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Why Study MBBS in Poland?

Medical colleges in Poland are widely regarded as among the best in Europe for both quality and value. The price of an MBBS degree at a Polish university is the lowest among European institutions.  Since 2010, Poland has emerged as a highly favorable destination for Indian students pursuing MBBS studies. As the price of an MBBS at a private Indian medical school continues to rise, this is a major draw for students from India. It's great to hear that Poland has over 46,000 medical aspirants from all around the world, and the education system here is aligned with global standards. 

The educational system and the standard of living in this region are widely recognized for their excellence. The duration of an MBBS program in Poland spans a period of six years, which encompasses a mandatory one-year internship. The universities in this region are renowned for providing exceptional medical education, delivered by distinguished scholars and highly experienced instructors. Polish universities provide a wide range of academic programs. Polish universities are typically organized into three primary divisions, namely medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy.

The instructors will offer guidance for the FMGE/NMC Screening Examination without any additional charges. The coaching program will encompass simulated assessments as part of the MBBS/MD curriculum in Poland. This option is favorable for students who intend to repatriate to India subsequent to the attainment of their medical education in Poland.

Poland has nine medical colleges that are officially recognized by the National Medical Commission (NMC). Upon graduating from medical colleges approved by the National Medical Commission (NMC), students are eligible to pursue the medical profession in India, subject to successfully passing the NMC Screening Test. The World Health Organization has approved all medical colleges in Poland. One can be confident in receiving a high-quality education at the leading medical institutions in Poland. 

The medical degree obtained in Poland holds international recognition. The Polish government provides a "blue card" work permit to individuals who have obtained an MBBS degree as students, enabling them to secure employment and establish permanent residency within the country. Obtaining admission for postgraduate studies subsequent to completing a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree in Poland is comparatively less challenging than securing admission for postgraduate studies in India. The climatic conditions in Poland are suitable for both Indian and international students.

MBBS In Poland - Top Ranked Universities

MBBS in Poland Eligibility

  • ADMISSION TEST - Taking the NEET Undergraduate Test
  • ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION- Attain a minimum score of 50% in the PCB during your 10+2 studies.
  • AGE - Prospective applicants are required to have attained a minimum age of 17 years by the 31st of December in the year of admission.

Documents Required

X & XII Marksheets

X & XII Marksheets

NEET Scorecard

NEET Scorecard



Passport Size Photo

Passport Size Photo



Bank Statement

Bank Statement

MBBS in Poland Admission Process 2023-2024

  • Registration: The registration procedure constitutes the primary phase of the admission process for MBBS in Poland. University admission sessions in Poland are frequently conducted during the months of September & October. 
  • Documentation: The subsequent stage in the admission process is documentation, wherein applicants are obliged to furnish the necessary documents in digital format, along with all the requisite details as requested on the university's admission portal. 
  • Admission Letter: The issuance of an admission letter is contingent upon a thorough evaluation of the student's application and the translation of their accompanying documents. This indicates that the admission of the student has been approved for the MBBS program at the corresponding university.
  • Apostille and validation: At this stage, the documents undergo the processes of apostille and validation. It is imperative for candidates to present their essential academic records, along with their NEET scorecard and any other pertinent documentation, in a genuine format. 
  • Letter of Invitation: Upon successful validation of all documents and fulfillment of relevant requirements, the university in question shall issue an invitation letter. The aforementioned evidence indicates that the individual has effectively enrolled in the medical degree program offered by the university.
  • Visa Process: Upon acceptance of the invitation letter from the university, the candidate may commence the visa application process. In addition to academic transcripts, the process of applying for a visa requires the provision of supplementary documentation. Visa application process not to exceed 10-15 business days. 
  • Departure: Our team of expert MBBS overseas advisors will provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process. Currently, we are equipped to manage various aspects of the travel process, including but not limited to procuring travel tickets, international sim cards. Upon arrival at the campus to commence their medical education, students will be required to remit the university fee.

Cost of Education in Poland

The primary objective of pursuing education overseas is to acquire an affordable MBBS degree. The cost of pursuing an MBBS degree in Poland is comparatively reasonable in contrast to the fees charged by private universities and institutions in affluent countries like India. The subsequent information provides an approximation of the expenses associated with pursuing higher education at universities in Poland: -


Type of Expense

Approx. Cost (in EURO)

Tuition fee per year


Living & Accommodation




Visa & Medical Insurance


Total Expense


Study MBBS in Poland vs MBBS in India

MBBS in Poland MBBS in India
The cost of pursuing an MBBS in Poland commences at INR 62/- lakh, which is a highly reasonable amount. The pursuit of medical education in India. The fees range from INR 50 lakh to INR 1 crore, posing a significant challenge to manage.
In order to fulfill the requirements for admission, it is necessary for candidates to successfully pass the NEET Examination. Attainment of a favorable NEET score is a prerequisite for prospective candidates seeking admission to medical colleges in India.
The combination of Poland's environmental and cultural factors makes it a desirable location for habitation. The majority of Indian students possess a comprehensive understanding of their nation's environment and culture.
Government medical colleges offer the MBBS program as a course of study. The limited availability of seats in government colleges is a result of intense competition and quotas.
Accredited medical colleges are currently available. The Medical Council of India, commonly referred to as the National Medical Council (NMC), has issued a certification to medical colleges located in India.

Our Take on Poland

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Poland at Glance

In the event that one intends to travel to Poland, it is noteworthy that the country ranks as the ninth largest among all European nations. As the largest city in Poland, Warsaw boasts remarkable beauty. Additionally, it is noteworthy that the white eagle serves as the national symbol of Poland. Poland boasts a rich tradition of literature and a strong commitment to peace. The country's impressive record of 15 Nobel Prize laureates is a testament to its remarkable achievements in these areas. Poland's popularity among tourists is due in part to its 14 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which have been officially recognized for their cultural and historical significance.










languages spoken





3.84 crores

Head of state

Head of state

Andrzej Duda



Pork, chicken, game, vegetables, spices, mushrooms, and herbs.

major cities

Major Cities

Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocaw, Pozna, Szczecin, Bydgoszcz, Lublin


Universities offer MBBS programs to both local and international students. Students hailing from diverse continents pursue their academic endeavors in Poland. The medium of instruction for the course is the English language.

Prospective students who wish to pursue MBBS in Poland are advised to make preparations well in advance. Admissions for universities are scheduled to commence in April, with a deadline set for mid-October.

Several institutions of higher education offer scholarships to students from other countries. It is imperative for a prospective applicant to verify the admission requirements at the time of submitting their application.

All universities in Poland offer lodging accommodations to their enrolled students. There are several advantages associated with pursuing an MBBS program in Poland. Residing in comfortable surroundings at comparably affordable rates The dormitory is furnished with amenities comparable to those of a hotel with a three-star rating. Tuition fees for higher education in Poland are comparatively lower than those in other European nations. The feasibility of engaging in employment while pursuing academic studies in Poland

Poland is considered to be among the countries with a high level of safety. The incidence of criminal activity in Poland is currently at a low level, and individuals who travel to the country have not encountered any significant security risks.