Conestoga College, founded in 1967, is recognized as a leading research college in Canada and a prominent public institute. It is one of the top 100 colleges in Canada, and it has been named one of the best in Ontario for teaching, student placement, and employer satisfaction over and over again. A group of independent auditors agreed that the institution met the government's quality assurance requirements established for Ontario's public colleges. The Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board has accredited Conestoga College's engineering curriculum. The Bachelor of Applied Health Information Science at Conestoga is the only bachelor's degree program certified by the Canadian Health Information Management Association. University Canada (AUCC), Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE), and Polytechnics Canada are also linked with the college. Conestoga College is ranked 12th among the Top 50 Research Institutes in Canada. Students have access to the best lab and research equipment, including cutting-edge technology, as well as application-based courses, field experiments, and career counseling.

Conestoga College has five campuses and training facilities around Ontario. The main campus is in Kitchener, with satellite campuses in Cambridge, Stratford, Waterloo, Guelph, and Brantford. Conestoga also has a skills training center in Ingersoll. It is the region's sole institution that provides polytechnic education. After completing their studies, 65% of college graduates return to the area, and data show that these students contribute more than $2.3 billion to the local economy each year. Students are also given several options for professional development, such as career counseling, career fairs, and services such as soft skill development programs, resume writing, and cover letter writing.

Conestoga College also provides scholarships, bursaries, and other rewards to help students manage their tuition and other expenditures. Because there aren't many scholarships, students who want to get money must be enrolled as foreign students and be from a country other than Canada. They must also have a study permit for the duration of their studies. The Narhari Sarma Memorial Award is given to full-time international students with excellent academic credentials, wisdom, vision, and other qualities.

Students may live on or off campus. They may apply for this before enrolling in their courses. The residence is close to the Kitchener-Doon and Cambridge campuses. Residents get access to basic amenities such as a fridge, microwave, television with cable, telephone, WiFi, laundry facilities, BBQs and picnic tables, a games area, and so on. In addition, the building has 24-hour security.



The Times Higher Education World University Rankings and the Academic Ranking of World Universities both rank Conestoga College as one of the best colleges in the world. The university has kept these rankings for nearly ten years with very little change.








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Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Commerce - Financial Services 4 Years CAD 19,213
Bachelor of Engineering - Cyber Systems Engineering 4 Years CAD 19,213
Bachelor of Engineering - Building System Engineering 4 Years CAD 18,442
Bachelor of Engineering - Power System Engineering 4 Years CAD 18,442
Bachelor of Engineering - Electronic Systems Engineering 4 Years CAD 18,442
Bachelor of Applied Technology Architecture 4 Years CAD 18,442
Bachelor of Design 4 Years CAD 18,299
Bachelor of Engineering - Mechanical Systems Engineering 4 Years CAD 18,442
Bachelor of Business Administration - International Business Management 4 Years CAD 19,446
Bachelor of Computer Science 4 Years CAD 19,446

Course Duration Fee/Year
Administrative Business Management 1 Year 14935 CAD
Business Analytics 1 Year 7467 CAD
Applied Manufacturing Management - Design Integration 3D Printing Stream 2 Years 14935 CAD
Business Development & Sales 1 Year 14935 CAD
Career Development Professional 1 Year 14935 CAD
Cloud Data Management 1 Year 14935 CAD
Digital Solutions Management (Optional Co-op) 1 Year 14935 CAD
Financial Technology 1 Year 14935 CAD
Global Hospitality Management (Optional Co-op) 1 Year 14935 CAD
Human Resources Management (Optional Co-op) 1 Year 7467 CAD
Social Media Marketing 1 Year 14935 CAD
Operations Leadership in Food Manufacturing 1 Year 14935 CAD

Admission Process

Admission Process

With about 7,000 international students from 80 countries, Conestoga College gives foreign students a wide range of cultural experiences.

As part of its dedication to a student's academic growth and job success, the college offers help and career counseling services. This helps the student have a smooth learning experience. Conestoga College is a great place to study because it does well in all areas, such as employment and job satisfaction rates for graduates.

Admission process Admission process



Conestoga knows the market and what people want, and they teach you everything you need to know to get the job of your dreams. The college has job fairs and other activities on campus to help you find a job. A lot of people have also said that they have great benefits at work, such as a pension and insurance.

Also, the fact that more than 5,000 local businesses were started and are run by Conestoga graduates shows that the university values their business skills.

Conestoga College students are being recruited by top corporations. Here are some of the top firms that often hire Conestoga College foreign students: Adobe Systems Canada Inc., SAP Canada Inc., GlaxoSmithKline Inc., Keurig Canada Inc., and Medtronic Canada ULC

With an average base salary of $53k/year, Conestoga graduates are easily hired and have gone on to earn $140k+.

Conestoga College graduates earn an average income depending on their degree.

  • Bachelors- CAD $31,490 per year
  • Masters- CAD $47,180 per year
  • MBA- CAD $64,800 per year

Course Annual Package
Software Developer CAD $61,490 per year
HR Manager CAD $52,590 /Yr
Mechanical Designer CAD $41,080 per year
Construction Project Manager CAD $51,480 /Yr
Graphic Designer CAD $35,912 /Yr

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Conestoga College is also popularly known as the Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning.

International students who fulfill the Employment Insurance (EI) qualifying requirements may be eligible for this financial assistance. International students who are in Canada, have worked the required number of hours, and make at least a certain amount can apply.

90% of grads find work within six months after graduation.

Its alumni are often employed in the business, finance, and information technology industries.

To be eligible for most of the courses, you must have a prior academic record of at least 65% and an IELTS score of at least 6.0.



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