Students aspiring to study abroad and want to be the part of a world-leading university can choose no other than the La Trobe University. It is said that the University is creating change on a global scale. Their commitment to excellence is internationally recognized, and they want to support students to reach their goals and make the change they want to see in the world. It award-winning faculty employ innovative methods to meet the academic as well as professional needs for the students. The University has own a bunch of national teaching awards than any other University in the Country. It has more than 500 plus highly qualified academic staff, many of whom are recognized internationally as teachers their respective fields.

If you want to get proven undergraduate or graduate outcomes, academic diversity and high employability guarantee, then choose no other than the La Trobe University, Australia. At LTU, you will get commitment to enriching your studies and developing your employability to prepare you for a dream career you dream of. They support you not only to gain knowledge and leadership, but also to adopt skills and development innovative mindset.

At La Trobe, you will be inspired by highly passionate as well as engaging lecturers by a large number of eminent professors in the world who are ready to empower you with the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to face a future of innovations and unknowns. It has outstanding reputation as a global top 500 university. It is one of the Australia’s leading teaching and research institutions known for providing education par excellence. The University attracts the most passionate and talented students and professors from all around the world. So, when you choose the La Trobe University, you will know that you are going to study with a large number of brightest minds around – perfect for graduate or postgraduates planning to extend and challenge their thinking.

The University has four regional campuses offer strong industry connections, a relaxed lifestyle and access to a range of scholarships and incentives. When you choose La Trobe University, Australia, rest assured you have chosen one of the best Universities in the world.



The university has been ranked between 201-250 for the year 2022, and between 151-200 in the year 2023 for pursuing MBA by QS Universities. Times Higher Education has ranked the university in between 301 and 400 for pursuing PG in Business and Economics for the year 2023.














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Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Science - Agricultural Biotechnology 3 Years 39,600 AUD
Bachelor of Science - Agricultural Science 3 Years 31,000 AUD
Bachelor of Science - Cell Biology 3 Years 28,500 AUD
Bachelor of Science - Food Technology 3 Years 41,500 AUD
Bachelor of Science - Chemistry 3 Years 36,500 AUD
Bachelor of Science - Computer Science 3 Years 42,874 AUD
Bachelor of Science - Zoology 3 Years 39,600 AUD
Bachelor of Arts - Advanced Business 3 Years 47,874 AUD
Bachelor of Arts - Business Analytics 3 Years 31,000 AUD
Bachelor of Social Work 3 Years 29,760 AUD
Bachelor of Arts - Psychology 3 Years 28,500 AUD
Bachelor of Arts - Ancient History 3 Years 41,500 AUD
Bachelor of Arts - Anthropology 3 Years 36,500 AUD
Bachelor of Arts - Archaeology 3 Years 42,874 AUD
Bachelor of Arts - Journalism 3 Years 26,500 AUD
Bachelor of Arts - Linguistics 5 Years 25,500 AUD
Bachelor of Arts - Economics 3 Years 21,500 AUD
Bachelor of Arts - International Studies 3 Years 22,500 AUD
Bachelor of Arts - Tourism & Hospitality 3 Years 18,500 AUD
Bachelor of Arts - Sports Studies 3 Years 19,500 AUD
Bachelor of Arts - Digital Media 3 Years 20,500 AUD
Bachelor of Arts - Communication Journalism 3 Years 19,500 AUD

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master of Arts - Advanced Economics 2 Years 36,268 AUD
Master of Arts - Applied Finance 2 Years 35,333 AUD
Master of Business Administration - Business Management & Administration 2 Years 30,850 AUD
Master of Arts - Business Psychology 2 Years 28,700 AUD
Master of Commerce - Accounting & Finance 2 Years 36,268 AUD
Master of Science - Data Science 2 Years 35,333 AUD
Master of Science - Information Technology 2 Years 28,700 AUD
Master of Science - Computer Science 2 Years 23,400 AUD
Master of Science - Economics 2 Years 22,300 AUD
Master of Science - Environmental Management 2 Years 21,800 AUD
Master of Science - Occupational Hygiene 2 Years 25,700 AUD
Master of Science - Sports Medicine 2 Years 25,700 AUD
Master of Science - Food Science & Technology 2 Years 23,510 AUD
Master of Science - Sustainable Energy 2 Years 21,340 AUD

Admission Process

Admission Process

It goes without saying that the admission to the La Trobe University is not very competitive, because the acceptance rate is 100 percent, but the tuition fees are a bit higher than other universities in Australia, but it don’t compromise the quality of education. Your admission will be considered on your academic history and experience, wherever required.

Admission process Admission process



Every year, a large number of international students fly to study in Australia. The quality of the education, exposure to the international students and after study opportunities at this University, the return on investment for Australian Universities is absolutely worth. The average tuition fees for an undergraduate program ranges from 21761- 47874 AUD per year and for graduate programs it ranges from 20310- 53677 AUD. Say, you are a graduate student of this university, and invest the amount in 3 years of a bachelor degree program then your cost of investment would be 65,283 AUD. Whereas, a graduate usually gets an average salary of 44635 AUD depending on the program, so you will be able to get the return of your investment in just one and half year.

They offers the opportunity for rural, interstate and overseas placement opportunities. It has an employment rate of 87.8%. Undergraduates and graduates of La Trobe University work with multinational companies and organizations including, RBC, B.O.A Merrill Lynch, Accenture, HSBC and Stemcells Technologies etc.

Course Annual Package
Master of Sports Medicine 96,779 AUD
Masters of Computer Science 98,059 AUD
Masters of Food Technology 80,375 AUD
Bachelors of International Relations 65,000 AUD
Bachelors in Data Science 66,000 AUD
Masters in Business Administration 99,059 AUD
Bachelors in Tourism & Hospitality 38,000 AUD
Master of Applied Finance 55,000 AUD

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Frequently Asked Questions


Admissions to the La Trobe University are based on admissions policy issued annually. Students wishing to enrol in a program can apply online through their online application system. This online service allows students to complete the online application at your their pace.

A reference letter is required explicitly by an academic programme and should be sent directly to the university by the professor or employer without you seeing it. But personal statement and supplementary application La Trobe University are not always required.

Students can apply to up to two different programs at no additional cost at La Trobe University, but this is not applicable for all the courses. Therefore, you should see what course you are going to be admitted.

They offers scholarships, fellowships, and graduate assistantships to all national and international students. Moreover, you must have a Bachelors Degree and a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scales or equivalent, in all undergraduate work.

The average tuition fees for an undergraduate program in the La Trobe University ranges from 21761- 47874 AUD per year and for postgraduate programs it ranges from 20310- 53677 AUD.



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