Keele University is a public research university in Keele, approximately three miles from Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, England. The University ranks among the top research-intensive universities in the world. The graduate and postgraduate students work side by side with some of best and brightest researchers, not only learning but also collaborating and working in many different organisations of repute. In addition to that, the world-class training as well as mentorship are provided to their graduate and postgraduate students. International students also have access to a host of opportunities, both personally and professionally.

It is one of the world's most popular educational institutions for international students because of its world-renowned education and transfer system. There are many scholarships and special programs available to assist students financially whilst studying in Keele University. Consistently ranked among UK's top research-intensive universities, KU is globally recognized for excellence in research, innovation and sustainability. And with more than 100,000 contactable alumni in 162 countries around the world, their work and impact can be seen in all corners of the globe.

It is ranked 953 in Best Global Universities. The University is ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence. Learning starts in this education institution extends well beyond the education. If you want to build a strong foundation of critical thinking, reflection, and expression that will prepare you to ask the right questions and seek the best solutions, then Keele University, United Kingdom could be your destination. Their 9:1 student-faculty ratio means that professors know you and take a personal interest in your success.

Keele University is steeped in history with a reputation for excellence in education, research and innovation. KU boasts to be one of the world’s top research-intensive educational institutions, which has been bringing together top minds from every conceivable background as well as discipline to collaborate on the world’s most pressing challenges. The University is famous for pioneering research on science, technology, arts, literature and more.

Keele University is a public research institution teeming with international recognition and amazing academic and research opportunities. You will be fortunate enough to attend and have access to world-class resources and professors as well as a beautiful campus—all at a low cost. You will also be benefitted from an atmosphere that cultivates critical thinking and broadens your perspective of the world.



According to Guardian University Guide 2023, Keele University ranked 32nd, making this year's performance its highest ever ranking in the national league table. KU also ranked 953 in best global universities, and ranked 370 in the best global universities in entire Europe. The University got impressive 68th rank in the UK.














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Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Science - Mathematics 3 Years GBP 29,610
Bachelor of Science - Ecology & Conservation 3 Years GBP 36,594
Bachelor of Arts - Music 3 Years GBP 35,594
Bachelor of Fine Arts - Fine Arts 3 Years GBP 34,594
Bachelor of Science - Information Technology 3 Years GBP 36,594
Bachelor of Science - Data Science 3 Years GBP 41,433
Bachelor of Science - Software Engineering 3 Years GBP 32,944
Bachelor of Science - Aviation Management 3 Years GBP 30,944
Bachelor of Science - Botany & Plant Science 3 Years GBP 33,944
Bachelor of Science - Chemistry 3 Years GBP 32,944
Bachelor of Arts - English Literature 3 Years GBP 30,944
Bachelor of Arts - History & Ancient Studies 3 Years GBP 30,944
Bachelor of Business Administration 3 Years GBP 40,944
Bachelor of Commerce - Finance & Accounting 3 Years GBP 26,944

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master of Science - Anthropology 2 Years GBP 40,318
Master of Science - Food Technology 2 Years GBP 37,993
Master of Science - Agriculture 2 Years GBP 37,993
Master of Science - Micro Biology 2 Years GBP 37,993
Master of Science - Physics 2 Years GBP 34,993
Master of Science - Computer Science 2 Years GBP 36,993
Master of Science - Applied Computing 2 Years GBP 35,993
Master of Arts - Economics 2 Years GBP 27,993
Master of Arts - Geography 2 Years GBP 29,993
Master of Arts - Political Science 2 Years GBP 27,993
Master of Arts - Philosophy 2 Years GBP 28,993
Master of Engineering - Computer Engineering 2 Years GBP 34,396
Master of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering 2 Years GBP 40,318
Master of Engineering - Electrical Engineering 2 Years GBP 44,283

Admission Process

Admission Process

Applying to Keele University graduate or postgraduate program involves three basic steps. You should start the admission process as early as a year before you wish to begin your program of study. First, choose your program, second, review admission requirements and contact the department, and lastly prepare and apply online. 

Admission process Admission process



They offers a world-class education and competitive tuition rates in one of UK's most affordable University par excellence. The average cost for undergraduate program is GBP 30969 - 34841 per year. Whereas, for graduate programs, it is around GBP 40648 - 48390 per year for international students. Let’s assume you are a graduate student in Keele University and invest the amount in 3 years of a bachelor program of any type then your cost of investment would be GBP 92902. A graduate from this University usually gets an average salary of GBP 97,000 depending on the program chosen, so you will be able to get the return of your investment within a year.

Course Annual Package
Undergraduate Program 30,969 - 34,841 GBP
Graduate Program 40,648 - 48,390 GBP

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Frequently Asked Questions


You can apply to Keele University by visiting the website of the university. You may select only one admission category for the KU campus you want to get admitted.

Reference letters and personal statements are not required for admission to any of the programs at Keele University.

Keele University has a variety of scholarships available—some that you are automatically considered for, and others that are application-based.

Normally the tuition fee for undergraduate and graduate programmes at Keele University are affordable compared to other Universities in the UK. The average cost of study for undergraduate program is GBP 30969 - 34841 per year and for graduate programs, it is around GBP 40648 - 48390 per year for domestic and international students.

Undergraduate students at Keele University may be hired for a maximum of 20 hours per week during the academic year.



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