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The Times Higher Education World University Rankings and the Academic Ranking of World Universities both rank the University of New South Wales as one of the best colleges in the world. The university has kept these rankings for nearly ten years with very little change.








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Course Duration Fee/Year
B.E. / B.Tech (47 Courses) 3 Years - 80 Months AUD 42,225.37 - 51,032.61
Bachelor in Computer Science 3 Years AUD 50,579.90
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Computer) 4 Years AUD 49,139.46
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Bioinformatics) 4 Years AUD 49,139.46
B.Com (12 Courses) 3 - 5 Years AUD 42,101.90 - 47,287.47
Bachelor of Commerce - International 4 Years AUD 46,176.29
Bachelor of Commerce/Computer Science 4 Years AUD 48,028.28
Bachelor in Science (35 Courses) 3 - 6 Years AUD 43,583.49 - 49,139.46
Bachelor of Science with Major in Biotechnology 3 Years AUD 49,139.46
Bachelor of Science/Law 5 Years AUD 48,275.20
Bachelor in Business Administration (16 Courses) 3 - 5 Years AUD 38,027.52 - 49,139.46
Bachelor of Economics/Computer Science 4 Years AUD 48,028.28
Bachelor of Economics/Advanced Science (Honours) 5 Years AUD 47,657.87

Course Duration Fee/Year
MS (21 Courses) 1 Year - 28 Months AUD 32,841.95 - 50,610.76
Master of Information Technology 2 Years AUD 50,610.76
Master of Data Science & Decisions 2 Years AUD 47,945.96
MIM (17 Courses) 1 Year-30 Months AUD 37,533.67 - 72,227.61
Master of Finance 1 Year AUD 51,649.94
AGSM Master of Business Administration (Extension) 30 Months AUD 72,227.61
MBA/PGDM (1 Course) 1 Year AUD 80,746.77
Master in Engineering (3 Courses) 2 Years AUD 47,163.96 - 48,141.44
Master of Mechanical Engineering Science 2 Years AUD 47,163.96
Master of Manufacturing Engineering & Management Science 2 Years AUD 48,141.44
Master in Architecture (3 Courses) 2 - 3 Years AUD 40,002.99 - 43,213.10
Master of City Planning 2 Years AUD 40,002.99
Master of Landscape Architecture 3 Years AUD 43,213.10
Master in Commerce (2 Courses) 18 Months - 2 Years AUD 51,156.07 - 51,649.94
Master of Commerce (Extension) 2 Years AUD 51,649.94
LL.M. (1 Course) 1 Year AUD 45,188.55
M.A. (1 Course) 1 Year AUD 38,027.52

Admission Process

International students may apply for their preferred degree at the university by using the UAC application or the UNSW application and paying an application fee of 70–200 AUD. Most common PG programs require a UG degree with a minimum of 65% and two years of work experience. MBA candidates must have a minimum GMAT score of 550. Conditional admission will be provided to students who do not meet the English language competency standards. International candidates must apply for an Australian student visa six weeks before the start date of the program.


A calculation of return on investment (ROI) tells you how much you got for your money. Your wage package might provide you with the finest financial return. The Executive MBA is the highest-paid degree at the University of New South Wales and Business School, with graduates earning an average income of $127,000. Those who get a Masters in Management from the University of New South Wales and Business School have the lowest salaries, at $46,000 per year. Airline professionals are the highest-paid UNSW alumni and graduates, earning $118,000 per year. R&D, pharmaceutical, and biotech workers are the lowest paid University of New South Wales and Business School alumni and graduates, earning $40,000 each. University of New South Wales (UNSW) graduates are the top option for almost 30 Australian firms, including Google, Rio Tinto, Microsoft, BHPBilliton, Leighton, Apple, and others.

Course Annual Package
Executive MBA $127,000
Executive Masters $123,000
Airline $118,000
Executive Management & Change $104,000
Financial Services $92,000
Masters in Finance $91,000
Architecture, Real Estate & Design jobs $91,000
LLM $89,000
MBA $87,000
BBA $81,000
Legal & Paralegal $79,000
Legal Department $78,000

University Alumni work at some of the best companies in the world

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You may seek to have past studies from another institution or another UNSW degree program recognized and transferred to your present UNSW degree program.

Yes, but only for students from the United States.

UNSW is ranked 20th in the world for law, business, and finance and first in Australia for mathematics, engineering, and technology in the 2021 QS World University Rankings by Subject.

NSW is neither a company nor a department or agency of the government. The University of New South Wales Act of 1989 made UNSW a legal entity in the state of New South Wales.

The highest undergraduate median wage in Australia for University of New South Wales students is $67,500 AUD.

The average salary for airline professionals was 139,000 AUD.

Yes, the University of South Wales has in-house living facilities with over 4,400 beds in 18 of its colleges and student housing. The school also helps both American and foreign students find off-campus housing that fits their needs. Single room: AUD 290-560 per week , Apartment: AUD 290-530 per week , Private accommodation: AUD 150-300, Homestay: AUD 180-300

The admission committee's preferred time frame for announcing admission results is 4-6 weeks. International applicants, on the other hand, may get an early decision in order to prepare for the visa application and provide the necessary finances. When compared to other programs, MBA choices are made faster. Most international applicants get a response from the school about a month after they send in their application. After receiving an admission offer, candidates have four weeks to accept or refuse the offer. Because admission notifications are sent via email and online portal, it is critical to stay active on emails and the university website. It is also recommended to remain up to speed on the most recent information and key developments regarding overseas admissions in order to meet the deadlines.