It is an English public research university based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. The institution was established in 1966 and subsequently bestowed with a royal charter in that same year. Bradford University is named for the city, which is noted for its industrial history. Our campus is a short walk from the city centre and features student housing, a library, sports facilities, and a students' union. Additionally, the University of Bradford is well-known for its dedication to environmental preservation, and it holds the distinction of being the first institution in the United Kingdom to be awarded the ISO 14001 standard for its environmental management system.

With students from over 150 nations, theyd offers a varied student body. The institution provides students with a hospitable and all-encompassing environment, along with a diverse range of support services and activities aimed at enriching the student experience. They offers a wide array of undergraduate and postgraduate degree offerings across several disciplines. This educational institution has several academic units, including the School of Management, the School of Health Studies, the Faculty of Life Sciences, the Faculty of Engineering and Informatics, and the Faculty of Social Sciences. It has a strong research concentration and is well-known for its work in cancer therapies, innovative engineering, and sustainable societies.

Overall, the University of Bradford is a respectable institution with a concentration on practical research and a dedication to providing its students with a high-quality education.



It has maintained a consistent position in the rankings over the course of the past decade, with the exception of a few fluctuations of a less significant nature. It is clear holds a prestigious position in the academic community based on its remarkable standing in the World University Rankings.









Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Science - Biomedical Science 36 Months GBP 22,180
Bachelor of Science - Clinical Sciences 36 Months GBP 22,180
Bachelor of Science - Computer Science 36 Months GBP 22,180
Bachelor of Science - Computer Science for Cyber Security 36 Months GBP 22,180
Bachelor of Science - Forensic & Medical Sciences 36 Months GBP 22,180
Bachelor of Science - Forensic Science 36 Months GBP 22,180
Bachelor of Art - Graphics for Games 36 Months GBP 22,180
Bachelor of Engineering - Architectural Engineering 36 Months GBP 22,180
Bachelor of Engineering - Civil & Structural Engineering 36 Months GBP 22,180
Bachelor of Engineering - Software Engineering 36 Months GBP 22,180
Bachelor of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering 36 Months GBP 22,180

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master of Science - Sustainable Development 12 Months GBP 19,494
Master of Science - Cyber Security 12 Months GBP 23,028
Master of Science - International Business & Management 12 Months GBP 19,494
Master of Science - Advanced Biomedical Engineering 12 Months GBP 21,930
Master of Science - Advanced Chemical and Petroleum Engineering 12 Months GBP 21,930
Master of Science - Advanced Civil and Structural Engineering 12 Months GBP 21,930
Master of Science - Advanced Mechanical Engineering 12 Months GBP 21,930
Master of Science - Big Data Science & Technology 12 Months GBP 21,930
Master of Science - Economics & Finance for Development 12 Months GBP 19,494
Master of Art - Peace, Conflict & Development 12 Months GBP 19,494

Admission Process

Admission Process

During the admissions process, the University of Bradford looks for clues about potential students' future qualities. Please check to see whether you match the entry requirements.

Admission process Admission process



Applying the economic metric known as return on investment (ROI) is standard procedure in the higher education sector. The purpose of this practice is to determine the monetary gains that students amass as a direct result of the educational efforts that they put forth. Other benefits include higher earning potential and a greater availability of appropriate job options. This evaluation takes into account a wide range of factors, such as expenses, closeness to the desired location, the scope and power of the university's alumni network in related sectors, the availability of job-search support, and the reputation and efficacy of the courses of study that are on offer.

Our graduates working in the legal industry earn an average yearly salary of 102,612.48 GBP (128,000 USD), according to Emolument. According to Emolument, There Executive MBA graduates earn an average yearly salary of 106,620.78 GBP (about 133,000 USD). It has established collaborative partnerships with various prominent businesses and companies, such as  PwC, the BBC,  Denso Marston, Cummins, GE Money,  IBM, Peugeot, Nissan, Ford Motor Company, Carnaud MetalBo, Jaguar Landrover, Precision Casting Corporation, NHS, Horiba MIRA, and local authorities. These partnerships aim to offer internships, placements, work experiences, and permanent employment opportunities to university graduates.

Salaries of Bradford University and School of Management Graduates and Alumni - By Degree and Job

Course Annual Package
Executive Masters $100,000
Executive MBA $88,000
MBA $86,000
Master (Other) $64,000
Masters in Management $59,000
Masters in Science $48,000
Legal Department $102,000
Executive Management and Change $61,000
Financial Services $60,000
Programme and Project Management $53,000
Sales and Business Development $46,000
R&D, Pharmaceuticals and Biotech $45,000

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Frequently Asked Questions


A tight-knit community awaits you at the University of Bradford city campus, where there is no shortage of possibilities for you to meet new people, develop new skills, and become active in campus life. The Students' Union has over 100 societies for you to join; they are a terrific way to meet new people and pursue your interests. You might even learn something entirely new. Bradford, which has great historical architecture, attractive green areas, and a thriving and diverse community beyond the city centre, has even more hidden jewels to explore. There are approximately 30 sports clubs to choose from at the University of Bradford Students' Union. Among these are activities such as football, swimming, mixed martial arts, and archery.

Campus is a safe and comfortable setting, but our security team is available to our students 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Security personnel conduct patrols on foot and by vehicle across the University premises throughout the day and night To ensure the safety and security of individuals within the premises of the University of Bradford, a comprehensive network of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, intruder alarms, and access control mechanisms has been implemented. The Security and Emergency Services Office is located within the Atrium of the Richmond Building. It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with staff on hand to assist you with any concerns you may be experiencing.

The Green is the hub of student life at Bradford. The University of Bradford recommends it to our students. The Green is in close proximity to the Students' Union, the library, and morning lectures. Furthermore, the city hub and other local attractions are also within easy walking distance. This makes it an ideal spot to call home while attending university. Apartments are ideal for people who value their privacy. Each unit is equipped with six en-suite bedrooms, providing occupants with the convenience of having their own private shower room. Every flat contains a combined kitchen/dining area and living space, as well as a three-quarter bed, a desk, a study area, and a closet. Our flats also accommodate people with a variety of disabilities.

The Richmond Building Atrium and Student Central are equipped with student stores that offer a wide range of products, including essential items such as bread, milk, stationery, and toiletries. Within a 10-minute walk of the City Campus, there are also a variety of stores, restaurants, pubs, a supermarket, and a chemist.

Yes, visitors are permitted, but only for two nights. Before bringing guests into the flat, students should verify with their flatmates.

The University of Bradford has a stringent no smoking policy in all of our buildings, but we do have designated outdoor smoking locations for students to use at their leisure.



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