It is the oldest university in South Dakota. Its popularity can be estimated from the fact that more than 9,000 students were enrolled at the university in the fall. The school offers 202 undergraduate programs and 78 graduate programs at 10 colleges and schools. It has been continuously accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools since 1913. Approximately 81% of the school's undergraduate students receive some form of financial aid. Admissions are comprehensive, and diverse, and has an exceptional campus that evokes the beauty of nature and offers students the best in active learning spaces and nationally renowned programs. It gives more personalized attention to each student, nurturing their passions to the fullest. Classification in R2: Doctoral Colleges – Strong in research, the school has hosted 12 Rhodes Scholars, 17 Truman Scholars, and Nobel Prize winners.

International students have a high chance of getting into UND. Additionally, the cumulative GPA of international students is 3.35. Interested candidates should check out the courses offered by USD. They offers 60 majors and 74 minors in UG courses and 37 master's degree courses. Courses are offered in several fields of study such as mathematics, business, science and technology, culture and society, art and design, etc. in 8 colleges/schools. MS, MBA, MA, and BA are some of the popular courses.

The large main campus is Vermillion Campus, contains several administrative and academic buildings. Located away from the main campus are three off-campus centers at the University of South Dakota: USD Sioux Falls Community College; Pierre, Capital University Center, and University Center - Rapid City. The Sanford Coyote Sports Complex on the main campus features science, medical, and research laboratories as well as basketball and volleyball courts, track and field, and soccer facilities. There are many restaurants, food courts, and eateries on campus. The campus also has its own chapel.



It is a good place to study depends on more than just words. According to US News & World Report, universities are ranked based on enrollment, criteria, admissions, and more. Below is a list of university rankings.









Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Business Administration 4 Years USD 12,942
Bachelor of Business Administration - Operational Analytics 4 Years USD 12,942
Bachelor of Business Administration - Innovation & Entrepreneurship 4 Years USD 12,942
Bachelor of Business Administration - Finance 4 Years USD 12,942
Bachelor of Business Administration - Accounting 4 Years USD 12,942
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science - Economics 4 Years USD 12,942
Bachelor of Arts - Criminal Justice 4 Years USD 12,942
Bachelor of Arts - English 4 Years USD 12,942
Bachelor of Arts - International Studies 4 Years USD 12,942
Bachelor of Arts - History 4 Years USD 12,942
Bachelor of Science - Physics 4 Years USD 12,942
Bachelor of Science - Biology 4 Years USD 12,942
Bachelor of Science - Nursing 4 Years USD 12,942
Bachelor of Science - Psychology 4 Years USD 12,942

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master of Business Administration 2 Years USD 12,768
Master of Business Administration - Business Analytics 2 Years USD 12,768
Master of Business Administration - Finance 2 Years USD 12,768
Master of Business Administration - Marketing 2 Years USD 12,768
Master of Science - Physics 2 Years USD 12,768
Master of Science - Chemistry 2 Years USD 12,768
Master of Science - Biology 2 Years USD 12,768
Master of Science - Biomedical Engineering 2 Years USD 12,768
Master of Arts - English 2 Years USD 12,768
Master of Arts - History 2 Years USD 12,768

Admission Process

Admission Process

The international admissions process is managed by the International Office. For international admission, English proficiency scores & standardized test scores are required. The average cost of attendance for an international student is 22,354. In addition to GPA & test scores, international students need a visa with form I-20 (Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Status) from the university.

Admission process Admission process



It has a career center of excellence and services designed to help students, alumni and graduates successfully begin their careers. The Career Center offers consulting services as well as one-on-one, individual career coaching, resume writing and review assistance, cover letters, on-site job interviews, workshops, and more again. The university also has a career platform called  Coyote Career, which is an online platform where candidates can search and list  their jobs and connect with other employers. Also, see the many graduates and alumni working as professionals in various industries.

According to a survey conducted by  popular career-related website Payscale.com., the average graduate and alumnus earns an average annual package of $63,125, the highest is the medical assistant industry, followed  by the human resources department with an annual salary. The corresponding salary is about 103,000 USD to 91,000 USD and the lowest industry is the software technology department with 56,000 USD per year. Graduates and alumni are actively recruited by companies and organizations, including Sanford Health, Sammons Financial Group, Buck Consulting LLC, Midcontinent Communications, Daktronics Inc., CITI Bank, and Hewlett Packard

In a nutshell, USD students  have many job opportunities on and off campus. The school's Center for  Academic and Career Planning  offers assistance in preparing for a career or finding hourly employment. Through USD Career Services, students can explore majors and careers, get help with job search materials, get help with job/internship searches, and prepare for internships. interview. Internship support is also provided to students. Internships may be paid or unpaid and may result in academic credit.

The average salary of graduate students of this university who are working in the above prestigious companies is as follows. 

Course Annual Package
Physician Assistant (PA) 103,000 USD
Executive Director 91,000 USD
Human Resources (HR) Director 88,000 USD
Director of Occupation 80,000 USD
Human Resources (HR) Manager 62,000 USD
Accountant 57,000 USD
Software Engineer 56,000 USD

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Frequently Asked Questions


It may accept GRE scores for admission to certain PG courses. Applicants should check the course requirements for the program they want to apply for at the university. Conducted by ETS, the GRE or GRE General Test is one of the world's largest assessments for graduate admission to business or law schools. USD accepts unofficial copies of English proficiency test scores, placement test scores, and unofficial and partial transcripts for conditional admission.

Trinity San Antonia University is small in size with a student-teacher ratio is 16:1

As confirmed by an unofficial source, the cumulative average score of international students is 3.35. Applicants with GPAs below 3.35 will have a harder time getting into college than those with GPAs above 3.35. Also, the acceptance rate is 87%. Candidates with a strong academic background can easily get accepted into USD.

It has an acceptance rate of 86%, which means it is quite easy for applicants to get admitted to the school if they meet the general admission requirements.

It is located on an impressive 274-acre campus nestled near the Missouri River. Old Main, one of the school's symbols, is considered the premier academic facility on the university's campus. In addition to having several classrooms, the school's campus is also home to the Oscar Howe Museum and the University Honors Program. The university also has a wellness center that includes workout equipment, basketball, lacrosse, and volleyball courts, and a three-lane walking path.



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