One of the globe's finest universities, Toronto's Ryerson University is part of the prestigious Toronto Metropolitan University. Toronto Metropolitan University, now known as Ryerson University, was established in 1948. In 2021, the university renamed itself Toronto Metropolitan University because of Egerton Ryerson's contribution to the residential school system.

At this university, which has a total student population of 25,000, there are 3,000 students who are not from the United States or Canada. The institution boasts a global network of 15,000 graduates. It's esteemed reputation as a prominent educational and research institution may be attributed to the collective efforts of over 1,200 faculty and staff members, 10 departments, and a multitude of dedicated students. They offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programmes in a diverse range of academic disciplines. Business, Humanities, Engineering, and other courses are available. It has two undergraduate programmes and six postgraduate programmes.

Our huge campus features remarkable structures, cutting-edge research libraries, laboratory areas, institutes, clubs, dormitories, and other amenities for students and faculty. It is based on an inclusive culture that values diversity, inclusiveness, and equal learning opportunities. Its network of like-minded people who can assist one another no matter where they are has contributed to making the globe a far better place to live.

Another important factor that draws international students to Toronto Metropolitan University and Ryerson University is the possibilities for jobs in Canada after they have completed their studies there. Students are mentored in order for them to achieve in their careers and have a beneficial impact on society.



With just minimal swings, it has maintained a stable position in the rankings throughout the last decade. The fact that Toronto Metropolitan University ranks highly in the World University Rankings demonstrates the university's long-standing academic reputation.









Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Commerce - Accounting & Finance 48 Months $38,432 - $38,488
Bachelor of Engineering - Aerospace Engineering 48 Months $38,340 - $38,584
Bachelor of Engineering - Biomedical Engineering 48 Months $38,340 - $38,584
Bachelor of Engineering - Computer Engineering 48 Months $38,340 - $38,584
Bachelor of Design - Fashion 48 Months $33,462 - $33,881
Bachelor of Technology - Graphic Communications Management 48 Months $33,462 - $33,881
Bachelor of Health Administration 48 Months $3,467 - $25,730
Bachelor of Journalism 48 Months $33,462 - $33,881
Bachelor of Science - Nutrition & Food 48 Months $33,423 - $34,665
Bachelor of Social Work 48 Months $33,423 - $34,665

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master of Architecture 12 Months $28,389.99
Master of Arts 12 Months $26,379.99
Master of Building Science 12 Months $28,389.99
Master of Digital Media 12 Months $26,379.99
Master of Engineering 12 Months $28,389.99
Master of Fine Arts 12 Months $26,609.99
Master of Health Administration in Community Care 12 Months $26,829.99
Master of Health Science 12 Months $26,379.99
Master of Professional Communication 12 Months $26,429.99

Admission Process

Admission Process

The admissions committee at Toronto Metropolitan University is always on the lookout for indicators of the types of students who will graduate from the school in the future. It is imperative to thoroughly review one's admissions application to verify that all conditions have been fulfilled before submission. 

Admission process Admission process



The purpose of this exercise is to calculate the financial rewards that students receive from their education. Additional benefits include increased earning potential and a broader range of relevant work options. 

Tuition costs, the institution's proximity to a topic of passion, the size and extent of the university's alumni network in related fields, the existence of career guidance services, and the reputation as well as the calibre of the educational programmes offered are just a few of the factors considered in this evaluation.

In Toronto, the average pay for a graduate student is CA$23215. Graduate student earnings range from CA$10,000 to CA$63,000 per year. This estimate is based on 12 graduate student salary reports submitted by employees or statistically approximated based on techniques. A Graduate Student  may expect to earn an average total salary of CA$23,215 per year after bonuses and other benefits.

Graduate and Alumni Salaries at Toronto Metropolitan University - By Degree, Job, and Degree

Course Annual Package
Project Manager 63,400 CAD
Software Developer 62,700 CAD
Interior Designer 45,200 CAD
Marketing Manager 55,000 CAD

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, Toronto Metropolitan University is one of the schools that accepts Duolingo test scores. The variability of this material necessitates that students refer to the course websites for additional details. Learners from other countries whose first language is not English will likely be held to a higher standard when it comes to their command of the English language, as this is a requirement for international students.

In 2016, Canadian Business named the Master of Business Administration programme at Toronto Metropolitan University as one of the best in the country. The university is also well-known for its cutting-edge research facilities and Ph.D. programmes that emphasise creative problem-solving. The institution offers a variety of programmes, some of which include Physical Sciences, Natural Sciences, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Engineering, Art & Design, Arts Visual & Performing, Nursing, Medicine & Health, and Law. Other programmes include Art & Design, Arts Visual & Performing, Nursing, Medicine & Health, and Law.

Applicants need to have an overall GPA of at least 3.0 in order to apply to undergraduate degree programmes. The required GPA for graduate school is 3.3.

At Toronto Metropolitan University, students who meet the necessary requirements can be considered for scholarships as well as other kinds of financial aid, thus, the answer is yes. The President's Entrance Scholarship, the Guaranteed and Renewable Scholarship, and the International Secondary School Merit Scholarship are a few examples of exceptional scholarships.

Yes, Toronto Metropolitan University offers undergraduate students housing alternatives.

Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Education has officially acknowledged Toronto Metropolitan University.



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