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Words alone will not be sufficient to assess a university's suitability for study. The ranking is important because the numbers are important. Overall, the University of Plymouth received a good ranking.








Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Science - Computing 3 Years GBP 16,300
Bachelor of Science - Biomedical Science 3 Years GBP 16,300
Bachelor of Science - Psychology 3 Years GBP 16,300
Bachelor of Arts - International Management 1 Year GBP 16,300
Bachelor of Arts - History 3 Years GBP 15,600
Bachelor of Arts - English 3 Years GBP 15,600
Bachelor of Arts - History with English 3 Years GBP 15,600
Bachelor of Engineering - Robotics 3 Years GBP 16,300
Bachelor of Laws - With Criminology & Criminal Justice Studies 3 Years GBP 15,600
Bachelor of Science - Nursing (Child Health) 3 Years GBP 16,300
Bachelor of Engineering - Electrical & Electronic Engineering 3 Years GBP 16,300
Bachelor of Science - Economics 3 Years GBP 16,300

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master of Arts - History 1 Year GBP 16500
Master of Arts - Architecture 1 Year GBP 16500
Master of Arts - Education 1 Year GBP 16500
Master of Engineering - Robotics 3 Years GBP 16300
Master of Engineering - Civil Engineering 3 Years GBP 16300
Master of Research - Robotics 1 Year GBP 17683
Master of Research - Marine Renewable Energy 1 Year GBP 17683
Master of Science - Criminology 1 Year GBP 16500
Master of Science - Brand & Design Management 1 Year GBP 17683
Master of Science - Sustainable Aquaculture Systems 1 Year GBP18000

Admission Process

UG applicants can apply through the UCAS admission portal, while PG applicants can apply through the online application form. 


At the University of Plymouth, as part of a degree programme, students can pursue a year of industry internships. For many subjects, an internship is an integral part of the diploma, but it is optional. The internship programme will take place after the second year of study, where students will work for a company or organisation for 6 to 12 months, depending on their chosen degree. The University of Plymouth has a dedicated guidance service to support you from the start of your studies until three years after you graduate. Career counselling is integrated into your academic programme through seminars, events, internships, and networking. - work with faculty members who teach in your course. We also offer online materials, networks, and resources  through our 24/7 portal, as well as a variety of activities, opportunities, and support focused on the student centre career services area. They are here to help you discover, connect, and succeed.

Besides the internship period, students  also have the option of an internship, which is usually shorter than the internship year and has some of the following strengths:

  • It enhances the range of students' employability skills 

  • This offers flexibility, as students can practise during vacation or part-time.

  • Internships create a network with experts in the student's chosen field of study and can lead to future employment.

  • Through  internships, students will gain valuable professional experience that can be included in their CVs, which will stimulate future applicants to apply.

Course Annual Package
Consulting, Accounting & Professional Services 39488.50 GBP
Compliance, AML, KYC & Monitoring 48965.74 GBP
Financial Services 37119.19 GBP
Programme & Project Management 35539.65 GBP
IT & Software Development 34749.88 GBP
Public Sector & Not For Profit 33960.11 GBP
Masters in Finance 26852.18 GBP
Masters in Science 27641.95 GBP
Bachelor of Science 32380.57 GBP
Other Degree 42647.58 GBP

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Our campus must support excellence and strengthen partnerships so that we can fulfill our mission to advance knowledge and change lives. Combining state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities with attractive casual and social spaces, our ongoing goal is to facilitate creativity and the sharing of ideas and knowledge.

They offers excellent resources in many areas, being ranked in the top ten UK universities in a number of areas including dentistry and physiotherapy (Complete University Guide 2024) and number large number of students.

Centrally located in the Southwest, Plymouth is a seaside town with a lot to offer. With an incredible quality of life, stunning waterfront location, vibrant downtown and fascinating maritime history, there is simply no better place to live, work and play than Ocean City in the UK.

It is one of the UK's largest universities, with more than 23,000 students enrolled, including around 2,000 international students from more than 100 countries. Its roots go back to the Plymouth Maritime School, founded in 1862 and officially granted full university status in 1992.

Plymouth is home to the largest concentration of manufacturing jobs on the south coast of England, offering opportunities in management, process engineering, and cutting-edge manufacturing. 12% of Plymouth jobs are in manufacturing, well above the national average of 8.3%.