It is an esteemed institution of higher education that operates as a private, non-profit organization dedicated to pursuing excellence in business education. It was created in 1964 as the Arthur D. Little School of Management, but it was renamed in 2003 after Swedish billionaire Bertil Hult donated a large bequest. It provides a range of academic programmes at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, encompassing disciplines such as business administration, finance, marketing, international business, and other relevant areas of study. Our programmes frequently emphasise hands-on experience and global knowledge. The school's one-year MBA programme, for example, permits students to study at up to three of its global locations and includes a "Capstone Challenge," in which students collaborate with a big corporation to address a real-world business challenge.

The New England Commission of Higher Education has conferred its imprimatur of approval. Furthermore, the Association of MBAs has accredited its MBA programme. However, its recognition and reputation might vary greatly, especially when compared to longer-established business schools. It has a varied student body, with students from over 160 different nations. The school's diversity is viewed as a strength since it fosters cross-cultural understanding and collaboration. The school also emphasises global business, and students can study at multiple campuses across the world as part of their programme.

In addition to degree programmes, they offers executive education programmes for individuals wishing to improve their business skills. These programmes are geared towards working professionals and provide opportunities for professional growth as well as networking. Overall goal is to deliver a worldwide business education that prepares students for the difficulties of today's business world, with a focus on experiential learning and a diverse, multinational student body.



The various rankings has hardly changed at all during the past decade, with the exception of a few tiny shifts here and there. It is high position in the World University Rankings is a reflection of the school's good reputation among academics around the world.






Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Business Administration - Management 36 Months 43,004.21 GBP
Bachelor of Business Administration - Marketing 36 Months 43,004.21 GBP

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master of International Marketing 12 Months 37,916 GBP
Masters in Business Analytics 11 Months 39,740 GBP
Master of Finance 12 Months 37,916 GBP
Master of International Business 36 Months 43,868 GBP
One Year MBA 12 Months 60,762 GBP
Master of Business Administration - Executive 12 Months 60,762 GBP

Admission Process

Admission Process

Hult International Business School assesses potential students during the selection process based on how well they exhibit the following qualities. Please check the admission requirements.

Admission process Admission process



These benefits include both a higher chance of making money and a wider range of professional possibilities within the chosen course. Also, people can choose from a wider range of career paths.

When figuring out the ROI of getting a college degree, there are several things that could affect the result. The analysis looks at a number of things, such as the cost of tuition, the quality and reputation of the educational programmes offered, the size and strength of alumni networks in relevant industries, the availability of help finding a job, and how close the college or university is to the desired location.

According to the Hult International School's 2021 Career Report, 91% of Hult master's grads are employed within six months, and 13% launch their own firm. Recent Hult International Business School, Boston, graduates earn an average of 113,653 USD (8,809,641 INR). Hult International Business School's employers include Apple, Adidas, Accenture, SAP, Domino's, Google, eBay, Canon, Cisco Systems, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Mercedes Benz, Oracle, UBER, Cognizant, and others.

Salaries of Hult International Business School Graduates and Alumni - By Degree and Job

Course Annual Package
Executive MBA $102,000
Executive Masters $74,000
Masters in Finance $67,000
MBA $65,000
Masters in Science $40,000
Master (Other) $37,000
Logistics, Operations and Purchasing $177,000
Executive Management and Change $86,000
Data $80,000
Engineering $79,000
Programme and Project Management $77,000
Financial Services $69,000

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Frequently Asked Questions


The average yearly on-campus living expense at Hult International Business School, Boston is $29,000.

Hult University is recognized as the pioneer in the implementation of action learning, an educational approach that combines traditional classroom instruction with practical, real-world situations. This unique methodology enables students to actively engage in resolving contemporary business challenges faced by prominent Fortune 500 corporations. Within the educational setting, they offers an exceptional representation of the worldwide business landscape, effectively integrating theoretical knowledge with a practical, experiential approach.

Hult International Business School Boston's famous graduates include: Thabo Mbeki ( Ex-South African President) Hitin Kyow ( Ex, 9th President of Myanmar) Luis Abinader (President of the Dominican Republic) Gary Smith Walter Bayly Llona Anil Shastri Juan Cohen Tonika Sealy Shaun Gregory

Hult offers numerous possibilities for students to participate in consulting projects with trusted worldwide firms as well as live simulations, allowing them to explore, analyse, and solve common difficulties encountered by international businesses.

Hult International Business School has 1,699 full-time students and 115 part-time students.



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