It is a prestigious public research institution located in Houston, Texas, in the United States. It is the main campus of the University of Houston System and is first among research universities according to the Carnegie Foundation. Houston Junior College was the precursor to the university, which opened its doors in 1927. It transitioned to a full four-year curriculum in 1934. In 1939, it became a university, and in 1977, it officially changed its name to what it is now.

It provides a diverse selection of undergraduate and graduate programmes across multiple academic colleges and schools, such as the Social Sciences and College of Liberal Arts, Bauer College of Business, Cullen College of Engineering, College of Education, College of Technology, and College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, among others. They provides a comprehensive range of academic offerings, encompassing over 280 distinct degree programmes at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate levels. The campus spans an area of 667 acres and encompassesadvanced facilities, research centres, libraries, student accommodations, and recreational activities. It is renowned for its robust research initiatives in various domains, including space science, energy, health, and the arts.

When it comes to ethnic diversity among its student body, the University of Houston (UH) consistently ranks among the highest in the country. It is host to a range of distinguished research centers and institutes, encompassing the Texas Centre for Superconductivity, the Centre for Advanced Computing and Data Science, the Energy Research Park, and the Blaffer Art Museum. They maintains a partnership with NASA known as the UH-NASA Johnson Space Centre Partnership, facilitating collaboration in the realms of space research and education.

The athletic teams commonly referred to as the Houston Cougars, participate in the NCAA Division I and are affiliated with the American Athletic Conference. The institution possesses a robust athletic legacy, with a particular emphasis on football, basketball, and baseball. Overall, it is a respectable institution noted for its academic programmes, research achievements, and commitment to supporting Houston's diverse community.



Despite occasional slight variations, it has maintained a steady position in the rankings for the last ten years. It's strong ranking in the World University Rankings reflects the university's long-standing reputation in the academic community.









Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor in Computer Science 48 Months USD 26,790
Bachelor in Business Administration 48 Months USD 26,100
Bachelor of Science - Industrial Engineering 48 Months USD 29,031
Bachelor of Science - Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering 48 Months USD 30,193
Bachelor of Science - Electrical Engineering 48 Months USD 29,960
Bachelor of Science - Computer Engineering 48 Months USD 29,960
BBA in Management Information Systems 48 Months USD 27,870
Bachelor of Science - Construction Management 48 Months USD 27,870
Bachelor of Science - Petroleum Engineering 48 Months USD 29,496
Bachelor of Science - Civil Engineering 48 Months USD 30,193

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master of Science - Supply Chain & Logistics 36 Months USD 21,867
Master of Science - Mechanical Engineering 24 Months USD 16,834
Master of Science - Computer Science 24 Months USD 17,938
Master of Science - Electrical Engineering 24 Months USD 16,834
Master of Science - Industrial Engineering 24 Months USD 16,834
Master of Science - Management Information Systems 18 Months USD 40,000
Master of Science - Computer & Systems Engineering 24 Months USD 15,855
Master of Science - Engineering Data Science 12 Months USD 31,710
Master of Science - Cybersecurity 24 Months USD 17,235
MBA in Business Administration 22 Months USD 37,364

Admission Process

Admission Process

The admissions committee is continuously seeking indicators of the types of students who will graduate from the school in the future. It is critical to thoroughly evaluate one's admissions application before submitting it. 

Admission process Admission process



The purpose of this research is to determine whether students benefit financially as a direct result of their participation in educational activities. There are additional benefits, such as a larger earning potential and a broader range of relevant career prospects. 

This evaluation takes into account a number of aspects, including the following: the cost of tuition; the proximity of the institution to an area that is pertinent; the breadth and depth of the university's alumni network in fields that are relevant; the availability of career counselling services; the institution's reputation for academic excellence; and the quality of the educational programmes that are offered.

Alumni who are working six years after enrolling earn an average of $45,500 per year. Graduates earn an average of $59,000 after 10 years. Companies like HP Inc., JP Morgan, Microsoft, Phillips66, Bancorp South, Chewy, Credigy, Stout, HP Inc., and JP Morgan are among the most significant employers at the University of Houston (UH). 

Salaries of University of Houston (UH) Graduates and Alumni - By Degree and Job

Course Annual Package
Accounting 60,481 USD
Entrepreneurship 65,667 USD
Finance 65,391 USD
Management 57,659 USD
Management Information Systems 69,406 USD
Marketing 57,124 USD
Supply Chain Management 64,869 USD
Technology / Telecommunications/ Technical Services 68,074 USD
Engineering / Environmental / Biotechnology 56,288 USD
Healthcare / Medical / Pharmaceuticals / Nutrition / Health 56,534 USD

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Frequently Asked Questions


It has around 2,600 teaching staff members and over 43,500 undergraduate and graduate students. Career counseling, on-campus recruitment, and vocational evaluation are just some of the services that University Professional Services (UCS) offers to students in order to help them achieve their professional aspirations and become successful in their chosen fields.

Notable graduates include Jack Valenti, president of the Motion Picture Association of America, Alice Sebold, author of "The Lovely Bones," and Bonnie J. Dunbar, a former astronaut with NASA. Other notable graduates include Jack Valenti and Alice Sebold.

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching first recognised the University of Houston as a Tier One institution in 2011 and then reaffirmed that designation in 2016.

The average cost of tuition for an international student at the University of Houston (UH) is 26,457 US dollars, which is equivalent to 21.95 lakh Indian rupees. Students from other countries should budget an additional 12,000 to 15,000 US dollars per year to cover the increased expense of living in the United States.

Yes. The University of Houston offers few scholarships to international students. Students have the opportunity to win one of the university's numerous merit-based scholarships, which can be worth up to 32,000 USD. In addition, the institution makes it possible for its students to seek financial assistance from outside sources in the form of scholarships and grants to cover the costs of their studies.

Students who attend the University of Houston (UH) have achieved success at a rate of 97%. According to reports, graduates of the university are able to get salaries of approximately 75,000 USD (62.19 lakh INR) each year on average.



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