Like many other colleges in Ontario, George Brown College was accredited by the Government of Ontario in 1966 and opened the following year. George Brown (1818-1880) was a 19th-century Scottish-Canadian politician, newspaper publisher (he founded The Globe, the forerunner of the Globe and Mail), and one of the Fathers of Confederation. An essential figure in the formation of Canada, Brown was a firm believer in public education. It's opened in 1968, enrolling just over 2,000 students. In addition to building, early childhood education, dentistry, and culinary programs – subjects they continue to teach – they used to offer programs that may no longer be relevant today, such as sign writing and watchmaking. Believe it or not, they even prepare students for careers at sea with a marine engineering program. Since then, their full-time student body has grown to around 30,000. People come to George Brown from across the Greater Toronto Area, and the world to develop the skills and gain real-world experience needed to succeed in the workplace.

Since 2004, It has doubled in size, expanded international partnerships, and deepened his commitment to strengthening Toronto's cultural, economic, and social fabric. Balancing work, home, and study is easy with full-time, part-time, and continuing education programs tailored to your abilities and leading to a degree, diploma, or certificate. Toronto is home to many of Canada's major industries and is one of the most important economic centers in North America. This city becomes a living laboratory for students. They have three campuses and multiple locations that place students in the heart of downtown Toronto: the St. James Campus, Casa Loma Campus, and Waterfront Campus.

They have leveraged their position to give students an edge in the job market. They partner with companies and organizations that play a role in students' academic lives by advising on course programs as well as providing on-the-job training and employment. By helping them develop their curricula, these companies help their students meet industry needs and learn skills that are in high demand in today's job market. They offers a variety of courses at different levels. It offers vocational courses, part-time courses, and full-time courses to its students. They offers 174 full-time programs in a variety of centers and schools. Currently, the school enrolls 26,944 full-time students and 3,106 part-time students. This figure includes 32% of international students from more than 120 countries. Prospective students can study 174 programs full-time. Students can benefit from easily accessible library services, adaptive technology labs, alumni services, and academic research computers, among many others. Casa Loma's main campus houses administrative offices, classrooms, theatre, coffee shop, library, gym, and student services, among more. Students can participate in events, networking, clubs, student groups, or student leadership academies.



George Brown College succeeds in every way because words alone are not enough to determine whether a university is a good place to study. The ranking of the university are shown in the table below.









Course Duration Fee/Year
Advanced Diploma Computer Programming & Analysis 3 Years CAD 15,800
Diploma Business - Accounting 2 Years CAD 15,800
Diploma Tourism & Hospitality Management 2 Years CAD 15,800
Advanced Diploma Dental Technology 3 Years CAD 15,800
Advanced Diploma Graphic Design 3 Years CAD 15,800
Advanced Diploma Architectural Technology 3 Years CAD 15,800
Advanced Diploma Civil Engineering Technology 3 Years CAD 15,800
Bachelor of Brand Design 4 Years CAD 20,612
Bachelor of Technology - Construction Management 4 Years CAD 18,740
Bachelor of Commerce - Financial Services 4 Years CAD 18,740
Bachelor of Business Administration - Hospitality 4 Years CAD 18,740

Course Duration Fee/Year
Postgraduate Certificate Sport & Event Marketing 1 Year CAD 23,700
Graduate Certificate Construction Management 1 Year CAD 24,150
Graduate Certificate Strategic Relationship Marketing 1 Year CAD 24,150
Graduate Certificate Cyber Security 1 Year CAD 24,150
Graduate Certificate Human Resources Management 1 Year CAD 24,150
Graduate Certificate Health Informatics 1 Year CAD 24,150
Graduate Certificate Project Management 8 Months CAD 24,150
Graduate Certificate International Business Management 8 Months CAD 24,150
Graduate Certificate Entrepreneurship Management 8 Months CAD 16,100
Postgraduate Certificate Building Information Modeling Management 1 Year CAD 24,150

Admission Process

Admission Process

It is offered in more than 174 programs divided into undergraduate, graduate, certificate, and diploma programs. The application process for George Brown College graduate courses is similar to the application process for undergraduate programs.

Admission process Admission process



Over the years, it has consistently ranked among the Greater Toronto Area's (GTA) Top 100 Employers, thanks to its focus on employee well-being, diversity, and inclusion, growth, and development. professional development as well as generous benefits and pension plans. We are a proud organization where employees are motivated above all by their dedication to a common purpose: serving our students. They offers support through Career Services, guiding students through 1: 1, and organizing events and meetings between job seekers and employers. It has partnered with more than 5,000 companies each year. 91% of employees are satisfied with the GBC graduates they have hired. 69% of students plan to work in  GTA after graduation. 

This university is recognized by many potential employers and many students who have studied here are working in Canada itself and enjoying the wonderful perks. As we look to the future, the Greater Toronto Area's Top Employers of 2023 are leading the way in shaping the post-pandemic workplace. For some progressive employers, like Amex Canada, this means allowing employees to work abroad for up to four weeks a year. 

For example, HarperCollins Canada and Harlequin Enterprises have taken steps to ensure that their extended benefit policy will include all families, with extended benefit recipients identified simply as caregivers. primary care and secondary caregivers.

Currently, graduates are said to have earned an average annual  salary of 51,000 CAD (31.30 lakh INR). Here are the common occupations that graduates hold and their respective average monthly salaries:

Course Annual Package
Architectural Technologist 46,000 CAD
Graphic Designer 42,600 CAD
Project Coordinator 49,100 CAD
Project Manager 68,250 CAD
Assistant Construction Superintendent 66,130 CAD
Sous Chef 45,000 CAD

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Frequently Asked Questions


Offering more than 150 academic programs, George Brown College is renowned for its education in health and technology. Most of the programs offered by George Brown College involve hands-on learning, making the school a leader in simulation-based learning. The school was also named one of Canada's Greenest Employers for two consecutive years and was the first university in Ontario to adopt an environmental management plan.

This may be due to the competitive status of the program where a final decision is pending from George Brown College. This means that the university is unable to provide you with an offer at this time. This is subject to change at a later date and applicants are encouraged to continue to check Stu-view for further status updates.

Generally, George Brown College Canada accepts high school graduates. Their scores are used to assess an applicant's eligibility for admission. Adult students (19 years of age or older) without an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent credit (can take the admissions assessment at George Brown College). Specific requirements such as auditions, portfolio/interview, and high school grades may be required in conjunction with results from additional requirements.

It helps students find jobs and advance their careers. GBC has an extensive alumni network across Canada and works in a variety of fields. George Brown College is one of the top colleges in Canada with a high graduate employment rate. In 2022, George Brown College's employment rate is 84%, much better than any other college or university.

It offers a variety of accommodation options for its students. International students can live in the George Brown University Student Residence at 80 Cooperate St., Toronto, or live with friends in downtown Toronto. Living on campus will cost international students between 700 CAD and 1,500 CAD per month.

Graduates earn an average salary of 51,000 CAD (31.30 lakhs INR) annually. Graduates working as project managers are among the top earners with an average annual salary of 68,250 CAD (41.87 lakh INR).



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