The University of Glasgow has been around since 1451, making it one of the oldest schools in the UK. The University, founded in 1451, is world-renowned for its groundbreaking research and has inspired minds ranging from physicist Lord Kelvin to Adam Smith, the father of economics. The university is divided into three campuses: Gilmorehill, Garscube, and Dumfries. The university now has four colleges that focus on medicine, the arts, social sciences, science and engineering, and veterinary and life sciences. Undergraduate honors degrees in arts, social sciences, and science at the university allow students to study a variety of subjects before deciding on a specialization. Their master programs are structured and last about a year.


Seven Nobel Laureates and three British Prime Ministers have all taught, worked, or studied at the University of Glasgow. Scientists Lord Kelvin and George Lauder, economist Adam Smith, engineer James Watt, inventors Henry Faulds and John Logie Baird, biologist Sir John Boyd Orr, and others all went to the University of Glasgow. The University of Glasgow is committed to racial equality and to making sure that all students, workers, and visitors can study, teach, do research, and work in a friendly environment. It takes into account that British Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) students may have had different experiences and, as a result, have different needs than international students. 

Glasgow is the third-largest city in the United Kingdom and one of the top student cities in the world. According to a 2019 Time Out study, it is one of the top ten cities in the world. Glasgow was ranked the friendliest and most affordable city between Berlin and Paris.Also, recruiters from big UK companies say that Glasgow is one of the top 20 places in the UK and the third place in Scotland for getting a job after college. 

The Student Counseling and Advisory Service is a part of the student support network, and all University of Glasgow students who are enrolled can use it.  When international students arrive at Glasgow Airport, they will be met by the Welcome Team, which will show them how to get free transportation to their new student residence. Foreign Student Support also has an orientation session for international students before the semester starts to help them get used to their new surroundings. Incoming overseas students may also take pre-sessional English classes.



The Times Higher Education World University Rankings and the Academic Ranking of World Universities both rank the University of Glasgow as one of the best colleges in the world. The university has kept these rankings for nearly ten years with very little change.








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Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Accountancy & Finance 4 Years GBP 18,379.76
Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering - Jointly Offered With SIT 4 Years GBP 23,950.96
Common Law LLB 4 Years GBP 24,492.46
Bachelor in Computer Science 4 Years GBP 29,084.80
Pharmacology 4 - 5 Years GBP 23,950.96
Bachelor of Dental Surgery 5 Years GBP 48,891.20
Bachelor of Nursing 4 Years GBP 23,950.96
Bachelor's in Business & Management 4 Years GBP 21,243.46
Bachelor of Finance 4 Years GBP 18,379.76
Bachelor of Music 4 Years GBP 20,150.49
Medicine MBChB 5 Years GBP 5,567.24

Course Duration Fee/Year
MBA 1 Year GBP 36,447.117
Master in Finance & Management 1 Year GBP 30,584.33
Master in Data Science 1 Year GBP 30,584.33
Master in Computing Science 1 Year GBP 30,584.33
Master in International Business 1 Year GBP 23,950.96
Master in Management - Human Resources 1 Year GBP 27,075.0012
Master in Economics, Banking & Finance 1 Year GBP 25.554.63
Master in Financial Forecasting & Investment 1 Year GBP 29,595.0569
Masters in Global Markets, Local Creativities - Erasmus Mundus International Master 1 Year GBP 18,036.1141
Master in Critical Care, Leadership & Management 1 Year GBP 23,950.9626
Master in Economics, Banking & Finance 1 Year GBP 25,554.63
Master in Global Economy 1 Year GBP 21,607.93

Admission Process

Admission Process

You can use either the UCAS application system or the Common Application website to apply to Glasgow University. After you send in your application, you must log in to the university's self-service site and upload the required papers. If your application gets to the next round of the process, you will be asked to come in for an interview. 


Admission process Admission process



Many students want to study at the University of Glasgow. While this is an excellent concept, students should ensure that they maximize their return on investment (ROI) in fees, manage living expenditures and other connected expenses, and, most significantly, invest 1 or 2 years of valuable time.

If students don't plan their move carefully, they may regret it for the rest of their lives because of the money and time they lose. As a result, the first step is to adequately plan everything.


Course Annual Package
Software Engineer £27,000
Data Analyst £33,000
Pharmacy Manager £37,000
Data Scientist £41,000
Data Engineer £33,000
Software Developer £30,000
Technical Director £1,02,000
Project Manager (IT) £71,000
Project Manager (Software) £60,000
Psychotherapist £25,000
Veterinary Surgeon £39,000

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Frequently Asked Questions


MyCareerHub is the official site of the University of Glasgow, which connects companies and workers. Graduates may look for new and current job advertisements.

After a year of school, students at the University of Glasgow can get internships on campus through one of the school's more than 400 partners. At the end of their first year, applicants are usually required to look for summer jobs or internships.

The university strives to reply to your application within 35 working days of receipt or, if appropriate, within the "round" deadlines indicated in the "How to apply" part of the program homepage. They strive to answer as promptly as possible; but, during peak periods, this may take longer. We will reply with a decision or a notification that your application is being held pending a collective evaluation of applications. To enable them to process your application as quickly as possible, they ask that you attach all essential papers to your application and refrain from contacting us until 28 working days have passed.

If your application doesn't get accepted, we'll send you an email telling you so and telling you why we couldn't give you a spot on this program. Please be aware that your application status on Applicant Self Service will be changed to "Unsuccessful/Withdrawn."

The start and finish dates of your course will be specified in your offer letter. The majority of postgraduate taught programs begin in mid-September.



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