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The University of Limerick does well in every way, as words alone will not be enough to determine if a university is a good place to study. The importance of the numbers is shown in the chart below.








Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Science - Nursing 4 Years EUR 17,104
Bachelor of Science - Medicine 4 Years EUR 17,104
Bachelor of Engineering - Aeronautical Engineering 4 Years EUR 17,104
Bachelor of Business Administration - Business Studies 4 Years EUR 12,704
Bachelor of Arts - Journalism & New Media 4 Years EUR 12,704
Bachelor of Engineering - Architecture 4 Years EUR 12,704
Bachelor of Science - Psychology 4 Years EUR 17,104
Bachelor of Science - Medicine (Graduate Entry) 4 Years EUR 17,104
Bachelor of Arts - Applied Languages 4 Years EUR 12,704
Bachelor of Science - Physiotherapy 4 Years EUR 17,104
Bachelor of Arts - International Business 4 Years EUR 12,704

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master of Science - Business Analytics 1 Year EUR 19,576
Master of Arts - Business Management 1 Year EUR 17,543
Master of Engineering - Computer Engineering 2 Years EUR 17,702
Master of Science - Mechanical Engineering 1 Year EUR 18,078
Master of Laws - International Commercial Law 1 Year EUR 16,901
Master of Science - Financial Services 1 Year EUR 18,720
Master of Science - Software Engineering 1 Year EUR 18,078
Master of Architecture 2 years EUR 16,901
Master of Arts - Psychology 1 Year EUR 15,000
Master of Arts - International Studies 1 Year EUR 16,901

Admission Process

Student enrollment mainly takes place in September, while some  programs start in January. The deadline for most  programs is July.


It has been voted the most popular university in Ireland by Irish students with an 85% satisfaction rate. It has been awarded an prestigious 5-star rating by independent reviewers QS Stars for Graduate Employability, Innovation & Knowledge Transfer, Teaching, Engagement, Internationalization, and Facility Infrastructure. Even the employment rate of graduates is 15% higher than  the national average. The most hiring areas are human health and social work, with a student employment rate of 19%. This is followed by the professional, scientific and technical sectors at 15%, the finance, insurance and real estate sectors at 14% and industry at 13%. Although education comes in last with an employment rate of 11%, it is still an important area for recruiting university graduates.

Career Center is help and support its students and alumni, effectively guiding them to achieve their academic and career goals. With a clear focus on employability, it gives them  the  tools and skills they need to forge a career path without a hitch. The top employer for the students who graduated from this university are Jameson, JET Program, Open Architects, HMSHost, Medtronic, GE Aviation, University Maternity Hospital Limerick,  Bank of Ireland, Synergy Investment. 

The career department conducts a variety of career-focused activities such as seminars, interactive sessions, internships, career development programs, skills assessments, mentoring and  more. €34,987 is the average graduate salary. 59% of unconscious students received more than €30,000. The average salary of PhD/Master of Research graduates is 51,250 € and the average salary of graduates with a certificate and postgraduate diploma is 45,034 €. Holders of an honors baccalaureate have the lowest average salary of 31,852 euros.

Course Annual Package
Postgraduate Research, All Faculties €51,250
Taught Master’s Degrees, All Faculties €37,934
Undergraduate Honors Degree, All Faculties €31,852
Postgraduate Certificates & Diplomas, All Faculties €45,034
Other Undergraduate, All Faculties €39,769

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Yes, you can apply through agents as the University of Limerick works with a number of agents in different countries. Check your country of origin for details.

On-campus accommodation is offered in apartments located in one of the six university villages, or off-campus accommodation is also available near the university.

From a global perspective, North America has the highest percentage of UL graduates at 29%. Of that, 50% comes from the School of Medicine, the rest is distributed across all faculties. The second highest place share is that of the EU, with 25%. Of that, 20% will come from language-focused programs. Next is GB, at 23%. The largest proportion of graduates is in the School of Medicine. Of these, 24% come from the School of Medicine, with the remainder distributed across all faculties.

University of Limerick is one of the leading research institutions in Limerick, Ireland. This university is rated 5 stars by QS World University Rankings. Students receive a quality education here along with other international exposure opportunities.

Limerick and Dublin are known for their study programs in Ireland. If comparing two universities, the University of Limerick is the best choice to study in Ireland. Limerick's tuition and acceptance rate is good compared to Dublin City University.