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With the exception of a few small instances, it has experienced few fluctuations in its rankings during the past decade. There impressive placement in the World University Rankings serves as evidence of its esteemed position within the scholarly world.








Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Science - Biomedical Sciences (Pharmacology) 48 Months £29.80K
Bachelor of Music 48 Months £18.00K
Bachelor of Science - Business Management and Information Systems 48 Months £24.29K
Bachelor of Business Administration - Minor 48 Months £20.80K
Bachelor of Engineering - Electrical & Electronic 48 Months £22.10K
Bachelor of Science - Biomedical Sciences (Molecular Biology) 48 Months £20.75K
Bachelor of Science - Ecology 48 Months £21.00K
Bachelor of Science - Geography & Geoscience 48 Months £20.70K
Bachelor of Science - Mathematics 48 Months £22.10K
LLB Law with options in Business Management 48 Months £18.00K

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master of Science - Finance & Real Estate 12 Months £27.00K
Master of Public Health 12 Months £27.00K
Masters of Business Administration 12 Months £28.60K
Master of Art - History & Sociology 48 Months £18.00K
LLM Business Law &Sustainable Development with Dissertation 12 Months £23.80K
Master of Engineering - Civil & Structural Engineering 60 Months £24.80K
Master of Art - Computing & Music 48 Months £18.00K
Master of Art - Mathematics 48 Months £18.00K
Master of Science - Energy Politics & Law 12 Months £19.80K
Master of Art - Business Management & Information Systems 48 Months £20.80K

Admission Process

In the admissions procedure, the University of Aberdeen seeks indications of the subsequent attributes of potential students. Please ascertain whether you satisfy the necessary conditions for admission.


The concept of return on investment (ROI) is widely utilized in the realm of higher education as a financial metric aimed at quantifying the financial advantages acquired by students as a consequence of their educational pursuits. 

Earning more money and having more job alternatives within the chosen area are other benefits. When assessing the ROI of higher education, a lot of variables can influence the final result. The analysis takes into account a number of factors, including tuition costs, the quality and reputation of educational programmes offered, the size and strength of alumni networks in relevant industries, the availability of job-search assistance, and the college's or university's proximity to the desired location.

Average income for graduates is £34,436 per year. In Aberdeen, the average additional cash compensation for a graduate is £4,588, with a range of £1,022 - £20,588. Salary estimates are based on 255 anonymous salaries posted to Glassdoor by graduate workers. Hewlett Packard, IBM, ConocoPhillips, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and AirAge Media are some of the most prominent companies that hire students from the University of Aberdeen.

Salaries of Aberdeen University Graduates and Alumni - By Degree and Jo

Course Annual Package
Master (Other) $80,000
Masters in Science $65,000
Bachelor (Other) $58,000
LLM $55,000
Masters in Finance $45,000
Bachelor of Arts $44,000
Financial Services $80,000
Executive Management and Change $77,000
Programme and Project Management $66,000
Engineering $58,000
Sales and Business Development $52,000
IT and Software Development $48,000

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The estimated expenditure for the initial year of enrollment at the University of Aberdeen is INR 2,456,354.

The University of Aberdeen, which is the fifth oldest university in the United Kingdom, blends its long history with some of the most advanced educational facilities and methods currently available. It boasts a student population of over 14,000, a huge international community consisting of people from more than 120 different nations, and it offers approximately 370 different degrees to undergraduate students.

If you attend the graduation ceremony in person, you will receive your diploma at that time. Students who graduate in absentia will have their certificates mailed to them instead of receiving them in person.

If you miss the application deadline, there is no assurance that your submission will be considered for acceptance. Therefore, you should not wait until you receive your results before applying; rather, you should presume that you will pass and apply as soon as possible.

With 89 percent of its research being of a worldwide standard and 55 percent of it being either world-leading or internationally good, the University of Aberdeen is consistently ranked as one of the best research universities in the United Kingdom. Additionally, graduates may look forward to some of the best-starting incomes in Scotland.