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The Times Higher Education World University Rankings and the Academic Ranking of World Universities both rank the University of Pavia as one of the best colleges in the world. The University of Pavia has kept these rankings for nearly ten years with very little change.








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Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence 3 Years NA
Bachelor+Master (B+M) Human Medicine 6 Years NA

Course Duration Fee/Year
Executive Master of Arts - Public Policy 2 Years 23,600 Euro
Master in Finance 2 Years 400 EURO
Master in Science - Industrial Automation Engineering 2 Years 156 Euro
Master in Arts - International Business & Entrepreneurship 2 Years 156 Euro
Master in Science - Computer Engineering 2 Years 156 Euro
Master of Science - Civil Engineering with a Concentration on Risk Reduction from Natural Hazards 2 Years 156 Euro
Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies 2 Years 400 EURO

Admission Process

Visit the institution's official website. Choose "Apply Now" or "Register Here." Fill up your educational background with all of your qualifications. Please include details about your prior employment experiences in the spaces provided. Please provide your own statement in place of the blanks. Please include the needed money with your completed application form.


Workers who graduate from the University of Pavia earn an average of $101k per year, with the majority earning between $93k and $117k per year, according to five profiles. The top 10 percent of employees make more than $117,500 each year.  As a result, students can recoup their investment within a few years of graduation. (ROI)

The top three employers at the University of Pavia are Google, Ferrari, and Prada.

Course Annual Package
Graduate International Students $101K

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The University Sports Centre (CUS) encourages students to play sports by giving them a range of classes and setting up tournaments. Sport in Pavia entails: rowing at the Olympic and World Championship levels; rowing competition Pavia-Oxford-Cambridge-Pisa; Championships in the major team sports at the university level, intercollegiate competitions, sports programs tailored exclusively for handicapped children, and physical wellness facilities for all students are included in university training.

A variety of student organizations organize cultural, athletic, and social events for all students. The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Pavia, in particular, is a volunteer organization that assists foreign students that arrive in Pavia.

This is determined by a number of factors, including the specific Ph.D. program, the kind of course (basic or advanced), and the criteria established by the course lecturer. If you have any questions, you should contact the lecturer or the Graduate Office.

The University of Pavia automatically applies the "flat rate" for non-EU students residing outside Italy, which includes a set tax of 156 Euros (INR 13,280), is decided by citizenship, and applies to students with a study visa and a regular permit of residence for study. The flat charge ranges from 400 to 4500 euros (INR 34,050). (INR 3,83,100).

Fees are set on an annual basis between April and June. A tuition and registration fee are required. Tuition prices vary based on the student's financial situation. An extra set price of around 440 euros is required to cover registration, regional tax, and fixed stamp duties (INR 37,460).

There's no need to know Italian before the training because all of the lectures and activities are done in English. But knowing some Italians might be beneficial for your daily life in Italy.