The university was founded in 1963 as Florida Technological University and got its current name in 1978. The Cocoa campus includes the Florida Solar Center; The Orlando campus is located next to the Central Florida Research Park and is home to the Optical and Laser Research and Education Center, the Institute of Simulation and Training, and the Dick Pope Sr. University of Central Florida, a public coeducational institution of higher education in Orlando, Florida, United States. It is part of the Florida State University System. It includes a main campus in Orlando and branch campuses in Cocoa (Brevard campus) and Daytona Beach, as well as two additional locations in Orlando.

Our campus currently enrolls more than 68,000 students and is the largest university in Florida in terms of enrollment. 3,068 international students from 137 countries apply for admission. Students are offered  244 undergraduate, 219 master's, and 81 doctoral programs at UCF. Students applying  for graduate programs should have a 3.0 GPA  on a 4.0 scale (85%) over the four years of their bachelor's or master's degree. Undergraduate applicants must have a high school certificate with a GPA of 4.0-4.50 (100%) to be eligible to apply. 

The cost of studying is also quite affordable compared to other public universities in the US. The average tuition for undergraduate programs is USD 20,980 (INR 17.21 lakh) per year. The average tuition fee for graduate students is USD 35,821.50 (INR 29.39 lakh) per year. Our boasts a high return on investment with graduates working in 11 countries with an average salary of US$69,000 per year (INR 56.63 lakh). Half of all applicants admitted to SAT scores between 1170 and 1350 or  ACT scores between 25 and 30. However, a quarter of admitted applicants scored above these ranges and a quarter below the thresholds. Admissions officials consider a student's GPA to be a very important academic factor. An applicant's high school rank, if any, will be considered, but letters of recommendation are not reviewed by admissions officers.



It is successful in every way because words alone will not be enough to determine if a university is a good place to study. The university rankings are given below.









Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Science - Information Technology 4 Years USD 20,980
Bachelor of Science - Mechanical Engineering 4 Years USD 20,980
Bachelor of Science - Health Sciences 4 Years USD 20,980
Bachelor of Science - Physics 4 Years USD 20,980
Bachelor of Science - Civil Engineering 4 Years USD 20,980
Bachelor of Science - Computer Science 4 Years USD 20,980
Bachelor of Science - Statistics 4 Years USD 20,980
Bachelor of Science - Medical Laboratory Science 4 Years USD 20,980
Bachelor of Science - Business Administration - Real Estate 4 Years USD 20,980
Bachelor of Arts - Philosophy 4 Years USD 20,980
Bachelor of Arts - English 4 Years USD 20,980
Bachelor of Arts - Criminal Justice 4 Years USD 20,980
Bachelor of Arts - Public Administration 4 Years USD 20,980

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master of Science - Computer Engineering 2 Years USD 35,820
Master of Science - Mechanical Engineering 1 Year USD 35,820
Master of Science - Electrical Engineering 2 Years USD 35,820
Master of Engineering - Computer Engineering 2 Years USD 35,820
Master of Science - Civil Engineering 1 Year USD 35,820
Professional Master of Business Administration 1 Year USD 35,820
Master of Business Administration 1 Year USD 39,000
Master of Science in Nursing 1 Year USD 35,820
Master of Science - Criminal Justice 1 Year USD 35,820
Master of Arts - English 2 Years USD 35,820

Admission Process

Admission Process

They offers a total of more than 230 undergraduate and graduate programs to international students from more than 150 countries. It offers bachelor, master, doctoral, and online courses in a variety of fields. Innovation is at the heart of all these trainings. The minimum GPA requirement for graduate programs at UCF is 3.0/4.0 (83% to 86%), however, the GPA of enrolled students is 3.5/4.0 (89%).

Admission process Admission process



They sees 85% of undergraduate students complete the annual employment survey. 20.6% of women received more than 3 job offers and 20% of men received 3 or more job offers. College students (67.4%) about to graduate are immediately considering finding full-time or  part-time employment, and their next big plan is to attend graduate school or vocational school (25.4% degree). Among all graduates, 72.4% of those who were currently working or had accepted a job said their job  was related to their field of study. Additionally, 80.5% said their job was related to their field of study.

About 19.2% of graduates who had jobs or job offers felt that their college education gave them an annual salary increase, and 21.5% said they had been promoted. In 2019, for the fifth consecutive year, the university was named the top provider of graduates to the U.S. aerospace and defense industry, according to Aviation Week Network. UCF graduates with degrees in mechanical and aerospace engineering, business, communications, electrical engineering, computer science, and more. mostly hired by the same people. Many students are working in India and the USA and abroad with good positions in companies like Global Datamart System, TCS, Searce, Accenture Solutions Pvt Ltd, and Phaze Experience. 

Students who are currently working or have obtained a position reported an average annual salary of $47,000. A total of 2,455 college students participated in the salary survey. Similarly, the highest maximum salary is in medicine with an amount of 180,000 USD, and the lowest in engineering and computer science with an amount of 177,300 USD. The average salary for different positions is given below. 

Course Annual Package
Arts and Humanities $39,410
Business Administration $50,896
Community Innovation and Education $41,094
Engineering and Computer Science $69,390
Health Professions and Sciences $38,472
Hospitality Management $34,947
Medicine $40,287
Nursing $54,216
Optics and Photonics $71,466
Sciences $41,101
Undergraduate Studies $45,799

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Frequently Asked Questions


Applicants should visit myUCF and log in using their NID and NID password. After logging in, applicants must click on “University Admissions” in the “Student Self-Service” section. Here they can check the status of their application as well as the list of required and received documents.

Your NID is your number for securely logging into my systems at UCF, including online courses and myUCF. Subscribers can get the NID by clicking on myUCF, clicking login, what is my NID, and following the mentioned instructions to get the NID and generate a password.

We recommend that applicants contact your school to determine how they will submit transcripts. College admissions may accept official transcripts via U.S. mail or may be sent electronically directly from the school via a secure delivery service. The following services are accepted for electronically submitting records by Parchment Exchange, National Student Clearinghouse, Credential Solutions, SPEEDE, AARTS, SMART Records, Scribbles Software, and SCOIR.

Submitting an essay or personal statement is optional. However, it helps the admissions committee better understand the individual, test scores, and other objective information. The essay must be 500 words long and not exceed 7,000 characters.

Yes, international students must demonstrate English proficiency. Universities accept English test scores as English proficiency. International students must submit an admission score of 220 or higher when studying on a computer; 80 or higher for Internet-based TOEFL or a score of 6.5 or higher for IELTS. English is the language of instruction at UCF and all international students must demonstrate English proficiency.



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