Luton and Bedford are both towns in the UK & home to campuses of the University of Bedfordshire. It is classified as a public educational institution. As a result of the union of the University of Luton and the Bedford campus of De Montfort University, the institution was founded in 2006. The University of Bedfordshire provides a diverse array of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across multiple academic fields.

Our possesses multiple campuses situated in Luton, Bedford, Milton Keynes, and Aylesbury, accommodating a diverse student body hailing from over 100 nations. It is comprised of a faculty of 750 individuals. The student-to-faculty ratio is approximately 18:1. It provides courses in subjects like business, education, nursing, social work, psychology, sports science, computer science, and art and design.

Our boasts contemporary and adequately furnished campus facilities, affording students convenient access to libraries, laboratories, sports amenities, and student housing. It has established collaborative relationships with other institutions globally, thereby providing students with valuable prospects for engaging in international study and participating in exchange programmes, as well as internships, placements, and networking. They offers opportunities for students pursuing a three-year degree programme to engage in 12-week work internships or, alternatively, to immerse themselves in the sector for a duration of one year.



With the exception of a few minor swings, there rankings have been stable throughout the last decade. There impressive placement in the World University Rankings serves as evidence of its esteemed position within the scholarly world.









Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Art - Accounting 36 Months GBP 14,500
Bachelor of Science - Accounting & Finance 36 Months GBP 14,500
Bachelor of Art - Animation 36 Months GBP 14,500
Bachelor of Science - Advertising & Marketing Communications 36 Months GBP 14,500
Bachelor of Art - Sport & Physical Education 36 Months GBP 14,500
Bachelor of Science - Sport & Exercise Science 36 Months GBP 14,500
Bachelor of Science - Psychology 36 Months GBP 14,500
Bachelor of Art - Media, Marketing & Public Relations 36 Months GBP 14,500
Bachelor of Science - Business Management 36 Months GBP 14,500
Bachelor of Science - Aviation & Airport Management 36 Months GBP 14,500

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master of Science - International Business with Law 12 Months GBP 14,600
MBA in Business Administration (Finance) 12 Months GBP 15,900
Master of Science - Accounting & Business Finance 12 Months GBP 14,600
LLM in International Commercial & Dispute Resolution Law 12 Months GBP 14,600
MBA in Business Administration with Data Analytics 24 Months GBP 18,400
Master of Science - International Business 12 Months GBP 14,600
Master of Science - Management 12 Months GBP 14,600
Master of Science - International Business with Aviation Management 12 Months GBP 14,600
Master of Science - Computer Networking 12 Months GBP 14,600
Master of Science - Computer Science 12 Months GBP 14,600

Admission Process

Admission Process

The University of Bedfordshire examines signs of potential students' subsequent characteristics during the admissions process. Please determine whether you meet the entrance requirements.

Admission process Admission process



It is common practice in the field of higher education to employ the financial metric known as return on investment (ROI) to calculate the monetary benefits that students accrue as a direct result of their educational efforts. 

Other advantages include increased earning potential and a greater availability of relevant employment opportunities. When attempting to calculate the return on investment for a college degree, there are various aspects that must be considered. Multiple criteria are considered in this evaluation, including cost, proximity to the desired location, the size and strength of the college's alumni network in the relevant industries, the availability of job-search assistance, and the quality and reputation of the educational programmes offered.

The median annual wage is roughly £20,088. Among other significant corporations, Amazon, HSBC, Bank Muscat, the National Health Service, Deloitte, EY, and MAS Holdings are interested in hiring Bedfordshire University graduates. 

Salaries of Bedfordshire University Graduates and Alumni, By Degree and Job

Course Annual Package
Master of Arts $69,000
Bachelor (Other) $57,000
Masters in Science $48,000
Other Degree $45,000
Bachelor of Science $40,000
Master (Other) $36,000
Public Sector and not-for-profit $90,000
Compliance, AML, KYC, and Monitoring $64,000
Engineering $59,000
Executive Management and Change $54,000
Financial Services $51,000
Human Resources and Recruiting $50,000

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Frequently Asked Questions


The University of Bedfordshire has a yearly cost of living average of $960 for students who choose to reside on campus.

The University of Bedfordshire spans five distinct locations. Every one of them features outstanding student centres, residence halls, public areas, cultural spaces, performance venues, transportation facilities, and other amenities.

At the University of Bedfordshire, some of the most popular programmes include Biomedical Engineering, Business Administration with a data analytics MBA, and Accounting and Business Finance.

You can only use a CAS once; if you want to apply for a new Tier 4 (General) student visa, you will need to ask the university for a new CAS, and you cannot use the same CAS for both applications. After you have provided a scan of your refusal notice, the Immigration and Compliance staff will evaluate whether or not you are qualified to receive a new CAS.

Your CAS number and any extra information that you will need to provide with your online visa application will be included in the CAS Statement email that the university will send to you. The university will be sending this email to you. You will be eligible to submit an application for a student visa once you have received your CAS statement from your school.



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