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The Times Higher Education World University Rankings and the Academic Ranking of World Universities both rank the University of Galway as one of the best colleges in the world. The University of Galway has kept these rankings for nearly ten years with very little change.








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Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Computer Science & Information Technology 4 Years EUR 15,622
Bachelor of Electronic and Computer 4 Years EUR 15,622
Bachelor of Science - Project and Construction Management 4 Years EUR 26,984
Bachelor of Arts - Psychology 3 Years EUR 14,486
Bachelor of Science - Biotechnology 4 Years EUR 15,622
Bachelor Marketing Management 3 Years EUR 14,486
Bachelor of Biomedical Science 4 Years EUR 15,622
Bachelor Nursing Science 4 Years EUR 26,984
Bachelor Surgery & Obstetrics 6 Years EUR 56,962
Bachelor of Arts - Data Science 4 Years EUR 15,736
Bachelor of Science - Financial Mathematics & Economics 4 Years EUR 15,622
Bachelor Finance 3 Years EUR 14,486

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master Data Analytics 1 Year EUR 17,611
Master of Science - Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence 1 Year EUR 33,754
Master of Science - Business Analytics 1 Year EUR 17,611
Master of Science - Human Resource Management 1 Year EUR 26,964
Master Economic Science - International Finance 1 Year EUR 16,190
Master of Business Administration 2 Years EUR 16,304
Master of Science - Business & Hospitality 1 Year EUR 16,190
Master of Science - Biotechnology 1 Year EUR 17,611
Master of Science - Marketing Management 1 Year EUR 26,256
Master of Science - Digital Marketing 1 Year EUR 16,190
Master Accounting 1 Year EUR 16,190
Master of Science - Biomedical Science 1 Year EUR 33,754
Master Nursing - Acute Medicine 2 Years EUR 16,759
Master of Engineering - Electronic & Computer Engineering 9 Months EUR 16,759

Admission Process

Admissions for overseas UG and PG students are handled internally. When applying to the University of Galway, students must pay a 35-euro application fee. 

A policy of "permissive admission" means that candidates with good grades will be accepted into the school easily. International students must do more than just meet the standard entrance requirements. They must also submit strong letters of recommendation, a statement of intent, and ELP (IELTS and TOEFL) results.



The average annual pay for employment at the University of Galway is €43,817 (EUR), or €21 per hour (EUR) to cover the return on investment (ROI).

After graduation, students are hired by leading organizations such as Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Valeo, Pwc, Ward and burke constructors

The best-paid University of Galway graduates and alumni work in the legal department. They make $101,000 per year. Healthcare and alternative medicine professionals earn the least at the University of Galway, earning $34,000 per year.

Masters in Finance is the University of Galway's best-paying degree, with graduates making an average of $62,000 a year.

Graduates from the University of Galway with a Masters of Arts degree have the lowest salaries, at $29,000 per year.

Salaries of Top University of Galway Graduates and Alumni - By Degree

Course Annual Package
Masters in Finance $62,000
Executive MBA $53,000
Bachelor (Other) $51,000
Executive Masters $48,000
Other Degree $58,000
PhD $57,000
Legal Department $101,000
Executive Management & Change $73,000
Data Analytics $61,000
Education & Research $58,000
Logistics, Operations & Purchasing $53,000
Financial Services $51,000

University Alumni work at some of the best companies in the world

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That is something you can fix. For CAO candidates, the option to change their minds is accessible. The deadline for doing so is July 1st.

Applicants who are first-year undergraduates at one of the participating HEIs can send in their applications very late. The deadline is July 22nd.

Yes, scholarships are available at the University of Galway. The Excellence Scholarship at the University of Galway is a new program that will start in 2021 or 2022. The scholarship recipients will receive €1,500 in honor of their academic achievements.

Depending on what you want to study at the National University of Ireland, you need to know a third language. Arts, law, commerce, and speech-language therapy courses all need a third language, although nursing and engineering courses do not.

The postgraduate application procedure is fully online. Those seeking admission to postgraduate programs must apply solely via the university site.

No, the CAO standards make it clear that a person can only submit one application. If you submit more than one application, you will face a €10 penalty.