It is an esteemed public research institution. The institution was officially established as the University College of Swansea in 1920 and subsequently attained university status in 2007, undergoing a name change to Swansea University. It is renowned for its robust research programmes and holds membership in the esteemed Russell Group, which comprises prominent research-intensive universities in the United Kingdom. The primary campus of the institution is situated in Singleton Park, affording panoramic views of Swansea Bay. It is equipped with contemporary amenities, such as cutting-edge research facilities, laboratories, libraries, and student housing. Swansea University boasts a secondary campus, known as the Bay Campus, which is situated on the eastern periphery of Swansea Bay, in addition to its primary campus.

The arts and humanities, business, law, engineering, science, medicine, and social sciences are just some of the areas covered by Swansea University's extensive undergraduate and postgraduate programme offerings. Research and new product development are two areas in which Swansea University is known to excel. It participates in research across a broad spectrum of disciplines, including engineering, computer science, the health sciences, the environmental sciences, and the humanities.

In order to tackle global issues and make a contribution to the expansion of human knowledge, It has formed partnerships with various organisations in the private sector, the public sector, and other academic institutions. With a long tradition of student involvement in sports, clubs, and groups, the university is widely renowned for its vibrant student life. It also offers student services such as career counselling, student health care, and international student assistance. In general, is a well-regarded university with a concentration on research excellence, offering a varied choice of academic programmes and a vibrant learning environment for its students.



It's standing in a variety of rankings stayed practically stable during the previous decade, barring a few minor movements here and there. Our excellent ranking in the World University Rankings attests to the university's stellar reputation among academics worldwide.









Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Science - Adult Nursing 36 Months GBP 16,500
Bachelor of Science - Actuarial Science with a Foundation Year 48 Months GBP 18,800
Bachelor of Science - Accounting with a Foundation Year 48 Months GBP 16,900
Bachelor of Science - Accounting 36 Months GBP 16,900
Bachelor of Science - Medical Pharmacology 36 Months GBP 20,600
Bachelor of Science - Accounting & Finance 36 Months GBP 16,900
Bachelor of Engineering - Aerospace Engineering with a Foundation Year 48 Months GBP 21,700
Bachelor of Art - Modern Languages with Education 48 Months GBP 18,300
Bachelor of Science - Biochemistry 36 Months GBP 20,600
Bachelor of Science - Applied Mathematics 36 Months GBP 18,000

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master of Science - Management (Operations & Supply Management) 12 Months GBP 19,600
Master of Science - Clinical Psychology & Mental Health 12 Months GBP 20,500
LLM in Human Rights 12 Months GBP 18,000
Master of Art - Ancient History & Classical Culture 12 Months GBP 17,500
Master of Art - Creative Writing 12 Months GBP 17,500
Master of Art - Cybercrime & Terrorism 12 Months GBP 18,000
Master of Art - Digital Media 12 Months GBP 17,500
Master of Art - Education 12 Months GBP 17,500
Master of Art - International Journalism 12 Months GBP 17,500
Master of Art - International Relations 12 Months GBP 19,300
Master of Art - International Security & Development 12 Months GBP 19,300

Admission Process

Admission Process

During the selection process, Swansea University evaluates prospective students based on their demonstration of the following traits. Please ascertain the prerequisites for admission.

Admission process Admission process



These advantages encompass an enhanced potential for financial profitability as well as an expanded range of professional opportunities within the chosen business. Furthermore, individuals have the opportunity to choose from a more extensive array of professional trajectories. When considering the assessment of the return on investment (ROI) associated with obtaining a college degree, various factors may potentially influence the outcome. The analysis considers several factors, such as the expenses associated with tuition, the quality and standing of educational programmes provided, the extent and strength of alumni networks in relevant industries, the availability of job placement support, and the proximity of the college or university to the desired geographical area.

According to available data, the Doctorate degree at Swansea University is associated with the highest remuneration, as seen by the average salary of $51,000 reported by its alumni. The graduates from Swansea University who have the lowest earning potential are those who have obtained a Masters of Arts degree, as their annual pay amounts to $26,000.

Tata Steel, Hewlett Packard, GE Healthcare, British Airways, IBM, TATA, Shall, Jaguar, McKinsey, HSBC, Accenture, Microsoft, Deloitte, and others are among the renowned organizations that hire Strathclyde University students.

Salaries of Swansea University Graduates and Alumni - By Degree and Job

Course Annual Package
LLM $53,000
Doctorate $51,000
Masters in Management $48,000
Bachelor of Science $36,000
Masters in Science $35,000
Bachelor of Arts $30,000
Financial Services $47,000
Executive Management and Change $45,000
Finance Control and Strategy $42,000
Media, Communication and Advertising $39,000
Consulting, Accounting and Professional Services $38,000
Education and Research $37,000

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Frequently Asked Questions


Indeed, the cost of living in Swansea, United Kingdom, is quite inexpensive. Additionally, it has been ranked within the top 10 in the United Kingdom in terms of affordability for university towns. Students also have the opportunity to apply for scholarships granted by the university in order to facilitate their academic pursuits.

If you do not meet the entry requirements, you may pursue a foundation degree at Swansea or an integrated 1-year or pre-master programmer at The College, Swansea University. Once completed, you will be able to enroll in a full-time programmer at Swansea University.

Swansea University extends a range of funding and fellowships to international students. Students who are interested in being considered for a scholarship should have already applied to study at the institution in order to receive a student number, which is going to be necessary for the scholarship application process.

The College of Human and Health Sciences at Swansea University is the principal source of medical education in Wales, combining in wellness, nursing, childcare, social services, economics of health, young people and children, policy on social issues, and psychology.

Swansea University is well-known for the quality of its research, the reputation it has earned for its teaching, and its stunning beachside location. The university, which dates back to 1920 and has been delivering education of the highest caliber for the past century, received this honor in 2019 and was named University of the Year.



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