The city of Newcastle upon Tyne, which is located in the North East region of England, is home to the highly regarded public university known as Northumbria University. Founded in 1969, the institution has experienced significant expansion and has emerged as one of the most prominent universities in the United Kingdom. It has an extensive array of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, catering to a diverse variety of academic interests and pursuits. It is renowned for its robust focus on professional education and its intimate connections with industry and business. The institution provides a diverse selection of courses encompassing several disciplines such as art and design, business, computing, engineering, law, health, and other related professions.

It is centrally placed inside the city, providing easy access to a variety of urban amenities as well as public transport networks. In addition to its main campus, the university also maintains a satellite campus in London that caters specifically to postgraduate students and individuals pursuing professional courses. It is renowned for its robust emphasis on research and innovation. The institution boasts several research centres and institutes that encompass a wide range of disciplines, including computing and information sciences, health and life sciences, design, and social sciences, as well as business and law.

Our boasts a heterogeneous student body, comprising individuals hailing from more than 140 nations who are engaged in their academic pursuits at the institution. Northumbria University fosters a conducive learning atmosphere and provides a range of student services, such as libraries, student housing, athletic facilities, and career support. It has garnered acclaim for its notable academic prowess and has been the recipient of multiple accolades and accreditations. Additionally, it engages in collaborative efforts and establishes connections with other enterprises and organizations, spanning both local and international contexts.

In general, Northumbria University is widely regarded as a reputable educational establishment that provides a diverse array of academic programmes, research prospects, and student support services.



Throughout the previous decade, it has continuously upheld its position in several rankings, making only modest adjustments. It is regarded as one of the most prestigious educational institutions on a global scale, as indicated by the results of the World University Rankings.









Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Science - Computer Science 36 Months GBP 19,000
Bachelor of Science - Criminology 36 Months GBP 17,500
Bachelor of Engineering - Electrical and Electronic Engineering 36 Months GBP 19,000
Bachelor of Art - English Literature and Creative Writing 36 Months GBP 17,500
Bachelor of Art - Fashion Design and Marketing 36 Months GBP 17,500
Bachelor of Science - Geography 36 Months GBP 17,500
Bachelor of Art - International Relations and Politics 36 Months GBP 17,500
Bachelor of Art - Mass Communication (Completion Award) 12 Months GBP 17,500
Bachelor of Science - Nursing Science 12 Months GBP 17,500
Bachelor of Science - Physics 36 Months GBP 19,000

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master of Science - Biotechnology 12 Months GBP 19,000
Master of Art - Education 18 Months GBP 17,500
Master of Science - Forensic Accounting 12 Months GBP 17,500
Master of Science - Forensic Science 12 Months GBP 19,000
Master of Science - Information Science (Data Analytics) 12 Months GBP 19,000
Master of Science - Microbiology 12 Months GBP 19,000
Master of Science - Psychology 21 Months GBP 16,500
Master of Science - Finance 16 Months GBP 16,500
LLM in Law (Cyber Law) 12 Months GBP 17,500
Master of Science - Accounting and Finance 19 Months GBP 19,000

Admission Process

Admission Process

Conducting an in-depth study on the requirements that must be met to get admission to Northumbria University from India is the first step in figuring out how the admissions process will work for Indian applicants. Prospective overseas students who are interested in enrolling at Northumbria University are required to meet a set of essential eligibility criteria. Below is a list of the conditions that Indian students must fulfil in order to gain admission to Northumbria University.

Admission process Admission process



It is a popularly used financial metric that can be used with the intention of determining whether or not an investment is profitable or effective. It is standard practice in the field of higher education to refer to the idea of ROI, which refers to the monetary advantages that students obtain as a direct result of the educational efforts that they put forth. These advantages include an increased potential to earn money as well as an expanded range of professional options.

There are a variety of factors that could have an effect on the ROI of obtaining a university degree. These elements include the price of tuition, the calibre of the programmes offered and their reputations, the depth of the alumni network and the number of connections to relevant industries, the accessibility of career services and assistance, and the physical location of the educational institution.

The majority of placements offer wages of at least £12,700 per annum, making them suitable for financial support. Le Snip Hair and Beauty Salon is one of the most successful recruiters for Northumbria University. 

Salaries of Northumbria University and Business School Graduates and Alumni - By Degree and Job

Course Annual Package
MBA $63,000
Bachelor of Science $38,000
Bachelor (Other) $37,000
Masters in Science $35,000
Master of Arts $34,000
Other Degree $48,000
Financial Services $61,000
Executive Management and Change $59,000
Consulting, Accounting, and Professional Services $45,000
IT and Software Development $44,000
Compliance, AML, KYC, and Monitoring $42,000
Insurance Jobs $41,000

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Frequently Asked Questions


Northumbria University will begin accepting applications for undergraduate international students on October 24, 2023, and will close on January 25, 2024.

The university has approximately 33,500 students enrolled. In 2015, the university experienced a rapid surge in enrollment. Students from over 136 countries applied for various programs of study. Northumbria University hosts a wide range of online webinars with a variety of topics for prospective students from other countries. Domestic Students: 77% International Students: 23%

Northumbria University's courses are well regarded, with many programmes certified by professional groups and receiving high satisfaction ratings in the annual National Student Survey. The science and business degree offerings at Northumbria University are considered to be some of the best in the country.

Northumbria University offers a wide variety of scholarships and other forms of financial assistance to its overseas students. Financial aid and scholarships are critical considerations when intending to study abroad because they cut tuition prices and pay for other expenses. Northumbria University provides scholarships and financial aid to outstanding academic students. Depending on academic success or personal financial circumstances, the institution provides a variety of support packages for international students. The university's financial aid and scholarships have related eligibility limitations, so applicants should carefully consider all requirements and adhere to the application process and deadlines.

Northumbria University has some well-known alumni. Neil Marshall - Film director Scott Henshall - Fashion Designer Victoria Pendleton - Olympic Cyclist Bob Murray - Former Chairman of Sunderland AFC Bharti Kher - Contemporary artist



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