It was established on September 9, 1966, via Royal Charter, but its roots can be traced back to the late 19th century, when it was concerned with providing access to good higher education for the poorest residents of London. Battersea Polytechnic Institute was founded in 1891 and began to focus on science and technology around 1920, teaching postgraduate students from the University of London. The university's academic reputation grew agrew,n 1956 it was one of the first institutions to be designated a "technologically advanced university". The school was renamed Battersea College of Technology in 1957. By the early1960s,s it had outgrown the main building on Battersea Park Road, and in 1962, it was decided to move the campus to Guildford. Soon after, in 1963, the Robbins Report suggested that Battersea College develop into its own degree-granting university.

It is one of the best public universities located in Guildford, Surrey. The university prides itself on being one of the most culturally diverse universities in the UK, with students from over 140 different countries. One of the notable reasons to study at the University of Surrey is the exceptional quality of teaching by award-winning academics. In addition, the University of Surrey also received the prestigious Gold Award in the Teaching Excellence Framework. College is the perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and find a new hobby or pursue an existing passion with like-minded people. With over 170 student clubs and associations, the Student Union has something for everyone. You can even create your own. Unforgettable events are organised to ensure you have an incredible experience, from varsity to a variety of proms and gala dinners. The Student Union also organises unforgettable events and volunteer opportunities to ensure you have the best college experience possible. There are more than 6,000 classrooms on campus, at least half of which have private bathrooms and toilets as well as free, unlimited high-speed Internet access. There are options to suit every budget and requirement, and you're guaranteed a place at the university for your first year as long as your application arrives on time. All dorms for students are independent, have communal kitchens, and are guarded around-the-clock.

Since the founding of the University in the 1960s and before that at Battersea College, our community has thrived on close links and partnerships with the outside world. We have established close partnerships with other organisations and companies, transcending geographical boundaries and using these relationships to bring potential to life.



Words alone will not be enough to determine whether a university is a good place to study. The importance of the numbers is reflected in the ranking. The University of Surrey scored well all around.









Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Law - Law 3 Years GBP 18,400
Bachelor of Science - Computer Science 3 Years GBP 23,800
Bachelor of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering 3 Years GBP 23,800
Bachelor of Science - Accounting & Finance 3 Years GBP 19,900
Bachelor of Engineering - Aerospace Engineering 3 Years GBP 23,800
Bachelor of Science - Business Management 3 Years GBP 19,700
Bachelor of Law - Law with Criminology 3 Years GBP 18,400
Bachelor of Arts - English Literature 3 Years GBP 17,900
Bachelor of Arts - Modern Languages (French & German) 4 Years GBP 17,900
Bachelor of Arts - English Literature with Creative Writing 3 Years GBP 17,900
Bachelor of Arts - Politics 3 Years GBP 18,400
Bachelor Public Affairs 4 Years GBP 18,400
Bachelor Music 3 Years GBP 19,700
Bachelor of Science - Mathematics with Statistics 3 Years GBP 19,900
Bachelor of Science - Economics 3 Years GBP 19,700

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master of Science - Business Analytics 1 Year GBP 22,000
Master of Science - Data Science 1 Year GBP 24,400
Master of Business Administration 1 Year GBP 34,798
Master of Science - Accounting & Finance 1 Year GBP 22,000
Master of Science - Civil Engineering 1 Year GBP 23,900
Master of Science - Management 1 Year GBP 22,000
Master of Arts - English Literature 1 Year GBP 18,400
Master of Arts - Translation 1 Year GBP 18,400
Master of Science - Food Science 1 Year GBP 23,900
Master of Science - Artificial Intelligence 1 Year GBP 24,400
Master of Science - Process Systems Engineering 1 Year GBP 23,900
Master of Science - Investment Management 1 Year GBP 22,000

Admission Process

Admission Process

International students can apply for admission through the UCAS portal or apply directly to undergraduate courses. The undergraduate levels are computer science, electrical engineering, economics, and finance. Students are encouraged to register for the programme of their choice before the scheduled time. All applications received within the described deadlines will be considered equally.

Admission process Admission process



It has a career achievement rate of 93% in 2021, with an average overall salary of £29,465. The maximum number of graduates will go on to graduate school - about 96% of them study, and PG Taught - 95% of them teach. On average, the majority of students choose to earn a degree at the research level  after graduating from the University of Surrey in  2021. It should be noted that 95% of  graduates go on to graduate study, while 96% of them post enrol in a graduate study programme. courses after graduating from the University of Surrey in  2021.

The top 5 industries hiring University of Surrey graduates in  2021 are: IT, finance, healthcare, education, and engineering. Here are some of the top positions, along with the recorded average salaries of University of Surrey graduates in  2021:  As per the graduate outcomes survey of 2021 for the University of Surrey, it was recorded that: 

  • 93% of undergraduates were either working or were pursuing higher education. 

  • 94% of graduates who took industry placements were also either employed or were studying.  

  • 85% of undergraduates were involved in  graduate level roles (as opposed to roles not requiring a degree).  

  • 89% of graduates agreed that their current activity was meaningful.  

  • 80% also accepted that their current activity fit with their future plans. 

According to the data, around 95% of  students are pursuing graduate studies, while 96% of them apply for a postgraduate research degree after graduating from the University of Surrey in  2021.

Course Annual Package
Nursing Professionals £26,092 - £40,667
Engineering Professionals £28,069 - £51,000
Sales & Marketing Professionals £48,672
Business Professionals £25,735 - £47,000
Education Professionals £43,429
Therapy Professionals £24,273 - £38,780
Finance Professionals £29,953
Natural and Social Sciences Professionals £27,154– £34,500
IT Professionals £31,321 - 42,600
Health Professionals £24,852–£48,778
Law Professionals £22,647

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Frequently Asked Questions


Once accepted, students may be invited to attend an interview or audition on campus upon request. Interviews are usually done for MBA programmes for those who meet all the minimum requirements. The MBA interview is conducted by the MBA Director or MBA Development Manager. It can be done on campus or via Skype. During the interview, applicants will be asked why they want to pursue an MBA at the University of Surrey and any other questions they may have. A final decision will be made based on this interview.

Although the university has set certain minimum admission requirements, the selection criteria are still based on an applicant's overall profile and high academic performance. Also, admission requirements vary depending on the chosen programme, the institution where the previous degree was obtained, and the country of residence. For example, Indian students should focus on country-specific requirements rather than minimum eligibility criteria. Also, the requirements for CBSE/ISC candidates are different from those for Indian state council candidates.

Personal statement line and character limit: 4000 characters, 47 lines. The personal statement must contain full details of the applicant's academic and professional experiences, as well as their interests and concerns. It should explain why the applicant wishes to take a particular course at the University of Surrey.

International students receive countless scholarships from the University of Surrey. Some of the important scholarships offered by Surrey Business School include the Women's Leadership Scholarship for female students who have made a major contribution to business and the Surrey MBA scholarship worth 10-50% of the total tuition fee.

The cost of living at the University of Surrey for international students (average) can be checked from the table below. The annual cost of living for undergraduate students at the University of Surrey will be £7,098 and for postgraduate students it will be £9,464. Note, however, that the exact amount needed will vary according to individual needs.



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