paying qualification, with an average annual salary of £80,000. The Master of Science has the lowest average annual salary of £34,000.



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