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Indian Students


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Why Study MBBS in Romania

Why MBBS ?

There are several reasons why studying MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) in Romania can be a good option for students:

  • Affordable tuition fees: Compared to other countries, tuition fees for MBBS are relatively low. This makes it an attractive option for students who are looking for a cost-effective way to pursue a degree in medicine.

  • Quality education: It has a long history of providing high-quality medical education. They provide modern facilities, experienced faculty, and rigorous curriculum, which ensures that students receive a well-rounded education.

  • International recognition: Medical degrees obtained from Romanian universities are recognized globally, which means that graduates can practice medicine in other countries as well.

  • Wide range of programs: They offers a wide range of MBBS programs, which allows students to choose a program that best suits their interests and career goals.

  • Multicultural experience: It is a multicultural country, which provides an opportunity for international students to experience a different culture and gain a global perspective, which can be valuable in their future careers. You can travel to 26 European countries on the same VISA while studying medicine in Romania.

  • Scholarship and Insurance: Erasmus is a student exchange and scholarship program that allows students to study at universities in EU member countries. Romanian governments pay half of the cost of travel insurance.

MBBS in Romania - Ranked Universities


MBBS in Romania Eligibility

Eligibility & Admission Process
  • Entrance exam - NEET UG Exam

  • Academic qualification - It requires a minimum grade of 55% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in the 10+2 program.

  • AGE - 17 years is the minimum age that candidates must complete until December 31st of the admission year.

Documents Required

Document requried X & XII Marksheets

X & XII Marksheets

Document requried NEET scorecard

NEET scorecard

Document requried HIV and Covid report

HIV and Covid report

Document requried Valid Passport

Valid Passport

Document requried Passport size photos

Passport size photos

MBBS in Romania Admission Process 2024-2025

Every year, many applicants apply for MBBS in Romania and plan to enter top universities. Follow the steps below to get direct admission to any major medical university without a donation. 

  • Registration - In Romania, university entrance exams are usually held in June and July. Some Universities have winter admissions in September. To begin the admission process, students must pre-register and pay the registration fee.

  • Documentation - Candidates will need to submit relevant paper documents along with all the required information and will be requested on the university's admissions portal. 

  •  A letter of acceptance - It will be issued after the student's application has been reviewed and the documents translated. This indicates that the relevant university has accepted your application for the MBBS program.

  • Document verification - Here candidates are required to submit all relevant academic documents in original along with the NEET scorecard and other required documents. All documents will be sent to relevant authorities in India and Russia for verification and authentication.

  • Letter of invitation - Once all documents have been successfully verified and all required formalities have been completed, invitations will be sent out by each university. This clearly indicates that the student has successfully entered the medical school of the university.

  • Visa processing -  It requires additional documents in addition to the academic documents. It can take up to 10-15 business days. Student visas are initially valid for 90 days and must be renewed annually.

  • Departure - An experienced team of MBBS International Consultants will fully support you throughout your journey. At this stage, we will arrange travel tickets, international SIM cards, foreign exchange support, transportation in Romania to and from the university, dormitory allocation, etc. Students must submit tuition upon arrival on campus to begin their medical studies. 

Cost of Education in Romania


Learning an affordable MBBS education is the main motto of studying abroad. MBBS fees in Romania are quite low compared to Indian private institutions and those in developed countries. Below is a rough estimate of the cost of studying at the University of Romania.

Type of Expense Approx. Cost (in EURO)
Tuition Fees Per Year 3250.00
Accommodation 2200.00
Mess 1000.00
Medical Insurance 900.00
Airfare 700.00
Visa 100.00
Total Expense 8150

Study MBBS in Romania vs MBBS in India

MBBS in Romania MBBS in India
MBBS in Romania is affordable as it costs around 16,50,000 INR to 20,00,000 MBBS in India is very costly in comparison to MBBS in Romania as it goes beyond 50,00,000
To get admission to MBBS in Romania, only a qualifying NEET score is needed. MBBS in India in a good institution is not possible without a high score in NEET
It is very easy to get admission in a government added medical university to study MBBS in Romania It is an uphill task to study in a government medical university due to tough competition and donations.
The atmosphere at Romanian universities is really good and the campus is very neat and clean. No, though quality education is there, the atmosphere in Indian medical universities is not so good, and they are not as clean and neat.
The culture of Romenian universities is also very versatile. Studying in a foreign land is an opportunity to learn many other new things while studying MBBS. There are no such opportunities in India for medical students.

Our Take on Romania

Our Take

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Romania at Glance


Romania, a country in southeastern Europe. The provincial capital is Bucharest. Romania was occupied by Soviet forces in her 1944 and became a satellite state of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) in 1948. Romania's landscape is about one-third mountain, one-third forest, and the rest hills and plains. The climate is warm and characterized by four distinct seasons. Romania has fairly rich natural resources.






Romanian Leu




languages spoken





1.91 crores (2021)

Head of state

Head of state

Klaus Werner Iohannis



Ciorba de Burta (Traditional Tripe Soup), Ciorba Radauteana (Radauti Soup), Mici / Mititei (Romani

major cities

Major Cities

Bucharest, Brasov, Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Iasi

Frequently Asked Questions


The duration of the course is 6 years which includes one year of internship of practical training as well.

No, it is not mandatory. Students can get admission in Romanian medical universities without TOEFL score as well but you must have studied in English medium till your school level studies.

Yes, students can apply for the Work Permit. In fact, many universities offer job placement in Romania and other western countries to MBBS students including national and international. But make sure that you have all the paperwork completed.

Yes, MBBS study students can apply. But for the same, you need to get in touch with the university and VISA issuing department in Romania.

Yes, the university hostels are available for international MBBS student accommodation. There is a separate hostel facility provided to both, girls and boys. This is one of the safest country in world.

In the majority of case, it is included in the Tuition fee but still it differs from university to university.

The term of MBBS in Romania is 6 years. Students must complete a five-year classroom training and a one-year internship. To be admitted to her MBBS in Romania, students must score at least 50% on her 10+2 exam. Additionally, you must be NEET certified to apply. However, if an MBBS candidate has completed previous education at a medium English medium school, the candidate does not require a definite TOEFL or IELTS score.



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