It is recognised as a prestigious institution within the higher education landscape of the UK. It is located in the North West region of England, was established in 1839 with the primary objective of providing teacher training. It received full university accreditation in 2005. The institution, situated on a sprawling campus in Chester and another in Warrington, provides a diverse selection of foundational, undergraduate, and postgraduate programmes, in addition to engaging in scholarly research activities. The academic degrees offered a wide variety of fields, including business, humanities, learning, social and medical care, engineering and science, and artistic disciplines, amongst others.

There employs a total of 1,880 individuals and boasts a diverse student body of approximately 19,850 individuals hailing from various countries across the globe. It is well-known for its strong linkages with industry and the local community, in addition to its academic programmes. It has a variety of research institutions and centers that focus on topics including sustainability, health and well-being, and social and economic policy. It is divided into multiple faculties, each of which accommodates a range of departments. The aforementioned academic divisions encompass the Faculty of Social Science, the Faculty of Health and Social Care, the Faculty of Sciences and Technology, and the Faculty of Business and Management, among other faculties.

It is renowned for its exceptional student satisfaction rates and its commitment to maintaining small class sizes. Moreover, the University of Chester is renowned for its significant focus on enhancing students' job prospects upon completion of their studies. It is widely recognised as a reputable academic institution, boasting a rich heritage and a steadfast dedication to delivering exceptional educational experiences while offering robust support to its student body.



Itr has held steady in the rankings over the past decade, with only a few slight shifts. The University of Chester's prominent position in the World University Rankings indicates its esteemed standing within the academic sphere.









Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Science - Accounting & Finance 36 Months GBP 13,450
Bachelor of Science - Applied Psychology 36 Months GBP 13,450
Bachelor of Art - Acting 36 Months GBP 13,450
Bachelor of Art - Product Design 36 Months GBP 13,450
Bachelor of Art - Archaeology 36 Months GBP 13,450
Bachelor of Science - Biochemistry 36 Months GBP 13,450
Bachelor of Science - Biotechnology 36 Months GBP 13,450
Bachelor of Art - Business Finance 36 Months GBP 13,450
Bachelor of Science - Software Engineering 36 Months GBP 13,450
Bachelor of Art - Business Management 36 Months GBP 13,450
Bachelor of Art - Business Management with Marketing 36 Months GBP 13,450

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master of Science - Advanced Computer Science 12 Months GBP 14,250
Master of Art - Art Therapy 24 Months GBP 14,250
Master of Science - Banking & Finance 12 Months GBP 13,450
Master of Science - Arts and Media 12 Months GBP 13,308
Master of Art - Archaeology of Death & Memory 12 Months GBP 14,250
Master of Science - Biotechnology 12 Months GBP 14,250
Master of Art - Creative Writing: Writing & Publishing Fiction 12 Months GBP 14,250
Master of Science - Computer Science (Conversion) 12 Months GBP 14,250
Master of Science - Data Science 12 Months GBP 14,250

Admission Process

Admission Process

During the admissions process, the University of Chester looks for indicators of potential students' future attributes. Make sure that you satisfy all of the requirements before applying for admission.

Admission process Admission process



The adoption of return on investment as an economic metric is frequently observed within the realm of higher education. The purpose of this exercise is to compute the monetary rewards that students receive as an outcome of their studies. Other benefits include higher earning potential and a wider range of relevant employment options.

This evaluation takes into account a variety of variables, including fees, closeness to the desired location, the breadth and strength of the university's alumni network in comparable areas, the availability of job-search aid, and the reputation and efficacy of the courses of study on offer.

The graduate employment rate is staggeringly high at a staggering 95.6%. A graduate in Chester can expect to make roughly $23,677 per year on average in terms of compensation. Some of the most prestigious firms in the world, including BM Technovations, BlackRock, Westcliff University, Hughes & Hughes, American Express, and CheM, will be on campus to recruit candidates and provide internship opportunities.

Salaries of Chester University Graduates and Alumni - By Degree and Job

Course Annual Package
Master of Arts $37,000
Bachelor of Arts $28,000
Bachelor of Science $26,000
Programme & Project Management $48,000
Consulting, Accounting and Professional Services $40,000
Social Worker $37,000
IT and Software Development $34,000
Financial Services $28,000
Sales and Business Development $27,000

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Frequently Asked Questions


Please check out the codes area on the official UCAS website.

You can obtain career guidance from the employability team, and the official website will provide you with links to relevant resources.

At a national level, the Work-Based Learning module that is offered by the University of Chester is held in extremely high esteem. Participants must be undergraduate students who are currently in their second year of study in order to take part in the module.

The Chester Business School is an institution that has won multiple awards. The Master of Business Administration degree at Chester not only provides you with a solid grounding in fundamental business concepts but also broadens your perspective and your understanding of the role that business plays in the world.

The University of Chester definitely takes into consideration applicants with a variety of credentials. It is important to note that the qualifications you bring to the table will vary according to the programme you want to enrol in.

The code for the university in the UCAS system is C55.



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