Established as a state-supported university in 1964, it has acknowledged its tradition of excellence by adopting the college's buildings, faculty, staff, and curriculum. The former Fenn, a private school of 2,500 students, was founded in 1929. The university's historical roots date back to the 19th century. During the 1880s, the Cleveland YMCA began offering board classes. days and evenings for students who do not have access to higher education. The YMCA program was reorganized in 1906 as the Association, then founded as Fenn College in 1929. If we talk about partnerships/collaborations, there are over 250 organizations, including the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland Metropolitan School District, the City of Cleveland, NASA Glenn Research Center, the business/industry, the federal government, other institutions of higher education, etc. Its academic institution includes eight colleges, including arts and sciences, business, education and public affairs, engineering, graduate studies, health, honors, and law. The Continuing Education Department offers non-credit courses to thousands of students each year. Project 60 offers free classes for the elderly.

More than 1,000 courses support 200 major areas of study at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as professional certificates and continuing education programs. The school also offers a specialized program for talented and highly motivated students. Student activities play an important role here in addition to academics, as there is also a student government association, student bar association, school activities council, student-run radio station (WCSB-FM), three student newspapers. It is a melting pot of many different ethnicities because it is 55% female and 45% male. About 27 percent are minorities, two-thirds of whom are African American. More than 1,400 international students. The average age is 27 years old. About a third are enrolled in graduate school or law school.

The school is among the top 20% of US universities providing research and development opportunities. It serves nearly 16,000 students, including 1,400 international students. Prospective students can take 150 graduate courses, 30 undergraduate certificates, and many other programs. International students require a minimum GPA of 2.75 or higher on a 4.0 scale (81%) for admission at various levels of study. Tuition for undergraduate students is approximately USD 20,652 (INR 16.97 lakhs). Graduates can expect to pay tuition fees ranging from USD 23,128 to USD 29,486 (INR 19.01 to 24.24 lakhs). Students planning to live on campus can choose from four residence options. All on-campus residents must register for a residential meal plan at campus dining facilities. The basic meal plan costs $1,507 per semester.



It is successful in every way because words alone will not determine whether the university is a good place to study or not. US News & World Report ranks universities based on enrollment, criteria, admissions, and more.





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Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Science - Computer Engineering 4 Years USD 18,393
Bachelor of Science - Mechanical Engineering 4 Years USD 18,393
Bachelor of Science - Chemical Engineering 4 Years USD 18,393
Bachelor of Science - Civil Engineering 4 Years USD 18,393
Bachelor of Business Administration 4 Years USD 18,393
Bachelor of Business Administration - Finance 4 Years USD 18,393
Bachelor of Business Administration - International Business 4 Years USD 18,393
Bachelor of Science - Physics 4 Years USD 18,393
Bachelor of Science - Chemistry 4 Years USD 18,393
Bachelor of Arts - Psychology 4 Years USD 18,393
Bachelor of Arts - English 4 Years USD 18,393
Bachelor of Arts - International Relations 4 Years USD 18,393

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master of Science - Software Engineering 2 Years USD 14,513
Master of Science - Mechanical Engineering 2 Years USD 14,513
Master of Science - Civil Engineering 2 Years USD 14,513
Master of Science - Physics 2 Years USD 14,513
Master of Science - Chemistry 2 Years USD 14,513
Master of Science - Biology 2 Years USD 14,513
Master of Arts - Accountancy 2 Years USD 14,513
Master of Arts - English 2 Years USD 14,513
Master of Business Administration 1 Year USD 36,093
Master of Law - Legal Studies 2 Years USD 15,191

Admission Process

Admission Process

Admission process Admission process



Our career services include career counseling, resume writing help, cover letter writing, job search, internships, events, networking, interviews, and programs for online career development, etc. The employment rate for college students is about 63% at the time of graduation. The employment rate of graduates is about 77% after graduation. There are many internationally reputed companies like, Accenture Solutions Pvt Ltd, Capgemini, Cognizant Technology Solutions, and Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

Within six months of graduation, Our graduates have a 100% employment rate over the past three years. Career services serves as a connection between graduates and employers for internships, co-ops, and jobs, and career advice is provided free of charge to college students, recent graduates, and alumni. By the time they graduate, the employment rate for undergraduates is about 63% and the employment rate for graduates is about 77%. The average salary of graduates is 61,319 USD (48.74 lakhs) and the average salary of bachelor's degree holders is 47,203 USD (37.52 INR) per year. If the total number of work hours  never exceeds the allowed work hours, students can work multiple jobs on campus. Students can choose from a variety of on-campus employment opportunities, such as internships in academic fields, positions in CSU Dining Services, Bookstore, Recreation Center, Residence Life, and CSU call center.

The average salary of graduates is USD 61,319 (INR 50.42 lakh). Undergraduates earn an average salary of USD 47,203 (INR 38.81 lakh) per year. Below are the reported average salaries graduates based on their respective occupations:

Course Annual Package
Mechanical Engineer 63,600 USD
Manufacturing Engineer 71,000 USD
Electrical Engineer 72,300 USD
Project Manager 85,400 USD
HR Manager 66,400 USD
Senior Financial Analyst 76,700 USD
Software Developer 65,900 USD

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, it is ideal for international students looking to study in the United States due to its impressive domestic rankings and quality research programs. The university offers more than 1,000 courses in more than 200 major areas of study at the undergraduate and graduate levels. CSU also has an international student community from around the world and offers scholarships, housing, and more. to international students.

US News & World Report chooses as one of the best colleges in America. The school offers more than 200 programs for international undergraduate and graduate students. Students also benefit from exciting internships downtown, NCAA Division I athletics, more than 200 student clubs and organizations, and one of the highest Lowest tuition in Ohio. Every year, many international students register to study in the United States.

Yes, It is an ideal place to study engineering in the United States due to its high rankings. It is ranked #183-202 in Best Engineering Schools. It recently celebrated the grand opening of the Washkewicz School of Engineering in a brand-new, architecturally advanced building. The business relationship with CSU provides students with real-world career experiences as they progress through their degree program.

It is a famous university in the United States that offers affordable education to international students. The world-renowned faculty at CSU offers more than 200 academic programs in small classes. The university partners with Cleveland Clinic, the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Parker Hannifin, and many other organizations to provide better hands-on practice opportunities for students.

They offers two different undergraduate admissions applications. Applicants can apply through the Common Application or CSU. The Common Application is a standard online application that can be completed in 30 minutes and is accepted by more than 600 colleges and universities.



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