It is an esteemed public research institution situated in the city of Melbourne, Australia. The institution was established in 1908 under the name Eastern Suburbs Technical College and obtained the status of a university in 1992. The institution of higher education is designated with the appellation of George Swinburne, an Australian entrepreneur and benefactor. It possesses several campuses situated in Melbourne, encompassing Hawthorn, Wantirna, and Croydon. The Hawthorn campus serves as the primary hub of academic activity, providing a dynamic educational setting equipped with cutting-edge amenities such as contemporary classrooms, advanced laboratories, extensive libraries, and interactive collaborative areas.

It provides a comprehensive selection of academic programmes at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels, encompassing a diverse array of disciplines such as science, engineering, business, design, health, and the arts and humanities, among several others. It is renowned for its robust focus on industry involvement and experiential learning, with the objective of equipping students with the requisite competencies and expertise necessary for thriving in their respective professional domains. Additionally, there is a notable emphasis on research and innovation inside the institution, with a specific focus on technology and its various uses.

It possesses a robust emphasis on research and actively engages in diverse domains of pioneering research and innovation. The organisation engages in partnerships with industry entities, government agencies, and fellow academic establishments in order to tackle practical issues and generate beneficial outcomes for society. Moreover, our boasts a widespread worldwide footprint and provides students with valuable prospects for foreign study through its extensive network of university collaborations across the globe. Additionally, they demonstrates a robust dedication to cultivating a varied and inclusive environment, bolstering students from all backgrounds, and offering an array of support resources to augment their collegiate journey.



Over the past decade, it has consistently maintained a stable ranking position, with just marginal variations. It has been awarded a commendable ranking in the World University Rankings, affirming the institution's enduring scholarly stature.









Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Arts 36 Months AUD 45,426
Bachelor of Arts - Majoring in Criminology 36 Months AUD 45,426
Bachelor of Media & Communication - Professional Creative Writing & Publishing 48 Months AUD 56,782.50
Bachelor of Design/ Bachelor of Business (Double degree) 36 Months AUD 46,884
Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Media & Communication (Double degree) 60 Months AUD 75,710
Bachelor of Business 36 Months AUD 45,426
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/ Bachelor of Arts 60 Months AUD 40600
Bachelor of Business Analytics & Analysis 36 Months AUD 24,903
Bachelor of Engineering 48 Months AUD 33,204
Bachelor of Science/ Bachelor of Applied Innovation 48 Months AUD 38160

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master of Finance 24 Months AUD 40200
Master of Arts - Research 24 Months AUD 32960
Master of Business Information Systems 36 Months AUD 37600
Master of Engineering Science 48 Months AUD 40600
Master of Aviation (Management) 18 Months AUD 30960
Master of Research 24 Months AUD 32960
Masters in Business Administration 24 Months AUD 40,200
Masters in Construction Management Practice 12 Months AUD 40,600
Masters in Cyber Security 12 Months AUD 38,600
Masters in Data Science 12 Months AUD 38,600

Admission Process

Admission Process

Regardless of how straightforward the application process appears to be, you must seek the assistance of an Education Vibes staff member to verify that all necessary procedures are completed in the proper order. If the application is filed on time and far ahead of the deadline, its chances of being included on the list improve. It is crucial to thoroughly check an admissions application before submitting it. 

Admission process Admission process



The objective of this study is to examine if students experience financial gains as a direct consequence of engaging in educational activities. This assessment considers factors such as the cost of tuition, the geographical proximity of the institution to a relevant area, the extent and strength of the university's alumni network in relevant fields, the availability of career counselling services, the institution's reputation for academic prowess, and the caliber of educational programmes provided.

In Australia, a student can earn up to 90,800 AUD per year, with salaries ranging from 23,000 AUD to 405,000 AUD per year. The average pay of graduates and alumni is 65,974 AUD, according to Payscale. Google, Intel, nab, and Delliote are just a few of the top companies that hire students. 

Based on data provided by Emolument, the average pay being offered to graduates is as follows:

Course Annual Package
MBA 115,000 AUD
Bachelor in Science 99,000 AUD
BBA 87,000 AUD
Masters in Science 84,000 AUD
Human Resources 155,000 AUD
Financial Services 115,000 AUD
Programme and Project Management 110,000 AUD

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Frequently Asked Questions


The cost of attendance for undergraduate students ranges from 27,500 AUD to 39,600 AUD, while for postgraduate students, it ranges from 31,600 AUD to 41,600 AUD.

Students have the opportunity to submit their applications to the University by utilizing the online application platform accessible on the official website of the institution.

The global population of live alumni who have successfully completed their studies at the University amounts to 198,000 individuals.

Indeed, the University provides financial assistance through several means, such as scholarships, awards, and bursaries. Various financial aid alternatives are available for international students, such as the Australia Award and the Destination Australia programme, among others.

It is internationally recognized for its state-of-the-art online education facilities, which employ interactive and cutting-edge technologies to effectively provide a wide range of courses and degree programmes. Swinburne University offers a range of online study options across several levels of education, including vocational education, undergraduate programmes, and postgraduate studies.



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