The only university in Southwest Washington to offer degrees in all four years of higher education is also known by its abbreviation WSU Vancouver. It is one of the six campuses that comprise the Washington State University system. Washington State University Vancouver is situated in Vancouver, Washington, which is positioned on the opposite bank of the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon.

It was founded in 1989 as an extension of the main campus of Washington State University to meet the need for educational opportunities in the southwest Washington area. It is located on a 351-acre plot of land within the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, providing a breathtakingly stunning natural setting for both students and faculty. They provides students with access to a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programmes that span a variety of academic fields. It is especially well-known for the programmes it offers in the fields of business, computer science, engineering, environmental science, creative media, and digital culture. Students who have already taken some college-level coursework but would still like to acquire a bachelor's degree can take advantage of the campus's bachelor's degree completion programme.

The amenities on site consist of contemporary lecture halls, research labs, a library, computer labs, and student housing. Furthermore, It provides a wide range of student services, like advising, career counselling, tutoring, and on-campus organisations. It has a strong dedication to research and innovation, and its faculty members are very involved in scholarly activities and research projects. The campus is home to research centers and institutions that concentrate on topics such as entrepreneurship, neurology, and the development of innovative energy systems.

Since there is no on-campus housing, it has traditionally catered to commuter students, many of whom are non-traditional or returning students. It does, however, provide a full range of student services and extracurricular activities, such as clubs, student government, and career assistance. Overall, they offers a high-quality education with an emphasis on research, community service, and professional readiness. It allows students to achieve a degree on a smaller campus while being part of a well-established and reputable university system.



It has maintained a consistent ranking position in the last ten years, despite minor fluctuations. The exceptional grade that received in the World University Rankings is evidence of the university's long-standing reputation in the academic community.









Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Science - Computer Science 48 Months USD 26,407
Bachelor of Science - Data Analytics 48 Months USD 26,407
Bachelor of Science - Mechanical Engineering 48 Months USD 26,407
Bachelor of Science - Electrical Engineering 48 Months USD 26,407
Bachelor of Arts - Digital Technology & Culture 48 Months USD 26,407
Bachelor of Science - Biology 48 Months USD 26,407
Bachelor of Science - Psychology 48 Months USD 26,407
Bachelor of Science - Environmental Science 48 Months USD 26,407
Bachelor of Science - Neuroscience 48 Months USD 26,407
Bachelor of Arts - Business Administration 48 Months USD 26,407

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master of Science - Mechanical Engineering 18 Months USD 27,1305
Master of Science - Electrical Engineering 18 Months USD 27,1305
Master of Science - Computer Science 18 Months USD 28,4568
Master of Science - Environmental Science 18 Months USD 26,4070

Admission Process

Admission Process

Regardless of how simple the application process appears to be, you must seek the aid of an Education Vibes staff member to ensure that all required procedures are performed in the correct order. The application's chances of getting included on the list rise if it is submitted on time and far ahead of the deadline. Before submitting an admissions application, it is critical to thoroughly review it. 

Admission process Admission process



When evaluating the effectiveness or value of financial spending, it is common practise to compute the return on investment (ROI). The concept of return on investment has become a significant subject of discussion within both the business and scientific domains. In educational institutions, ROI and other financial measures are common.

The goal of this study is to see if students profit financially as a direct result of participating in educational activities. The goal of this study is to see if students profit financially as a direct result of participating in educational activities. 

This evaluation takes into account tuition costs, the institution's proximity to a relevant area, the breadth and depth of the university's alumni network in relevant fields, the availability of career counseling services, the institution's reputation for academic excellence, and the quality of educational programmes offered.

Our students earn an average of $54,400 per year.

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Frequently Asked Questions


The flagship residential campus has gorgeous grounds, cutting-edge facilities, Pac-12 sports, world-class research programmes, and a student experience with practically limitless opportunities.

It has been associated with being the source of a number of significant breakthroughs, some of which include bubble gum, vinyl, synthetic rubber, and the color television tube. The Wave was born in 1981 at the University of Washington. Husky Stadium achieved the distinction of hosting the most audibly intense game in the annals of college football, as it registered a sound level of 130 dB during the encounter with the Nebraska Cornhuskers in 1992.

Yes. WSU Vancouver offers undergraduate and graduate credit certifications. Students must be admitted to the institution as well as the Graduate School for graduate studies. Undergraduate certificates typically require a minimum of 15 credit hours of coursework, whereas graduate certificates require 9-12 credits. A typical semester-long course is three credits long.

Yes. Current students are welcome to enrol in any noncredit certificate course; however, the registration price is not included in tuition or financial aid and must be paid separately. The certificate does not count towards a student's major's degree programme requirements.

The average cost of living at Washington State University, Vancouver, is USD 45,164.



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