It is an esteemed institution of higher education that operates as a public university, situated in the region of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England. Staffordshire University was founded in 1992 and afterward attained the status of a university in the same year. It is comprised of two primary campuses, namely the Stoke-on-Trent campus, strategically positioned in the central region of England, and the Stafford campus, which is located in the town of Stafford. The Stoke-on-Trent site is the larger of the two campuses and accommodates the majority of the university's faculty and facilities.

It provides a diverse array of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes spanning multiple fields of study, encompassing subjects such as arts, commerce, computing, engineering, healthcare, law, and sciences. It is renowned for its notable emphasis on education in digital and technology domains. It has made substantial investments in advanced facilities and resources to provide support for various fields, including computing, digital media, and game design. Staffordshire University is renowned for its focus on vocational and practical education, to equip students with the essential skills and knowledge required for a successful entry into the job market.

In addition, Staffordshire University is renowned for its robust affiliations with various sectors of industry and commerce. They engages in partnerships with a range of regional and national organizations to facilitate networking opportunities for students and offer projects that are aligned with industry needs. They provides a comprehensive array of educational prospects across several disciplines, effectively integrating theoretical learning with hands-on training to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge for their prospective professional endeavors.



During the preceding decade, Staffordshire University has steadily upheld its position in several rankings with only marginal adjustments. The inclusion of Staffordshire University in the World University Rankings is proof of its high standing among academics worldwide.









Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering 48 Months GBP 14000
Bachelor of Science - Biomedical Sciences 36 Months GBP 14000
Bachelor of Science - Biological Science 36 Months GBP 14000
Bachelor of Science - Psychology 36 Months GBP 14000
LLB in Law 36 Months GBP 14000
Bachelor of Science - Criminology 36 Months GBP 14000
Bachelor of Art - Animation 36 Months GBP 14000
Bachelor of Science - Computer Science 36 Months GBP 14000
Bachelor of Art - Business Management 36 Months GBP 14000

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering 48 Months GBP 14000
Master of Science - Psychology 12 Months GBP 14500
Master of Science - Computer Science 13 Months GBP 14500
MBA in Business Administration 13 Months GBP 15146
Master of Science - Digital Marketing Management 13 Months GBP 15146
Master of Science - Computer Science 13 Months GBP 16769
Master of Science - Health Psychology 10 Months GBP 15687
Master of Art - Education 13 Months GBP 15687
Master of Science - Psychology 10 Months GBP 15687
Master of Science - 3D Computer Game Design 13 Months GBP 15687

Admission Process

Admission Process

The application process is straightforward; nevertheless, it is recommended to get assistance from a specialist at Education Vibes to navigate through the process. If you want to increase the possibility of being chosen, it is in your best interest to keep a close eye on the deadline for the application and to submit your application in a timely manner. 

Admission process Admission process



The term "return on investment" (ROI), also abbreviated as "ROI," refers to a popular financial metric used to assess the profitability or effectiveness of an investment. In the field of higher education, it is common practise to use a statistic known as return on investment (ROI) to analyse the financial benefits that students obtain as a direct result of the educational work that they put in.

These benefits include increased financial potential as well as a broader range of professional opportunities in one's chosen sector.  There are numerous factors that can influence the return on investment (ROI) that one receives after completing a college degree. This assessment considers a variety of factors, including tuition costs, the level of excellence and renown of educational programs offered, the breadth and depth of alumni networks within relevant businesses, the availability of job placement services and support, and the college's or university's proximity to the desired geographical location.

Our Graduate students in Stoke On Trent earn an average of £24,150 per year. Cisco Systems, British Airways, Amazon, IBM, McDonald's, Barclays, Tesco, Amazon, Vodafone, ALDI, and many more are among the university's noteworthy recruiters.

Our placement opportunities place numerous graduates each year. We have included the Staffordshire graduate wages by degree below.

Course Annual Package
Masters in Science $68,000
Bachelor (Other) $56,000
Master of Arts $53,000
Bachelor of Science $44,000
Bachelor of Arts $42,000
Master (Other) $35,000

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Frequently Asked Questions


It is well-known for its innovative approach, academic instruction, innovative understanding of industry, and student employability. Staffordshire University began as a polytechnic institution in 1914. International students can take advantage of on-campus activities in the wonderful city of Stoke-on-Trent. It is one of the best universities in the UK, with numerous top-rated undergraduate and postgraduate options for overseas students.

Unitemps, the university's official employment service, is a subsidiary of Staffordshire University, which owns the company. It was established to assist businesses in attracting university talent. Internships and short-term shift jobs are also available. Over 90% of university recruiters want to hire interns as full-time employees. Graduate Internships and Student Internships are two types of internships offered by Unitemps.

The UK government must provide ATAS clearance for certain courses. If this is one of the criteria, your offer letter will include a list of them. It is critical that you submit your ATAS application well in advance of the start of your course, as processing times might range from 6 to 8 weeks.

The university has around 10,000 students enrolled. International students from over 75 countries make up 13% of the total student body.

Attending Staffordshire University has many advantages, some of which are listed here. Provide a welcoming environment and assistance to overseas students. For improved learning, modern facilities and a digital focus are available. Leading researchers and experienced instructors teach the programmes. International student community from over 75 nations. Tuition fees are low in comparison to other popular universities in the UK.



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