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It is currently ranked 781 in QS World University Rankings and comes in the list of top universities in the world. In accordance with another popular ranking body, the US News & World Report, It is ranked 119 in Canada for the year 2022.














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Course Duration Fee/Year
Bachelor of Technology - Biotechnology 4 Years 56,340 CAD
Bachelor in Applied Microbiology 4 Years 46,320 CAD
Bachelor of Science - Chemistry 4 Years 56,330 CAD
Bachelor of Engineering - Chemical Engineering 3 - 4 Years 41,660 CAD
Bachelor of Arts - Economics 3 - 4 Years 30,555 CAD
Bachelor of Science - Ecology 3 - 4 Years 56,240 CAD
Bachelor of Business Administration 3 - 4 Years 57,020 CAD
Bachelor of Science - Physics 4 Years 39,430 CAD
Engineering Science - Mechanical Engineering 4 Years 40,590 CAD
Engineering Science - Computer Science 4 Years 39,160 CAD
Bachelor of Arts - Cinema Studies 4 Years 41,160 CAD
Bachelor of Arts - Journalism 3 - 4 Years 43,360 CAD
Bachelor of Arts - Forest Conservation 3 - 4 Years 40,200 CAD
Bachelor of Science - Molecular Biology 3 - 4 Years 52,400 CAD

Course Duration Fee/Year
Master of Science - Biomedical Communication 2 Years 26,400 CAD
Master of Education - Community Development 2 Years 25,300 CAD
Master of Science - Community Health 2 Years 22,350 CAD
Master of Science - Physics 2 Years 22,500 CAD
Master of Science - Mathematics 2 Years 22,920 CAD
Master of Finance - Financial Economics 2 Years 34,530 CAD
Master of Science - Public Health 2 – 3 Years 27,340 CAD
Master of Science - Immunology 2 – 3 Years 26,430 CAD
Master of Health Science - Chemical Engineering 2 – 3 Years 25,680 CAD
Master of Arts - Sociology 2 Years 24,860 CAD
Master of Arts - Public Policy 2 Years 21,550 CAD
Master of Science - Computer Science 2 Years 21,255 CAD
Master of Science - Applied Computing 2 Years 24,540 CAD
Master of Social Work 2 Years 21,850 CAD
Master of Arts - Visual Studies 2 Years 26,340 CAD
Master of Arts - Education Leadership 2 Years 25,220 CAD

Admission Process

It is one of the top universities in the world, so it is natural that the admission will be competitive. Your admission will be considered on your academic history and experience, whenever required. Also, some courses require supplementary applications, auditions or profiles. It strongly encourages prospective applicants to apply early and submit all necessary documents with proper format.


The tuition fee depends on the course you choose. The tuition fee for undergraduate courses ranges from 42217 to 85796 CAD per year. Meanwhile, the tuition fee for postgraduate courses ranges from 14980 to 20427 CAD per year for the academic year 2021 - 2022. Say, you are a graduate student of this university, and invest the amount in 4 years of a program then your cost of investment would be 81711 CAD. A graduate usually gets an average salary of 88520 CAD depending on the program, so you will be able to get the return of your investment in just one year. The top 10 percent of employees earn more than 122566 CAD per annum. 

Our placement cell always strives for the candidates’ overall development and is designed in such a way so that they can advance their professional career.

Graduates and postgraduates work with multinational companies and organizations including, RBC, B.O.A Merrill Lynch, Accenture, HSBC and Stemcells Technologies, and more.

Course Annual Package
Master of Applied Computing CAD 96,779
Masters of Chemical Engineering CAD 100,059
Masters of Public Policy CAD 80,375
Bachelors of Journalism CAD 65,000
Bachelors in computer science CAD 66,000
Masters in Management CAD 80,000
Bachelors in Economics & Finance CAD 38,000
Masters in Microbiology CAD 55,000

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You can apply to University of Northern British Columbia by visiting the website of the university. You may select only one admission category for University of Northern British Columbia campus you want to get admitted. You can also apply offline if the University offers that way.

You can apply to one program per campus or faculty at the University of Northern British Columbia, up to a maximum of three choices. At University of Northern British Columbia, you can choose one admission category, but you may pursue more than one program throughout your degree.

There are several scholarships available at University of Northern British Columbia—some that you are automatically considered for, and others that are application-based.

Tuition costs at University of Northern British Columbia can vary year-to-year and also depends on the course you choose. In addition to tuition fees, there are other items that you need to budget for such as books, housing, academic fees, transportation and others.

Applicants must have a minimum requirement of an overall band of 6.5, with no band below 6.0.to study in University of Northern British Columbia.