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To judge a university's suitability for learning, words alone are not enough. Numbers play an important role, and that's why ranking matters. Lincoln University achieved good overall rankings.








Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Science - Nursing with Registered Nurse (Adult) 3 Years GBP 14,700
Bachelor of Arts - Graphic Design 3 Years GBP 16,200
Bachelor of Engineering - Electrical Engineering 4 Years GBP 16,200
Bachelor of Art - Business Management 1 Year GBP 13,217
Bachelor of Science - Computer Science 3 Years GBP 16,200
Bachelor of Arts - Architecture 3 Years GBP 16,200
Bachelor of Science - Mechanical Engineering 3 Years GBP 16,200
Bachelor of Science - Psychology 3 Years GBP 16,200
Bachelor Marketing Management 3 Years GBP 15,000
Bachelor of Arts - English & History 3 Years GBP 15,000
Bachelor of Laws - Law 3 Years GBP 15,000
Bachelor of Arts - Business & Marketing 4 Years GBP 15,000

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master of Business Administration 1 Year GBP 17,900
Master of Science - Human Resource Management 1 Year GBP 16,800
Master of Science - International Tourism Management 1 Year GBP 16,800
Master of Science - Computer Science 1 Year GBP 16,300
Master of Science - Analytical Sciences 1 Year GBP 16,300
Master of Architecture 2 Years GBP 16,200
Master of Pharmacy 4 Years GBP 16,300
Master of Laws - International Law 1 Year GBP 16,900
Master of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering 4 Years GBP 16,300
Master of Arts - English ( By Research) 1 Year GBP 15,000

Admission Process

They offers a variety of undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate research, distance learning, and preparatory courses to international students. An interview may be scheduled for some courses before a final decision  on the application is made. This is mandatory for medical applicants.


Well, the  first thing to consider is getting an idea of ​​the return on investment from going to college. In other words, how much will I earn after studying at a certain university? Our prides itself on helping students achieve excellent career prospects, offering a number of different career services to help prepare them  for the future. More than 100 programmes offer students the opportunity to participate in an internship or a year of professional practise. The range of undergraduate programmes also includes the opportunity to spend time studying abroad at a partner school.

The University has a number of supporting mechanisms and  tools in place to further enhance the employability of graduates. With expertise and in-depth  and relevant knowledge of the graduate labour market, the Careers and Employment team provides personalised coaching and career guidance to help students find the right path, as well as tips for preparing CVs and interviews. The team works closely with local, national, and international employers and offers a variety of graduate placements, helping students on their journey into the world of work.

In 2021, Lincoln University  was named one of the top 10 UK universities  for business graduates. Students who want to start their own businesses can take advantage of the university's business incubation centre, Sparkhouse. Lincoln University's Executive MBA programme is the school's highest-paid degree, giving graduates  an average annual salary of £99,000. Master of Science graduates earn an average salary of GBP 50,000  per year. Financial services professionals are the highest-paid University of Liverpool alumni and graduates, earning £75,000 a year.

It's major and prominent employers  include GSK, BBC, Rolls-Royce, Rockstar Games, Siemens, Boots,  Lincolnshire Cooperative, Santander, Lloyds Bank, Jaguar Land Rover, NHS, United Nations, and more. 96% of recent graduates have found employment or continued study six months after graduation. 

Course Annual Package
Financial Services 61,000 Euro
Finance Control & Strategy 49,000 Euro
Engineering 65,000 Euro
Sales & Business Development 40,000 Euro
Compliance, AML, KYC and monitoring 38,000 Euro
Consulting , Accounting and Professional Services 53,000 Euro
Media, Communication and Advertising 29,000 Euro

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No, applicants from English-speaking countries do not need a proficiency test. Only applicants from non-English-speaking countries (where English is not the native language) need to take the proficiency test.

Lincoln University offers a wide variety of programmers to students, including 363 undergraduate and 352 graduate programmers.

Lincoln University welcomes international students from all over the world. Studying at Lincoln gives them many advantages. The university has received a five-star overall rating in the QS grading system for world universities.

One of the many reasons why students love Lincoln is because it feels like home. This city is a great place to live, and there are many accommodation options to choose from. Located in the heart of downtown Lincoln, most student housing at the University of Lincoln is either on the Brayford Pool campus or a short distance away. With over 3,700 rooms in six residence halls, there are many university-run accommodation options for students to choose from.