Regent's University London is an esteemed private institution situated in the vibrant city of London, within the United Kingdom. The institution attained the designation of a university in 2013, having previously been recognised as Regent's College. It is situated in Regent's Park, a highly scenic area inside the city, and its campus is conveniently accessible to all the prominent attractions in central London. The university's multicultural student body, which represents more than 140 countries worldwide and fosters a platform for international networking among about 4500 students on a yearly basis, has gained recognition for its emphasis on internationalism.

It has a notable historical tradition of fostering a diverse student body, including a significant number of students from India. In the preceding three-year period, the institution has witnessed the enrollment of more than 200 Indian students in its various academic programmes and courses. It provides a diverse range of academic programmes encompassing disciplines such as business administration and management, psychology, the humanities, fashion design, filmmaking, screenwriting, acting, and liberal arts, among others. It is renowned for its emphasis on internationalisation and provides a curriculum that incorporates a worldwide outlook.

The campus of Regent's University is situated in a picturesque and historically significant setting, offering students a distinctive educational milieu. In addition to its academic curriculum, Regent's University provides a diverse range of extracurricular activities and opportunities aimed at fostering personal and professional growth among its students.



Over the course of the previous decade, it has consistently maintained its standing in several rankings with only minor modifications. According to the World University Rankings, It is held in high esteem across the global academic community.






Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Art - Fashion Design 36 Months GBP 20,500
Bachelor of Art - Fashion Marketing 36 Months GBP 20,500
Bachelor of Art - Interior Design 36 Months GBP 20,500
Bachelor of Art - Psychology 36 Months GBP 20,500
Bachelor of Art - Business & Marketing 36 Months GBP 21,500
Bachelor of Science - Business, Technology & Entrepreneurship 36 Months GBP 21,500
Bachelor of Art - Business & Finance 36 Months GBP 21,500
Bachelor of Art - Acting for Stage & Screen 36 Months GBP 20,500
Bachelor of Art - Advertising (with Foundation) 48 Months GBP 20,500
Bachelor of Art - Art History 36 Months GBP 20,500

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master of Art - Management & Marketing 16 Months GBP 23,000
Master of Art - Luxury Brand Management 16 Months GBP 25,750
Master of Art - International Fashion Marketing 12 Months GBP 20,500
Master of Art - International Business 12 Months GBP 23,000
Master of Art - Management & Finance 16 Months GBP 23,000
Master of Science - Finance & Financial Technology 12 Months GBP 23,000
Master of Science - Finance, Investment, and Wealth Management 12 Months GBP 23,000
Master of Science - Finance & Real Estate Investment 12 Months GBP 23,000
Master of Art - Media & Digital Communications 12 Months GBP 20,500
Master of Science - Psychology (Conversion) 12 Months GBP 20,500

Admission Process

Admission Process

It provides a diverse selection of over 50 courses catering to both international and domestic students. The primary areas of study encompassed within the curriculum are the fields of Humanities and Business. Based on the university data for the academic year 2019–20, the rate of student satisfaction stands at 81.3%. 

The following delineates the criteria that Regent's University London considers when evaluating prospective students throughout the selection process. Learn about the entry requirements.

Admission process Admission process



The term "return on investment" (ROI), which is also often shortened as "ROI," refers to a commonly used financial metric that is used to evaluate the profitability or effectiveness of an investment. Within the area of higher education, it is common practise to evaluate the financial benefits that students gain as a direct consequence of the educational work that they put in using a metric known as ROI, which stands for return on investment.

These advantages include greater potential for monetary gain as well as a wider range of possibilities to pursue professionally in one's chosen field. There are a lot of different things that can affect the ROI that one gets after receiving a college degree. This evaluation takes into account a number of factors, including the cost of tuition, the level of excellence and renown of the educational programmes offered, the breadth and depth of alumni networks within relevant businesses, the availability of job placement services and support, and the proximity of the college or university to the desired geographical location.

It provides students with favourable on-campus placement opportunities. The institution provides internship programmes with the aim of equipping students with the necessary skills and experiences to excel in highly competitive interviews and professional environments. As a result, 84% of graduates find employment in graduate-level positions within six months of finishing their studies, while about 75% work for the university.

It exhibits a placement rate of 62%. The mean wage of university graduates is approximately £24,489 (equivalent to INR 23 Lakhs). The prominent organisations that actively recruit graduates are EY, Deloitte, Amazon, UBS, Lakme, Lifestyle, and Google.

The subsequent industries represent a selection of Regent's University’s most lucrative sectors.

Course Annual Package
Engineering 34,000 - 37,000 GBP
Business Analysis 38,000 - 41,000 GBP
Human Resource Management 31,000 - 33,000 GBP
Marketing Management 43,000 - 47,000 GBP

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Frequently Asked Questions


The ratio between students and faculty members at this university is 13:1, which is excellent in comparison to comparable universities abroad.

Subjects like business and management, Fashion and Design, Film, Psychology, and the English Language are widely sought after at Regent's University London.

The campus of Regents University, London, spans an area of 70 acres. The size of this campus exceeds that of the typical university campuses found inside the city.

The selection process for admission to Regent's University London is based on academic performance and language competence assessments. In order to be eligible for undergraduate or postgraduate programmers, international students are required to possess a minimum International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of 6.5 in addition to achieving an academic grade above 65%.

Among the most notable alumni are: Javed Afridi (CEO of Haier Pakistan) Prince Félix of Luxembourg Sultan Muhammad V (former head of state of Malaysia) Princess Tatjana Nora Maria of Liechtenstein Elizabeth Yake (film-maker) Zeeshan Siddique (Indian politician)



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