In the city of Melbourne, Australia, you'll find the public research institution known as Victoria University. Since its doors for the first time in 1916, it is considered to be one of the oldest institutions in all of Australia. It is home to a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programmes, each catering to a certain field of study. It is structured with a number of distinct academic colleges, such as the College of Arts and Education, College of Business, College of Engineering and Science, and College of Health and Biomedicine. Each division provides students with programmes and classes that are uniquely suited to their respective industries.

It has developed fruitful relationships with organizations from the business world, the government, and the local community. Because of these connections, students have access to chances for internships, work placements, and industry-relevant projects, which increases their employability. The student body at Victoria University is extremely varied, with a sizeable representation of students from other countries across the world. It provides a variety of programmes that are geared specifically towards the requirements of international students and provides support services to help overseas students adjust to studying in Australia.

The places is a significant priority on extracurricular activities like athletics and relaxation. It provides access to a multitude of recreational facilities and activities, such as gymnasiums, sports fields, and fitness classes, amongst others. In addition to that, it has partnerships with organisations that are involved in professional sports. It is a high priority on being actively involved in the community in which it is located and having a constructive effect on both the social and economic development of the area. It provides a variety of community programmes, activities, and initiatives with the goal of creating good change and making a difference in the world.



Despite minor fluctuations, It has maintained the same ranking position for the last ten years. It received an exceptional grade in the World University Rankings, demonstrating the university's long-standing academic reputation.









Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelors in Accounting 36 Months AUD 31,600
Bachelors in Biomedical Science 36 Months AUD 33,400
Bachelors in Business 36 Months AUD 24,640
Bachelors in Biomedical & Exercise Science 36 Months AUD 33,400
Bachelors in Arts 36 Months AUD 27,400
Bachelor in Building Design 36 Months AUD 32,800
Bachelors in Biomedicine 36 Months AUD 36,400
Bachelor in Community Development 36 Months AUD 26,200
Bachelors in Criminal Justice 36 Months AUD 27,400
Bachelors in Construction Management 48 Months AUD 32,800

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master's in Applied Information Technology 24 Months AUD 32,800
Masters in Clinical Exercise Science & Rehabilitation 18 Months AUD 33,400
Masters in Business Analytics 24 Months AUD 32,800
Masters in Business Administration (Global) 24 Months AUD 35,200
Masters in Counselling 24 Months AUD 30,400
Masters in Digital Media 24 Months AUD 29,800
Masters in Education 24 Months AUD 29,200
Masters in Engineering 24 Months AUD 38,800
Masters in Enterprise Resource Planning 24 Months AUD 32,800
Masters in Finance 24 Months AUD 32,800

Admission Process

Admission Process

Regardless of how simple the application process appears to be, you must seek the aid of an Education Vibes staff member to ensure that all required procedures are performed in the correct order. The application's chances of getting included on the list rise if it is submitted on time and far ahead of the deadline. Before submitting an admissions application, it is critical to thoroughly review it. 

Admission process Admission process



The goal of this study is to see if students profit financially as a direct result of participating in educational activities. This evaluation takes into account tuition costs, the institution's proximity to a relevant area, the breadth and depth of the university's alumni network in relevant fields, the availability of career counselling services, the institution's reputation for academic excellence, and the quality of educational programmes offered.

The graduates make approximately $62,600 AUD annually on average as a starting wage. Ernst and Young, Siemens, Accenture, British Petroleum, and IBM are just a few of the top firms that recruit students. 

Victoria University Graduates and Alumni Salaries - By Job & Degree

Course Annual Package
MBA $91,000
Bachelor (Other) $83,000
Masters in Science $60,000
Bachelor of Science $56,000
Master (Other) $44,000
Other Degree $43,000
Executive Management and Change $85,000
Financial Services $79,000
Engineering $72,000
IT and Software Development $53,000
Finance Control and Strategy $44,000
Human Resources and Recruiting $43,000

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Frequently Asked Questions


A vibrant professional life and an education on par with the best in the world are both within reach for students who attend VU. Students at Victoria University have the opportunity to gain valuable job experience through co-op placements with local businesses. Victoria University provides students with employability programmes that get them ready for the workforce after they graduate.

It is the most employable university in Australia, and it is in the top 3% of universities worldwide in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023. Every year, they obtains international and local distinction for its teaching and research. Aside from that, it is one of six universities in Australia that offer both higher education and TAFE degrees.

Victoria University is a prominent institution in Australia, known for its substantial size and extensive cultural diversity. Victoria University has around 14,000 international students, with 7,400 studying at 11 partner universities abroad.

Victoria University has a placement rate of 63.4%.

The weekly living expenses (accommodation) at Victoria University are approximately AUD 360, which equates to approximately AUD 18,720 per year.



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